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  1. vjpulver

    I am heading off to Spain to serve as an hospitalero! I went to American Pilgrims on the Camino...

    I am heading off to Spain to serve as an hospitalero! I went to American Pilgrims on the Camino (APOC) sponsored training and now I am packed up and ready to hit the road at a great rustic albergue on the Mesesta. - GInn
  2. vjpulver

    Bus Hontanas Back To Burgos Times If Any ?

    I was hoping to catch a bus to Hontanas from Burgos on Saturday April 29th. I guess that isn't happening. Any idea about how much a taxi ride will cost? - Ginn, Crazy Chicken Lady in SC
  3. vjpulver

    I Want to Be a Hospitalera in 2016!

    Hello Pilgrims! I have not been on this forum since about 2009 I guess. That is when I walked from Roncesvalles to Santiago (Apr-Jun 2009). Now I am ready to return as a hospitalera. I plan to register as soon as the registration opens for April training at the annual gathering of the American...
  4. vjpulver

    I have shared this dream with the Universe - I want to to return to Spain and the Camino as a...

    I have shared this dream with the Universe - I want to to return to Spain and the Camino as a hospitalera. Now let's see how the adventure unfolds.
  5. vjpulver


    I would love to be included on the list of Atlanta Pilgrims. I am about 2 1/2 hours away (Piedmont area of SC) but I go to Atlanta frequently. In Apr-Jun 2009 I walked the Camino (alone) from Roncesvalles - it took me 40 days. (During this anniversary time of the year, I have been re-reading...
  6. vjpulver


    When I struck out on my Camino (22 April - 2 June 2009) I was struck by the differences between how people apporached this experience. Many people were outfitted as if they were going on a mountain trek while others appeared to approach this experience as if they were merely taking a lovely...
  7. vjpulver

    Music that goes through your head on the Camino

    I sang my way across northern Spain - everything from Rogers and Hammerstein musicals to classic rock and popular tunes to folk songs by Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. I also had some military marching songs and cadences helping me move along smartly. A few times I met people who said they had...
  8. vjpulver

    Hiking Shoes, or Hiking Boots?

    I am a retired US Air Force member. I had planned to wear my comfortable combat boots which have served me well, nevcer giving me any pain. I ended up going with a much lighter pair of Salamans (sp?). To each his own though. I saw one man wearing crocs for the entire trip from Roncesvalles...
  9. vjpulver

    reading on the camino

    I am an avid reader and rarely go anywhere without reading material. But when I made my Camino, I decided to forgo the pleasure (or obsession) of bringing along a book. I wanted to use my Camino as an opportunity to commune with the universe and pilrgrims and the people I would meet on my...
  10. vjpulver

    Camino Frances - April or May

    I walked for 40 days from Roncevalles to Santiago de Compostela starting April 22nd. At the start of my trip there were pilgrims who came over the passes higher up who had to deal with quite a bit of snow. I did not have snow, but I did use my rain gear (an excellent red Altus coat that covered...
  11. vjpulver

    Pure Silk Thermals / Base Layers

    Try: I always pack silk thermals and undergar,ments when I travel. They are sturdy (like good porcelaine, they appear delicate and lovely, but are very strong actually - the tensile strength is amazing). They are extremely light weight so do not add bulk and they...
  12. vjpulver

    Backpack too small?

    Heather - the key word is neccessary items. That is all you need room for. Your pack is small, but at almost 3 pounds, it is quite heavy. In the photo I see that it has many long strings and plastic devises, etc. At the end of a day of walking you learn to respect your knees and feet...those...
  13. vjpulver

    Boot Dilemma

    I took pictures of many of the abandoned boots I found along the Camino when I walked the French route from Roncesvalles to Santiago in Spring 2009. I have about 40 photos of perfectly serviceable, leather boots left behind by pilgrims who decided their heavy hiking boots were not the best...
  14. vjpulver

    Camino frances in march - 3 months pregnant - do it? or non?

    I can imagine the delight of being pregnant and walking the Camino. You may have to make some accommodations, depending on how fit you are and how accustomed to walking you are. It may not be wise to begin a regime of new phyiscal activities when you are already pregnant, but if you have been...
  15. vjpulver

    Southeastern USA -> Let's Talk, Pilgrims!

    Greetings all, I am living in the piedmont/upstate of sunny South Carolina now and I am interested in the possibilitiy of connecting with fellow pilgrims and/or potential pilgrims in this part of the country (SC, NC, GA, AL...). I walked the Camino (Frances) back in April/May of 2009. You...
  16. vjpulver

    Best way to get from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid?

    I chose to take the overnight bus from Santiago to Madrid. It took me directly to the airport. Madrid is accessible from the airport - taxi, buses, etc. so spending the day exploring the Plaza Mayor, Puerto del Sol, etc is an option. The metro is excellent and the city is walkable. While the...
  17. vjpulver

    What did you read on your Camino

    While I am usually an avid reader, I chose to make my Camino without books in my pack. I took no books...not even guide books. I wanted to travel light and to be unencumbered. I took little more than a change of clothing, a down sleeping bag, a toothbrush and one sheet of paper primitive...
  18. vjpulver

    My under 20 lb packing list

    Books - I usally have 3 (or more) going at once. But for the Camino, I wanted to be unencumbered and I also felt it was importnt to be engaged in the entire experience - no diversions. I went without even a guide book, no phone, basically only two changes of clothes, several bandanads (double...
  19. vjpulver

    ONE thing I wish I had taken, ONE thing I wish I had NOT...

    The things I did NOT bring - my life was enriched by the simplicity of my daily life. If I found I needed something (ie: a corkscrew or a bandaid or to ask the time), I was compelled to reach out to others around me to ask for help. This was a gift. Being a self-sufficient, independent...
  20. vjpulver

    Checking Backpack on Airplane

    I did not check my pack - I stowed it in the overhead compartment. I did not take walking sticks. My plan was to purchase a one in Spain. (I ended up using a lovely tree branch someone gifted me with and left it behind when I made my return trip to the USA.) For me, part of the pilgrimage...