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  1. Djimbo

    Is that Virtual Camino just not realistic enough for you?

    Finally... a chance to use my Spork!
  2. Djimbo

    COVID Santiago this morning

    It is indeed sad to see public spaces so empty, and here in my hometown of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato Mexico, all processions and special masses of Semana Santa have been cancelled... however, we still revel in the joyous sunrise bathing the Parroquia, and the purple pyrotechnics of the...
  3. Djimbo

    What do you do when you cannot walk anymore?

    Stuck this ponderable in my sketchbook for my first Camino in 2016, solo, age 73. It was a joyful challenge and I was well chuffed to have seen it through. My second Camino was last year my wife, and the journey was truly luminous! I guess we’re all just trying to figure it out, but I am a happy...
  4. Djimbo

    Disparaging "The Way"

    I believe that the film is not about the Camino de Santiago... rather, it is a story of the transformation of the Martin Shean character, and the Camino is the vehicle for that it is for most of us (in varying degrees) who have walked the way.
  5. Djimbo

    "Buff" question for native English speakers

    Hmmm... Camino Cubierta (or even Cubierto) has a nice ring to it as well.
  6. Djimbo

    Love on Camino

    In an albergue I shared a room with two pilgrims, each from a different part of the world... we crossed paths a number of times along the path, and became friends. Six months later they were engaged, and two years later they were married. The bride asked if she might commission me to do a...
  7. Djimbo

    Cathedral Closed...Is the Camino still worth it?

    “It ain’t about the pot of gold, it’s all about the rainbow” Kinky Freidman
  8. Djimbo

    Do THEY speak English ? Clues ? ?

    There are still Esperanto clubs all over the world...perhaps guidebooks in Klingon might soften those monolingual barriers!
  9. Djimbo

    Camino Phrases and Titles

    “¡Adelante!” works as well!
  10. Djimbo

    Pilgrim dead at burguete

    R.I.P. peregrino.
  11. Cooling atmosphere

    Cooling atmosphere

    Another painting from my Camino series
  12. Sunup on the way

    Sunup on the way

    Another painting from my Camino series
  13. Ruins at dawn

    Ruins at dawn

    Another painting from my Camino series
  14. Djimbo

    The use of blackmail in the internet.

    Arturo, as you know, I too passed a night in your beautiful and welcoming Albergue San Miguel a couple of years ago. I think that my experience there is typical of of a far greater number of pereginos than those who might repay a friendly host with hostility. You (and Piero) and Albergue San...
  15. Djimbo

    Clothes washing - what to use?

    I agree...great product. (Even the lemony one!!)
  16. Djimbo

    I think I’m ready, but I have a couple of questions...

    I found Injinji liner toe socks to be perfect for blister control...I had no blisters whatsoever.
  17. Djimbo

    New Graffiti in recently restored, Catedral de Santiago. Fachada de las platerias.

    The lack of respect for culture and tradition, and for things not your own, is sad indeed!
  18. Djimbo

    Priests Outside Castrojerez July 2018

    Two years ago, I also met a couple who had met on the Camino. A few months back I was commissioned to do a painting commemorating their Camino in celebration of their wedding. I was well chuffed to do so and to have been a small part of their Camino experience. Time and reflection, talking...
  19. Djimbo

    A bad dream

    Feel better, Peter. All the very best to you!
  20. Djimbo

    Favorite Pictures of Animals on your Camino

    I guess art is where you find it... it’s a real fish head. Artsy though.