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  1. Amigos caminando

    The legendary 'miracle' rings of Ourense

    Great descriptions of your tour, you seem to have fitted lots into a few days. Thank you for taking the time to write and share with us all.
  2. Amigos caminando

    The legendary 'miracle' rings of Ourense

    Amazing Theresa, thank you for sharing.
  3. Amigos caminando

    The legendary 'miracle' rings of Ourense

    Hi, I heard a discussion on the radio here in Ireland on this topic few days ago. Interesting, as I was in Ourense twice in Sept/Oct this year on my way to start walking in Puebla de Sanabria to Santiago and stayed again while walking. Very interesting.
  4. Amigos caminando

    COVID Pilgrims Office in Santiago, queuing system

    Hi Gerald, it's best if you complete the online form for the pilgrim office before arrival. Then once you get a QR code or ququeing number by email they will let you enter when you arrive at the office. You pass the entrance to the garden, past the fountain and down steps. Go left and you will...
  5. Amigos caminando

    LIVE from the Camino Sanabres live

    Hi Bunclody, I'm reading your posts with interest. I flew to Santiago yesterday and spent a few hours there. it was busy but not too busy for a Saturday. The cathedral was easy to get around at 3pm with only a bit more than a handful of tourists. Nice amount of peregrinos on square outside the...
  6. Amigos caminando

    Train from Ourense to Puebla de Sanabria appears full for 9 days ahead on RENFE

    Yes, jcat, that is the reply on renfe site thank you. I'll try trainline, thanks vn walking. I'll be on the way from Santiago, staying one night in Ourense to start walking from Puebla de Sanabria .bus is almost 3hrs grrrr. I booked train Santiago to Ourense already.
  7. Amigos caminando

    Train from Ourense to Puebla de Sanabria appears full for 9 days ahead on RENFE

    Today I tried to book a ticket one way from Ourense to Puebla de Sanabria for Sept 26th on RENFE site. It showed none available. A few weeks ago it showed a train at 07.14 and 12.29hrs. Through constant searching I noticed it said train full. Is this normal or maybe due to covid? I see there is...
  8. Amigos caminando

    What's In Your bag...hmmm

    Really enjoyed reading your blog and list. Great words of advice.
  9. Amigos caminando

    Le Puy En Velay

    Hi Brian, I find this forum very informative in all things camino. This year I have also found the Facebook group, Way of St. James - Via Podienses excellent for research for Le Puy route. Lots of friendly advice and resources, accommodation lists etc. Bon chemain!
  10. Amigos caminando

    Ireland to Santiago

    Hi PetePie, check out for guided walks over Easter. The advantage is as part of the organised walk you will be returned to the start of the walk. There are usually refreshments provided. As I mentioned before you will hear religious, historical, archielogical and local...
  11. Amigos caminando

    I'm back home!

    Thanks for the extra info Chris.
  12. Amigos caminando

    I'm back home!

    Muchas gracias, merci Chris for taking the time to post this. Especially for marking your fovourite gîtes.
  13. Amigos caminando

    I'm back home!

    I'd be grateful also Chris for any tips. I'm travelling in April. Looking forward to getting going!
  14. Amigos caminando

    Ireland to Santiago

    Hi, I am a member of the Irish Camino society, there is no time restraint on finishing the Celtic Camino and commencing the camino from A Coruña. Best of luck planning!
  15. Amigos caminando

    Feeling overwhelmed planning our first Camino?

    Hi Jessica, all good advice above. The choice is yours! Kirkie gave you the Camino Society of Ireland contact details. Their website gives winter and spring opening hours also information days that are held around the country. I'd advise calling in or going to an information day. You'll meet...
  16. Amigos caminando

    Medieval Irish pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela

    T Thank you for the link Katar1na. Great information.
  17. Amigos caminando

    My all-season packing list

    Appreciate your well compiled list. Nice to learn and compare. Thank you.
  18. Amigos caminando

    Shower shoes?

    I also tag my crocs on the outside of my recksac for easy access. So I when sit down for coffee/beer/feet soak in a stream near my day's destination I have refreshed feet on arrival. I keep a small absorbant cloth in an outer pocket to dry my feet. Ideal is a microfiber dishcloth.
  19. Amigos caminando

    Sharon and Doron - Our Camino Blog

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Great information. Thank you.
  20. Amigos caminando

    Shower shoes?

    Hi, I may be repeating previous advice here. I used to bring flip flops for evening wear and shower use but on colder evenings when socks are needed my crocs weigh slightly more than flip flops. It's so nice to let air at your feet after wearing boots all day.