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  1. jdpiguet

    November 1 - Major Holiday

    And many albergues will be closed from November 1st till next season... Buen Camino (planning), Jacques-D.
  2. jdpiguet

    Using WhatsApp in Spain? Also 112 versus Alert Cops.

    To bring some light in the matter.... - 112 is a phone number, normalized by the GSM standart (it means that all mobile phones support it and most of the mobile operators). It is enforced in the European Union. It use the voice capability of the phone and so, is unable to transmit pictures. The...
  3. jdpiguet

    Chemin de Vezelay vs Chemin du Puy

    La Voie de Vézelay had around 3'000 pilgrims in 2019. La Voie du Puy around 35'000. This explains why the infrastructure are much more developped on la Voie du Puy. After all it is a personnal choice... Buen Camino, Jacques-D.
  4. jdpiguet

    Bus schedules

    Try the train to Burgos or Logroño and then Bus to Santo Domingo (RENFE). And the buses between Logroño and Burgos (La Rioja) In the Rioja page, scroll down to "Autobuses más buscados" and click on "Autobuses Logroño" Some schedules will change end of September, so they may not be available...
  5. jdpiguet

    Documenting a trip with Google Maps

    Hi all, I am using OruxMaps with offline maps. I switch the phone in "airplane" mode and let OruxMaps record my track. The phone is stored at the top of the pack. Every evening, I upload the track of the day on the cloud. The nice part starts a few weeks/months later, in the dark days of the...
  6. jdpiguet

    VF maps to

    Hi Rick, KMZ are zipped KML files. You can unzip them and edit as text. Buen Camino, Jacques-D.
  7. jdpiguet

    Starting the Camino in Vezelay August 20th

    The place to go on internet for the "Voie de Vézelay" is this one. Go to "Tracks and guides" On the left side of the map, click on the "Down arrow" to access the full menu and expand the map by clicking on the "Square" icon to expand the map to full screen. You can now explore the tracks and get...
  8. jdpiguet

    Starting the Camino in Vezelay August 20th

    Hi Flavio, Don't miss the office of the pilgrims: 24, rue St-Pierre, just before the "Accueil des Sœurs Marie-Madeleine" You will find a lot of information for the whereabouts the voie de Vézelay. Buen Camino, Jacques-D.
  9. jdpiguet

    Seeing a lot of pilgrims starting in Roncesvalles...issues with SJPDP now?

    SJPP has another side: when you start in Paris, le Puy, Vézelay or even further in Europe, SJPP is the last town in France. Arriving there after some hundreds km and walking through the "Porte St-Jacques" is something special, you are finishing a big stage of your journey and starting the last...
  10. jdpiguet

    Pilgrim Office in Vézelay

    Here it is, the freshly cleaned and renovated basilique of Vézelay: And the interior is so beautiful now! Buen Camino to all who are now somewhere on the Way! Jacques-D.
  11. jdpiguet

    Pilgrim Office in Vézelay

    Hi all, I will be holding the Pilgrim Office in Vézelay from 9th to 16th July. Anybody passing by will be heartily welcomed (even not a pilgrim). Buen Camino, Jacques-D.
  12. jdpiguet

    COVID Airline vouchers 2021 to 2022

    Just got a mail from Iberia saying that the validity of my voucher was extended till the end of 2022... Buen Camino, Jacques-D.
  13. jdpiguet

    Update and farewell to Albergue Villares de Orbigo

    Whatever it will be, wherever it will be, Buen Camino to you Lee. Jacques-D.
  14. jdpiguet

    Direction after Nevers? Advice please choosing between two route options.

    If you need a place in Charenton-du-Cher, look for Madame Mativon... Buen Camino, Jacques-D.
  15. jdpiguet

    One Day at a time, One Photo at a Time (Part 3)

    Ibañeta pass, 2020-10-07. The day before, the weather forecasts were announcing bad weather, with a lot of rain. I was coming from Vézelay and during the discussion with a pilgrim friend, I decided to take a rest day and he went over the Napoleon road. In the evening he called me and told that...
  16. jdpiguet

    One Day at a time, One Photo at a Time (Part 3)

    28th, September, 2017 Voie de Vézelay. When you arrive in the département des Landes, from Bazas to Mont-de-Marsan, you have to follow an old train line from WWII: around 50 km of almost straight line in the forest. The picture is taken when going out of Captieux, in some places they simply cut...
  17. jdpiguet

    Vezelay Camino October 2020 - Recommendation Request

    In Vézelay, don't miss to go to the pilgrim office of the Association des Amis de la Voie de Vézelay, you will find good information on the way and a warm welcome... Buen Camino, Jacques-D.
  18. jdpiguet

    Vezelay Camino October 2020 - Recommendation Request

    If you like beer, as your avatar suggest it, there is a local brewery in St-Père: Brasserie de Vézelay You will find their products in the stores in the village of Vézelay. If you are lucky, you may find the brewery open when you walk by, on the way to Anthien ;) Buen Camino, Jacques-D.
  19. jdpiguet

    Vezelay Camino October 2020 - Recommendation Request

    Hi Sara, L'Esprit-Du-Chemin in Anthien is a very nice place with very kind hosts. If you are not too much in hurry, stay one day in Vézelay: it is small but very nice and there is a lot to look at and see in the basilica and around. Buen Camino, Jacques-D.
  20. jdpiguet

    ATMs in Spain

    It may the question: Do you want a printed receipt? Yes or no? Buen Camino, Jacques-D.