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  1. Marcel234

    My first camino with (a) kid(s)--> need help!

    Hi all, I call myself a camino veteran. I hope to walk my 14th camino this October (fingers crossed with Covid). I know the Frances really well. Walked it alone, with friends, with my father and sister, with a colleague, but now the time has come for a camino with (a) kid(s). Just for a week...
  2. Marcel234

    4 days SDC> Muxia> Finisterre

    Hi everybody, I'll be on the camino Frances this november. It's the first time I'm going to walk from santiago to muxia and finisterre (in 2010 did it by bus). I'm going to walk the route in 4 days total. 3 to muxia, 1 to finisterre. Can anybody tell me where I can find the distances...
  3. Marcel234

    Camino primitivo November 16th

    Hi everybody. This November I'll be on the Camino for the 7th time. First a week with my father and sister on the Frances from Logrono to burgos. Then I'm taking the bus with a friend. I can go from Astorga Tot Finisterra in 11 days. BUT i would love to do the primitivo. I read a lot about...
  4. Marcel234

    Backpack and suitcase

    Hey everyone, On the 1st of september I'll be on the camino for a week from Pamplona to Logrono. After that week I will be travelling Andalucia for two weeks. So for my camino I will be using a small backpack, but for the rest of my holiday I have a suitcase with 15-20KG. Does anybody know I...
  5. Marcel234

    Camino Primitivo to Santiago in 6/7 days

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a route in november of this year. I only have a week. Can anybody give me an overview of the distances on this Camino. I would love to do the whole route in 6/7 days. If I train 40 km a day would be doable. But I know the route is longer. Can you tell me how...
  6. Marcel234

    The differente between doing it by foot or by bike?

    Has anyone done both. I've been on the camino several times, always by foot. This year I wanted to do the same. I am going to walk with my father, my sister and a friend from Pamplona to Logrono ( last year we did st jean - Pamplona ). After this I wanted to walk from Logrono to Santiago in...
  7. Marcel234

    El Camino Frances in 17-19 days

    Hi y'all, I Marcel from The Netherlands. I've been on the camino a couple of times: - July 2009, from St. Jean to Sahagun with 2 friends - August 2010 from Sahagun to Santiago with sister and 3 friends - November 2010 from st Jean to Sahagun, skipping a few parts with bus, alone - December 2011...
  8. Marcel234

    Guide for via de la plata???

    I'm thinking about walking the VdlP. I already did the Frances and used a dutch guide. Now I find it more difficult to choose a guide. Can anybody help me? I prefer a Dutch or English guide, but German isn't q problem either. Thx!
  9. Marcel234

    Second Camino: What route to take

    In 2009 and 2010 I walked the Camino Frances and I'm thinking to do another Camino this year. But I find it difficult to make a choice between the alternative routes. At the moment I'm thinking about the Via de la Plata or the Camino del Norte, but other suggestions are also really appreciated...
  10. Marcel234

    Weather and packinlist November (Starting St. JEan)

    Hola! Next friday I will be leaving to spain again. I'm going to start in St Jean on sunday 8th of november and will be walking for 2 weeks. I saw that the max. temperature in St. Jean will be 8 degrees celsius. What can I expect in the mountains? Will there be snow? And is there a packinglist...
  11. Marcel234

    What Spanish television network broadcasted camino interview

    This summer I was walking the camino. When I arrived in Samos there was a Spanish television crew. I was talking to some Spanish people when the presentator asked me if he could interview me. I think he told me it was on the second channel but I don't remember it quite well. Does anybody know...
  12. Marcel234

    Walking the camino in november for 2 weeks

    Hello everybody! Summer 2009 I walked the first part of the cvamino frances from St Jean to Sahagun. This summer I walked from Sahagun to Santiago, I arrived in Santiago on the 26th of july. It was awesome and I'm missing it every single day, especially the people. I met so many interesting...
  13. Marcel234

    Three days: Santiago to Finisterre

    Hello everyone! Last year we walked the first half of my camino from Sjp to Sahagun. This summer we are going tot walk from Sahagun to Finisterre. Most of the route is pretty clear to me except for the last part. We have three days to go from Santiago to Finisterre. Can anybody tell me how...
  14. Marcel234

    Travelling from Madrid to Sahagun in July

    Hello everyone, On the 9th of july I will be flying from Amsterdam to Madrid. The next day (10th of july) I want to go by train from Madrid to Sahagun. I looked on the website from Renfe and I have found the information. One thing is not clear for me. I see different trainstations in Madrid...
  15. Marcel234

    From Finisterre to Madrid

    We are going to walk the second part of the Camino this year. Last year we walked from SJPP to Sahagun and this year we are walking form Sahagun to finisterre. We are arriving in finisterre on the 27th or 28th of july ( It's the holy year so we are in Santiago on the 25th of july). I want to...