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    New York Times article

    A rather interesting article on the Camino in today's New York Times
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    Heart is not in it !

    I believe I know what is going on. Having worked years in a loosely similar industry, where I managed many large once-a-year events, I believe you are exhausted and spent. When you and all around you are working full-speed toward a deadline event you become depleted and may not even know it...
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    What's the Difference between a Pilgrimage and a Long Walk?

    My introduction to the Camino de Santiago was a series of fantastic articles written in the early 1990s by Herb McGrew, a psychiatrist from California, for Gourmet Magazine. He and three others set out to hike from Le Puy. They were hikers who wanted beautiful scenery and to walk from good...
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    Heading Out to Le Puy

    Thank you Gavin! I love those food photos! It looks like you're eating very well. Keep up the good work. ps: loved the dog photo, too!
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    Heading Out to Le Puy

    Gavin, I am really enjoying your blog. If its possible could you please include some photos and descriptions of the food you're eating? Thanks. That would make it complete for me! I hope to do three weeks of the Le Puy route next June.
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    Weaning myself from this forum

    I am very sorry to read this. I wish you all the best.
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    Weaning myself from this forum

    You beat me to it. I, too, have been contemplating leaving this forum. What started out as a delightful discovery in finding this forum has deteriorated into a cringing, head-shaking experience when I read some of the responses to women who have had frightening experiences or who are concerned...
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    Solo women walking Le Puy to Conques August 22nd to September 1st

    Thanks, NavyBlue. If I'm reading the graph correctly it looks like only 3% are American. Another reminder to brush up on my French!
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    Solo women walking Le Puy to Conques August 22nd to September 1st

    What about June 1 to about June 20? Are the numbers about the same?
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    Back Home

    My knee gave out recently -- very painful and definitely would have stopped any camino I would have been on. I have, however, had great success with prescription anti-inflamatories, physical therapy, and a knee brace. The medication was important in the beginning, as well as the brace to keep...
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    warning to women travelling alone

    Thanks for your post. I just tried sending you a private message but it seems the "start a conversation" option is not available on your profile. I am thinking of walking the Le Puy route and would really be interested in what happened to you in France. . . if you don't mind elaborating. I...
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    What causes people to stop their caminos?

    Mysticl, I am sorry to hear this! I can remember at least two transatlantic flights where I got sick "right off the plane," including my last trip. It is no fun. On one trip to Paris I went to sleep in my hotel one morning and woke up the next day! It took me a few seconds to know where I...
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    Money Belt, Bum Bag or Neck Pouch

    I have yet to walk the camino, but I have used waist and neck pouches on other trips to Europe. The security of money, passport, credit cards, etc. is an issue, and one I have yet to solve. I didn't really like the waist belt (it felt cumbersome) so I went with the neck pouch, which protruded...
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    Solo Pilgrims!

    Hello there Futurefjp, please elaborate on what's to love or loath on Conques or the Le Puy experience. I've yet to do this walk. Thanks.
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    Warning: Improper behavior reported between Astorga and Rabanal

    It is not my intention to be rude or disrespectful, but I must to respond to your comment. 1) You write,"There have been no reports of any problems anywhere else along the (FIVE HUNDRED MILE LONG) route." You are dead wrong. All kinds of women have been coming forward on this forum in...
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    Safety concern - just stopped my Primitivo

    Obviously, you have been traumatized, which most of us would be. I am very glad to hear that so many are being kind and helpful to you. You need to do whatever feels best to you and makes you feel the safest.
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    Thank you for writing this. I know it was difficult; this is an age-old dilemma for women -- to say something or just to keep it to ourselves. Please do elaborate a bit on the event if you feel like it. We need all the information we can get. In the past few weeks more and more women on this...
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    A Few Questions about Le Puy - Conques

    Falcon, some months ago I found your blog on the Le Puy route. Now I can't find it. Could you tell me where it is please? Thanks.