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  1. JillGat

    Best blog platform on my phone?

    C Clearly, did you do a blog during your VDLP walk? I'd like to read it, if so.
  2. JillGat

    Best blog platform on my phone?

    Thanks, C Clearly. I am practicing with it now and figuring it out.
  3. JillGat

    Best blog platform on my phone?

    I have used Blogger/Blogspot and WordPress on my computer. I've never been able to figure out how to post pictures directly on them from my phone (I email the pictures to myself, put them in a file on my desktop and then upload them from there). I have an Android and would love to blog and...
  4. JillGat

    Newbie question: Camino Frances vs Camino del Norte

    I recommend the Frances! The "crowds" go in clumps and it is not hard to avoid them. I started each day a little after the early riser group and often had the trail to myself. When I didn't feel social, I continued walking past cafes where a lot of pilgrims had stopped for coffee. If you end...
  5. JillGat

    NOT a serious thread

    You can pretend it's a joke all you want. The main reason you are here is because everybody in your *real* life is bored by you talking about the Camino all the time.
  6. JillGat

    Travel pants that don't look like travel pants

    The zip off pants/shorts totally make sense. But the vain side of me won't let me go that route. They so brand one as a pilgrim tourist (not that I'm not obviously one anyway). So I only bring one pair of shorts. Rarely, it gets cold enough I wear my base layer tights under them.
  7. JillGat

    Where to start: 30 days walking

    I'm set on Sevilla to Salamanca in the spring, at least right now that is my plan! And, being an Albuquerque, New Mexico girl, I will take a side trip from Caceres (or a nearer point from La Plata) to our namesake town in Spain, Alburquerque. Late April or first of May.
  8. JillGat

    Don't buy a backpack!

    I worked in a backpacking store for years. When a couple would come in, looking for backpacks, I would tell one to get the smallest, practical size backpack. But talk their companion into getting a bigger one. That way they can say, "I don't have room for this; can I put it in your pack?"
  9. JillGat

    23 y/o American looking for help planning to my first Camino!

    My personal recommendation is not to find someone (you don't otherwise know) ahead of time to walk with you. There are many ways you could turn out to be incompatible; personality-wise, goal-wise, pace-wise. You will meet Plenty of people along the way and you will find those who naturally fit...
  10. JillGat

    MAPS.ME vs Google Maps vs competitor apps

    For the CF and a few other Caminos (can't remember which ones), WisePilgrim is a great app. It has a map with the Camino route clearly marked on it. You can watch your progress as you go, and this has been very helpful for me when walking through cities, where I am most likely to get lost...
  11. JillGat

    Gear Review: The little things

    I just brought a very bright little squeeze flashlight that was essential to me. Sometimes the light went off suddenly in the albergie when I wasn't ready. I used it to read at night, too.
  12. JillGat

    10 things you NEED to bring on the Camino de Santiago!

    And my hopes are that new peregrinos use our responses to get a clear idea that their packing lists do not NEED to look like this. That the new smart phones take as good or better pictures and another camera is not necessary. That you can buy a local Opinel knife to cut baguettes. That there are...
  13. JillGat

    10 things you NEED to bring on the Camino de Santiago!

    I completely disagree with over half of these recommendations/"requirements". Nice try, but you might want to frame this as your opinion instead of absolutes.
  14. JillGat

    Tourniquet: Does anyone bring one on the Camino?

    At various points during this thread, the OP, Marbe2 said: 1. "when crossing the mountains in winter" and: 2. "The one recommended by the AMERICAN RED CROSS is only 4oz....not too much weight for a life saving device!" Re. 1.: First, it is discouraged to cross the mountains in winter. It...
  15. JillGat

    Tourniquet: Does anyone bring one on the Camino?

    But back to the tourniquet.. it would be nice if it were something you could also use for other things. It would probably need to be wider than a belt, tho. Why not just a 1 1/2" wide strip of nylon webbing?
  16. JillGat

    Tourniquet: Does anyone bring one on the Camino?

    I was thinking a hovercraft.
  17. JillGat

    Tips & Tricks I Learned from the Camino

    Here is my picture (from spring 2016) of that same arch of roses in front of the red house. Nice post.
  18. JillGat

    Tourniquet: Does anyone bring one on the Camino?

    Yes, the same is true for a tourniquet. It can be dangerous if one is not trained in its use.
  19. JillGat

    Tourniquet: Does anyone bring one on the Camino?

    I was going to mention the buff, too, because it already feels like a tourniquet when I'm just wearing it on my head! As for life-saving items one might consider carrying, I would think epinephrine in the form of an epi pen would address more emergencies one is likely to encounter than those...
  20. JillGat

    Where to start: 30 days walking

    That's my plan! I can't wait.


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