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Luggage Storage in Santiago

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  1. Jim McMurtrie

    Next Camino

    Finished the Frances on May 20. Fantastic and thanks to all for the advice. Next Camino is either Portuguese or del Norte. Looking for some insight into these two routes. Availability of lodging, distances, etc.
  2. Jim McMurtrie

    weather on the napoleon

    Thanks to all. I have been watching the weather but being a novice I was more interested in how it affects the route. The Valcarlos route it is. Off to the airport!
  3. Jim McMurtrie

    weather on the napoleon

    We leave fro Madrid tomorrow and should be in SJPdP the on the 11th. Wondering if there is anyone that can give us current walking conditions on the Napoleon route.
  4. Jim McMurtrie

    Taxi peregrino

    Is anyone familiar with Taxi Peregrino. Need to get from Pamplona to SJPdP on April 10.
  5. Jim McMurtrie

    Beverage of choice?

    This is a perfect opportunity to ask my question. For the past three years I have been drinking nothing but sparkling wine,the reason is interesting but not necessary for this conversation. I enjoy Proseco but my beverage of choice is Cava Brut in a wine glass as opposed to a flute. Will this be...
  6. Jim McMurtrie

    Packpack packing

    Getting ready for my April Camino and was wondering if using the plastic compression bags make any sense. Obviousely they will add soms weight but look as though they might reduce volume substantially. I'm certain that there are valuable opinions out there
  7. Jim McMurtrie

    Camino april 2018

    Starting from St Jean about April 10
  8. Jim McMurtrie

    Prescription drugs on the camino

    I searched the forum for this and found that the information was dated. Do the pharmacist recognize prescription from U.S. doctors and are the common drugs available in Spain?
  9. Jim McMurtrie

    Curious about achievability of Camino at 50, slow walker

    J.W. , I'm 72 and will be walking the camino in april. While I don't have severe joint problem I will tell you that since I have been training with good trail runners on my feet and trekking poles in my hands my joints feel better than they have in 20 years. I might add that I've also managed to...
  10. Jim McMurtrie

    A little help from veterans

    Once again, sage advice from those who went before us. I think we will do Madrid, forward our bags to Ivar in Santiago, train and bus to SJ. Maybe rent a car in Santiago or train to Pamplona, Zaragoza, Barcelona. Thank you all so much.
  11. Jim McMurtrie

    A little help from veterans

    Okay. We have a flight to Madrid arriving on April 7. We will probably want a day or two to resolve the jet lag in Madrid. We don't have a return flight until May 30 so I think we will have time to not only do Finisterre but explore more of Spain. Should we leave our non-pelegrino luggage in...
  12. Jim McMurtrie

    Rain Skirt (wrap, kilt ...)

    I considered a hiking kilt but anticipated some of linkster's social issues and decided not. Were any pilgrims walking in kilts?
  13. Jim McMurtrie

    Packable Fleece

    Once again, sound information from the members. It certainly helped me in my planning. Thanks to all!
  14. Jim McMurtrie

    Packable Fleece

    Is there such a thing? I've decided that my April 10 start requires a fleece or something like that. I haven't bee able to find one that compressed adequately. Suggestions?
  15. Jim McMurtrie


    Thanks everyone! Awesome people with great advice.
  16. Jim McMurtrie


    Something that I thought of and will probably do. Thanks again
  17. Jim McMurtrie


    Once again, great advice. My mindset for the Camino is to just let it happen and enjoy the experience, pleasant and unpleasant, and I sense that all of you feel much the same way. Buen Camino!
  18. Jim McMurtrie

    Arriving in Madrid April 7, start my Camino on the 10th

    Arriving in Madrid April 7, start my Camino on the 10th
  19. Jim McMurtrie


    Well we have booked our non-refundable tickets to Madrid on April 6. I guess this means we are committed. We have been doing our research and find this forum a fantastic resource and so my question...knowing that the weather will be variable can I get some advice on what kind of insulating...
  20. Jim McMurtrie


    I have read a lot abouy bedbugs on the Camino Frances but not from anyone who experienced them. Are they ubiquitous or just something to be aware of?


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