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  1. FourSeasons

    Did I hear correctly there is a fast train from SdC to Madrid?

    Yes, in May 2016 I took the fast train from SdC. It left really early in morning and took approximately 5.5 hours. I took a photo of the speed, keep in mind this wasn’t the fastest this fast train traveled. 🚆 it was a pleasant ride.
  2. FourSeasons

    Getting into Paris from CDG?

    For me a bus will be less confusing after a long flight then the train/metro plus you can see the sites. This is my plan to take the bus from CDG to the Eiffel Tower then walk to the Hostel. You're getting close to go time? Very exciting. Buen Camino! :cool:👣
  3. FourSeasons

    Paris train to Hendaye in July

    SabineP, You're the BEST!! I did it, I purchased my ticket. It was easy using the link you provided and a little cheaper too. Ahhhhh - I'm so excited!! Getting my ducks in a row!! Thank you so much! :)👣
  4. FourSeasons

    Paris train to Hendaye in July

    Hi all with European train system experience, Is it important that I purchase my train ticket now from Rail Europe for first week in July? The day I want to get to Irun there is only one cheaper train, the time of departure is the earliest train, which works great for me. All the other trains...
  5. FourSeasons

    who knew it would cost so much!

    I've used the "Hopper" app. You enter in your dates and destination points. Then the app will alert you to prices and advice if now is a good time to buy or to wait as they expect prices to drop. Good Luck and Buen Camino :)👣
  6. FourSeasons

    Iberia Air - from US to Spain

    I can't offer any experience regarding Iberia airline but YAY, happy to know there is plenty of security in America. There is no such thing as too much security. :D I actually never noticed too much security coming back into America after my international trips. I did notice though in Madrid...
  7. FourSeasons

    From CDG to Biarritz or? to get to Irun

    Yes I figured it was Google Translate, your answer is very vague o_O I wasn't sure how to use it. But then I figured it out. Copy and Paste the entire web address into the box and viola - English. So for anyone else who's not sure how to use it, here are the directions on how to use it. Copy...
  8. FourSeasons

    From CDG to Biarritz or? to get to Irun

    Thanks. How do I look at this website in English? :)
  9. FourSeasons

    From CDG to Biarritz or? to get to Irun

    I will look at the albergue first. If I take the early train, I should be getting there early enough to get in que. :)
  10. FourSeasons

    From CDG to Biarritz or? to get to Irun

    In Irun, itself, we actually stayed at a Casa Rurale called Postigu. It’s outside Irun, and cuts out about 3-4 kilometers off the first day’s walk to San Sebastian. It’s quite lovely, but not cheap. Thanks, I checked this place out and yes, not cheap. My date wasn't available anyway. I found...
  11. FourSeasons

    From CDG to Biarritz or? to get to Irun

    Thanks so much, :) I just booked an AirBnB near the Gare Montparnasse station so I can take the morning train as you suggested. I was planning on spending the night in Paris anyway and after searching flights, you're right, the times just don't make sense. I have to wait to book the train...
  12. FourSeasons

    From CDG to Biarritz or? to get to Irun

    Hi, Yes I plan on spending the night in or around Paris. How long does it take by train from Paris to Hendaye?
  13. FourSeasons

    From CDG to Biarritz or? to get to Irun

    Hi :) For those who have walked before me on del Norte I am in need of some direction. How do I get to Irun? My plans are to fly into CDG then to Biarritz. I see there are trains going from Biarritz to Irun. I need help navigating. I plan to travel early July so also need suggestions on lodging...
  14. FourSeasons

    The night before butterflies.

    Oh so very exciting. Cherish every moment including this one. Trust in the arrows and keep walking Buen Camino. :)
  15. FourSeasons

    Train from Santiago to Madrid

    I was in Santiago first week in May 2016 and had to get to Madrid to fly out. I walked to the train station the night before to purchased my ticket. Took a taxi the next morning as the train was scheduled to leave really early. That was it, really easy.