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  1. Americanperegrino

    Walking wounded

    When I walked in 2012 I didn't see nearly as many injuries as I have this time. Mostly blisters that folks fail to prevent or treat correctly. Imo, watch some youtube on PROPERLY treating hot spots before they become blisters and what to do once they are blisters. Also, in 2012 the luggage...
  2. Americanperegrino

    Rain, rainwear, and blisters

    I'm in Los Arcos! There's been a little rain for the past few days. Nothing major, but, enough to test your chosen rain gear. For me, it's rain pants and rain jacket. The pants protect my socks which, prevents blisters. For others who chose rain gear that left the socks exposed, it's...
  3. Americanperegrino

    Where to stay on CDS and crowds

    Just an FYI for those who are planning their Camino and are worrying about availability of places to stay and crowds. What I'm seeing is the crowd travels like a big bubble of people from the end of one section to the next. Very few stay in the middle. So, as has already been suggested, try...
  4. Americanperegrino

    Albergue St. Nicholas Larrasoana

    I'm here now. It's very nice. Rooms are either 4 or 6 to a room, bunk beds are big, bathrooms are single with showers. Very clean. Wifi. Big patio, lounging area. Full kitchen, washer/ dryer. 11e a nite. Located at the top of town behind the supermercado. In 2014 I stayed at the municipal, and...
  5. Americanperegrino

    Napoleon route heads up

    For those walking the Napoleon route. There is a food truck located at the top of the route, 1km from the border on French side. Hot cocoa, coffee, cold drinks, some food. Also, the water fountain is working 1km past border on Spanish side. Also, the Spanish side has two SOS emergency push...
  6. Americanperegrino

    Napoleon wind

    Wow! Just finished the walk from St. Jean to Roncesvalles. The wind was relentless. Wind was in the 40 mph range steady.
  7. Americanperegrino

    What the name of that place?

    When I left Larrasoana last time, I left an hour or so before daylight. I walked along the path in a thinly forested area and came into the first area of houses- maybe 3 miles. As the sun started to rise I noticed that one of the houses on the left had an outside wood fired oven and a lady was...
  8. Americanperegrino

    Albergue ST. Nicolas in Larrasoana

    In 2012 I stayed in the muni in Larrasoana-really bad experience. SO, I'm hoping to stay in the Albergue St. Nicolas in Larrasoana if its still open. The internet site I had for St. Nic doesn't work. Does, anyone have recent experience with this Albergue?
  9. Americanperegrino

    Hostel light vs Hostile light

    I'm a gadget guy, It's one of my many faults. On my last CDS one of the issues was using my headlamp as my flashlight inside the Hostel. My headlamp is a bright 150 lumens so, I always had to fumble around partially covering the light so I wouldn't wake up other peregrinos. I found this little...
  10. Americanperegrino

    San Bernardino, my home town

    San Bernardino is my hometown. I grew up there, started my career there, started my family there and happened to be shopping there when evil came calling. As with each act of evil, there are acts of love. I will be walking with Shannon this May.
  11. Americanperegrino

    Silnylon stuff sacks for packing your gear

    This has probably been posted before, but. I use a system of silnylon stuff sacks to hold my clothes/etc when I back pack. Silnylon is an extremely lite weight and tuff nylon that is treated with silicon making it virtually waterproof. I use various sizes/colors to hold everything that goes...
  12. Americanperegrino

    Backpack opinion/review

    In 2012 I used a Granite Gear Blaze back pack. It is a top loading design that weighs about 2lb 5oz. (1050 g). I like the Blaze, however, I'm looking at a panel loader. ULA Equipment makes the Camino 2, which is a panel loader that comes in at 2lb 14oz (1300 g). Its a little heavier, but, really...
  13. Americanperegrino

    Repairing a municipal Albergue

    A couple of years ago I stayed in a muni albergue just north of Pamplona. The place was a dump. Way too many issues to list, however, it appeared to be generally ran down and the single staff seamed like he was well passed the point of caring. I'm a pretty handy guy and can repair almost...