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  1. catheriam

    Proper Bag Transfer Etiquette

    Oh in Spring 2002, even thinking taxi-backpack meant a frown of great judgment was visited upon one: "This is not the pilgrim Way! Your Camino will not count unless you walk every inch and suffer!" I did not walk every inch, I had one taxi transfer, I received my ComposteIa, I swore I...
  2. catheriam

    Where did that Town Go??

    So, I am not alone? Whew! My first Camino (2002) was on the CF and in 2012, It thought to repeat it. Wait, what? Where is that town/church/alburgue? It was NOT up a hill, now way! Or, was it? Cartoon of Catherine with head exploding! I was seeking to repeat an unrepeatable memory (a Xerox...
  3. catheriam

    Better late than never

    Tacked neatly on my kitchen wall and on adjacent wall is Salvador Dali's "Rose". Missouri in my residence; Spain on my mind.
  4. catheriam

    Hope lives on...

    Sitting in my midwinter Missouri breakfast table listening to "Pilot Me" as I pray for Spain and Portugal to receive the grace of St James to recover in perfect timing and in perfect ways from COVID-19, Camino-planning(longing) for my fourth in Autumn 2021 ... with tears running down my face.
  5. catheriam

    Discouraged in Florida

    I lived in Central Florida for ten years: Orlando, Maitland, Altamonte Springs and Hyde Park area in Tampa. Oh, did I walk Bayshore! I walked an hour a day, in thunder storms, on golf courses, on sidewalks, in all weathers. . I lived in and hiked alone in England, Scotland and Colorado...
  6. catheriam

    Sadly I have to resign my planned october 2020 last stage.

    I was truly -- in every sense of the word -- "Inspired" to respond to Paddy's concerns that continuous flight delays were spelling an end to his Camino completion from O Cebreiro. Thank you for the Latvian choir insert , which I shall listen to in a moment. I have read and heard the last...
  7. catheriam

    Sadly I have to resign my planned october 2020 last stage.

    May timely flights rise to lift you from your Emerald Home to Spain of the Many Ways, may the hands of St James and St Patrick warmly hold both of yours at a transport centre and support you to obtain a mask-responsible ride up the winding hills to O Cebreiro, may the sun smile without excessive...
  8. catheriam

    Crossing from France to Spain.

    I am so grateful that Ivar kept us daily ... I sometimes think it was hourly ... postings to this Forum from the beginning of the clearly horrific impact of coronavirus on Spain. Normally my Camino would begin in April, but a deep sense even back in late 2019 warned me this would not happen...
  9. catheriam

    Talking about work while on the Camino

    As long as you ask (and you did ask), Say "Hospital administration". And shrug, like "it's such a boring job, what can do you". If you don't want to give massages, bandage your hands. In three Caminos and dozens of pilgrim conversations, I scarcely knew anyone's profession, nor they mine...
  10. catheriam

    La Peregrina

    A must stop for this pilgrim in Sahagun / Spring 2021.
  11. catheriam

    LIVE from the Camino An update

    I begin my third Camino de Santiago out the front door of Roncesvalles on 22 March 2019. I intend ("man proposes, God disposes"!) a route of a bit of this and a bit of that. Camino Frances to Lugo, a train to Ferrol and the Camino Ingles to Santiago de Compostela, then a "reverse" Camino...