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The 2022 Camino guides will be coming out little by little, most of them by the end of 2021. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
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  1. catheriam

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    As a whippersnapper of 57 on my first CF in 2002, what I noticed about the Black Beret Card Throwing Sunshine Sitting Peregrina Up and Down Noting Gentlemen of Spain were ...their limps. Those canes were not just for looking smart and/or debonair, those men ...limped! They struggled getting up...
  2. catheriam

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    I sense you are 100% correct, as few women with whom I have engaged in "Which Camino?" conversations have mentioned VDLP or longer; several "long Camino" memoirs have all had solo male authors. I know in my 76 year old gut this gal would love to walk VDLP ... in a small, mixed group so...
  3. catheriam

    My Camino regret!

    I was at the cusp of the era between boots, boots, boots and the advent of HOKA-like lighter trail shoe options, between the American Friends newsletter arriving in a stamped envelope and Google, between "a. couple of cotton t-shirts" and breathable textiles, etc., etc. My regret is ...
  4. catheriam

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    Whoops! Off topic of 70 plus walking Caminos. Right. Circling back ... On three Spring CF Caminos spanning early to mid 2000's I spied with my Camino eye, in the category of "looks to be senior." more women than men. I saw more senior women in groups and in larger groups than I saw senior...
  5. catheriam

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    Pretty good! I vary wearing them with two Teva options too enticingly on sale on Zappos to pass up. Humidity is a big factor during mid-Missouri thunderstormy summers, and my feet swell. All sandals are uncomfortable at this point, so I am opting alternate trail walks with a pair of Hokas and...
  6. catheriam

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    See reply later in post, that Camino plans delayed until Spring 2022, Delta resurgence allowing.
  7. catheriam

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    76 and for my fourth Camino, ths time Porto - Santiago in Spring 2022, when I shall be 77! Teach these young whippersnappers that a mature and seasoned body and mind are nothing to be afraid of, white hair is a silver flame of experience and the fading sun spots on the left side of my face are...
  8. catheriam

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    Churchill would have to give up cigars (good luck with that), champagne at every opportunity, his team of secretaries (unless they would be carrying his backpack) and commit to a strict diet and exercise before he set on toe upon the Camno de Santiago. And even then, I imagine he would only be...
  9. catheriam

    That daily shower scramble - a different viewpoint

    A picture of the highly regarded bucket you recommend and perhaps a (bathing suited) photo of you in action, pleae and thank you?
  10. catheriam

    Anyone in or passing through Ireland, this Greenway could be of interest.

    What a charming and professional presentation! Every one of the local and business folk who have a few words to say does so with such genuine delight and encouragement. As I plan on a USA- Dublin-Rosslare-San Santander/Bilboa route next year, this is the perfect (as noted in a subsequent...
  11. catheriam

    Year-round pilgrims on the Camino

    In 2019 on a stretch outside Leon, a dusty and windy April day, I walked briefly alongside a retired Brit who was living in ... Seville, maybe? As you do, "First Camino? Third? (me) Fortieth? him"!! And the way he answered the question, "40th", flat, unenthused. I took a step back and he...
  12. catheriam

    What is your perspective on this rather metaphysical question?

    I keep walking a Camino ...and flying back to the USA. Autumn 2021 (and that's redolent of overweening optimism) will find me on a fourth Camino. Thinking April - November 2022 residence in Porto, Portugal, with launchings of walks into mountains in Eastern Portugal, weekends in Lisbon...
  13. catheriam

    What is your perspective on this rather metaphysical question?

    Exactly the town I was thinking! If you want some clangor and clang of a big Spanish city, Leon is a bus/train ride back for a weekend of shopping at El Cortes Ingles or several good outdoor equipment stores, dining out and concerts -- hard to remember events where music and people were...
  14. catheriam

    A link to worldwide radio

    Thank you so much! Downloaded to the trusty iPhone 7 the millisecond I read this post. Knew I could via online but nice to know I can stretch my listener wings.
  15. catheriam

    Some help with a survey about motivations, sharing and preparation

    Happy to have obliged; completed 18 Jan 2021.
  16. catheriam

    Some help with a survey about motivations, sharing and preparation

    Interesting observation, as I felt I completed an admittedly brief yet concise questionnaire with a surprisingly full account of my Camino choices, inspirations and future plans.
  17. catheriam

    Why do pilgrims carry on when it is really hard?

    I never consider the Pacific Crest trail or Appalachian Trail as long-distance walking options: the Camino or bust! It is my be all and end all. It is my Way. And in pain? Oh, baby, those unbroken in Lady Scarpas on that long day to Los Arcos! Those ill considered Estrella trainers! The...
  18. catheriam

    Autumn 2021 Camino Ideas

    Meseta lovers -- oh, yes! Surprised how many pilgrims groan and roll their eyes at "meseta"- and hey, that's fine! One fine April morning I turned a corner and saw its vast open emptiness of land and sky meeting in harmony and it had me a "hola!".
  19. catheriam

    3 Caminos

    Oh, dear. Well, the Camino has survived hundreds of years. millions of travelers, the Sheen boys B+ version, I 'spect it can survive a musical score reminiscent of "El Cid" and a glimpse of actors (*not real pilgrims, remember?) whose facial expressions exhibit those facing a trek Mt Everest...
  20. catheriam

    Gallegos and Covid — a beautiful video

    My son and his family still wonder why Grandmother is insane about Spain and her feet itch to walk her fourth Camino. Well, this just may help explain ... a bit! And my 13 old grandchild, like her 75 year old Grandmother, should really really love the horses! A well done and well thought-out...