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    What have I done? I just made a point of no return decision!

    Hej Alexwalker, fellow nordbo! I did the Camino Frances 2006, in may-june, and I just want to tell you how I did. I went to Barcelona like you (I was there for five days and watched the F1-race at Circuit de Catalunya). I had ordered traintickets on the Internet, one from Barcelona to Irun...
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    trekking poles

    I just put my collapsible poles in the rucksack, a 50 l. The handles was sticking out, but when I checked-in the sack at the airport (both in Sweden and in Spain) noone made any remarks. All went well. Buen Camino
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    On my way

    Well, now I am in Barcelona and tonight I will go by train to Irun/Hendaya and then on to SJPP to start my Camino. Butterflies flying in my stomach, but I feel confident that I will at least not die on the road. If I am strong enough to walk all the way, that I do not know, but I will at...
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    safe to travel alone for female?

    Women! If you are walking alone, get a whistle. No women alone should be without one, even in their own hometown. Works both as getting help and to scare the villains away. Zeke, male with a whistle
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    Post from relatives?

    Many thanks Ivar and to all who have been helping me so far. I knew I read about the Lista de Correos somewhere, but right now my head seems a bit too small for my thoughts and worries. Camino Frances here I come! Zeke
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    Post from relatives?

    Well, tomorrow I am off to Barcelona for a long weekend and on the 17 May I leave SJPP on foot, if all goes as planned. But before I go there is one more thing (oh, I have hundreds of questions but now I am beginning to feel somewhat "que sera, sera") I have read somewhere how to get mail in...
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    Easiest way to the airport.

    In my eager to arrive home as early as possible after my Camino, I have booked a flight early in the morning (0700) from Santiago airport. Foolishly I booked it before checking the bus-schedule. Now I see that it is to early for any buses and a taxi is to expensive, I think. So, how do I get to...
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    Leaving on Tuesday

    Hey Gordana. I sort of envy you. I am in the middle of my planing and packing. Starting in the middle of May. Buen Camino and jolly good luck.
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    the 'Express Bourriot' transport option

    Hello karanarttravel. I have the same "problem". First time Pilgrim and going to Barcelona for a weekend and then on to the Camino (planing to start 16 or 17 of May). Right now my plans are: going from Barcelona by train, Renfe, to Irun/Hendaye (Hendaya) nighttrain 2200 (arriving in Irun...
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    Ah, finally someone posting a very important question. Have been thinking much about it myself, but not had the nerve to start a topic. But the answers is much about "no 1", if I am not mistaken. What about "no 2"? The same? Behind a bush or?
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    Gales and floods

    Well, I suppose the weather is just in training for my arrival there in may-june :?
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    Pamplona hotel?

    peregrina2000 Is it possible to book a room at Hostal Bearan in advance and preferably via internet? I have searched but I can not find it. I think it is a bit easier via the web than by telephone, as I do not speak spanish.
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    Pamplona hotel?

    Oh, gracias :D More information than I asked for. Perhaps one must eat too?
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    Pilgrims Pass

    Thank you. Just the information I needed Yes, I meant the credencial. Forgot the name :oops:
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    Pilgrims Pass

    OK, no answers this far. Either nobody knows or nobody cares :? I´m asking because I´m going to spend a weekend in Barcelona before my Camino and have not yet decided if I´m going from Montserrat or from Pamplona/ Roncesvalles. They sell pilgrims pass in Barcelona and...
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    Stay in refugios?

    Muchas gracias. Every bit of information is gold when you are a beginner.
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    Stay in refugios?

    OK. Thank you for the quick answer. But is it possible to spend a day in town and in the evening go back to the refugio (if I want to sightseeing a day)?
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    Stay in refugios?

    I am reading a book about the Camino and the author writes that the pilgrims pass allows you to stay in a refugio just one night. Is it right?
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    Pilgrims Pass

    Is it possible to buy a Pilgrims Pass in lets say Barcelona and use it in refugios in Pamplona or Roncesvalles.
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    Muchas gracias :D Zeke