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  1. Sho

    Monbus station location?

    Hey, so this should be easy, yet I'm having trouble with the Monbus site and I'm in a pension in Santiago, so no helpful staff are around. None of my maps are highly adequate. Can you help me confirm that ●Monbus has service to Finisterre. ● The first bus to Finisterre tomorrow, Sunday, leaves...
  2. Sho

    Buy duffel in SdeC?

    Is there somewhere I can buy a duffel in Santiago de Compostela to put my pack in for my flights home? Thanks.
  3. Sho

    Recommended albergues in Sarria?

    There are a lot of albergues in Sarria. Are there clean, pleasant albergues you'd recommend? We spent last night in a damp, moldy, mildewy place on the way to Sarria and don't want to repeat that experience! Thanks.
  4. Sho

    Train stations, Leon

    My friend will fly into Madrid and take the train to meet me in Leon. I've read that Leon has two stations. Which is closest to the Camino? She wants to get off the train and start walking. Thanks!
  5. Sho

    Santiago bookstore with books in Galego?

    Can anyone recommend a bookstore in Santiago where I will be able to pick up a book in Galego? Specifically, Bernard Atxaga's Obabakoak, but I'd like to browse as well. Thanks.
  6. Sho

    Getting through/around Pamplona during San Fermin

    I'd appreciate strategies for navigating through Pamplona or around it during San Fermin. A map showing where Camino traffic is detoured would be great. In addition, will there be buses and taxis, or should I assume my only way from East to West is on foot? Thanks.
  7. Sho

    Ryanair "stamp" at check-in?

    I haven't flown Ryanair before, and encountered a couple of articles stating that one has to get a "stamp" from Ryanair before going through security. However, these articles were a few years old. Is this still true? Bonus question: Where would I get this stamp in DUB? Thanks.
  8. Sho

    Sleeping mat? Rain gear?

    I'm hoping to walk the CF in mid-July/August. (Well, I hope to walk when it's cooler, but that's not looking feasible.) I know you can't predict the future, and I can't control it, but I like not to be stupid about gear so I appreciate your help. Can I reasonably expect a bed or mat on the...
  9. Sho

    Using a waterproof backpack?

    Assuming I don't have a goal of shaving every possible ounce off my gear weight, are there arguments against using a waterproof backpack (assuming it balances well and has good hip straps)? I keep reading that rain covers keep your pack only sort of dry, but water runs down your back and comes...