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  1. CanPete

    Suggestions for a two week Camino

    The Primitivo . . . some climbing, lovely nature and mountains, lots of farmland and great fellow camineiros
  2. CanPete

    Best month to start from Seville

    For those of you starting early April, bring your raingear !! I realize that every year things can be different, but I sure ran into a lot of moisture last year; I started walking on April 4th, 2016. Buen Camino !!
  3. CanPete

    Is July too hot for Camino Via de Plata?

    did it in 2014; way marking is fine !
  4. CanPete


    I'll be 4 days behind you. As they say in Canada : 'Plough the road' ! (snow reference) Buen Camino !
  5. CanPete

    Midfoot Pain: A Cautionary Tale

    Buen future Caminos !
  6. CanPete

    Very scared of terrorism

    VdlP for me . . . Same to you, have a blast ! Buen Camino !
  7. CanPete

    Very scared of terrorism

    And by the way, nothing wrong with being from the 'old school' . . .
  8. CanPete

    Very scared of terrorism

    As a person with exposure to, and experience with, the world of both firefighting and policing your comments ring very true. "Avoid tunnel vision" . . . (unless you are actually walking through one, then look at the light at the end of the tunnel, which funnily enough can then again be...
  9. CanPete

    A confused newbie.......

    Gotta love a 'peeing contest' !
  10. CanPete

    Very scared of terrorism

    Wow that includes a couple of stop overs to get to Madrid . . . Was it an amazing deal ? I fly out on April 1 to Madrid via Amsterdam, from Vancouver. The Amsterdam-Madrid ticket I purchased after booking the intercontinental one, total cost (return) about $1300 CAD. Buen Camino !
  11. CanPete

    VDLP APRIL 2016...Seville...Who's starting out on the camino in April?

    That explains your name 'Marathon Coach' .... Buen Camino(s) !
  12. CanPete

    Backpack in the Hold?

    For international flights most airlines will sell you a sturdy transparent bag that you can put your pack in before you check in. I think I paid $5 CAD, which was well worth is as it keeps your pack clean also. Buen Camino !
  13. CanPete

    LIVE from the Camino (Nearly) Live Updates Via de la Plata February > Abril 2016

    The weather is not that difficult to find , google 'weather forecast Seville, Spain' and you'll be amazed what you'll find : As far as attacks are concerned, there are previous threads on this ; I recall either the first or...
  14. CanPete

    Living life large on the Camino!

    I would caution you that with the podiatrist visit you do not hve all your calluses removed . . . you'll need those calluses and removing them will set you up for more blisters . . .
  15. CanPete

    I made the mistake of...

    That is a tricky situation, one I encountered also. It will be felt to be harsh if you say you desire to do it by yourself as it will be interpreted as 'you don't like me enough to walk with me'. Conclusions quickly become self centered . . . I have found that the few that expressed interest did...
  16. CanPete

    Best breakfast along the Way

    Hahahahahaha !
  17. CanPete

    Living life large on the Camino!

    As Peters often think alike, I'll second Peter Fransiscus' comment. Come back when you can, the Camino will be there for you . . . God Bless and Buen Camino !
  18. CanPete

    Packing Revisited 2016: What NOT to take and etc.

    'Guaranteed not to leak' is what it says on the bottle, which is made by Nalgene. Took one along in 2014 and had no trouble what so ever . . . Cheers and Buen Camino ! P.
  19. CanPete

    Packing Revisited 2016: What NOT to take and etc.

    I liked using 'camping suds' instead of a soap or shampoo bar for laundry. MEC sells it for about $5. It comes in a 125 ml ( if I recall correctly) soft plastic leakproof bottle and works very well .... Anyone else used this ?
  20. CanPete

    Things I worried about that did NOT merit worry...

    'while' wine ? Did you have a couple of glasses already ??? lol In my experience it will be readily available, so no worries ! Buen Camino !