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  1. david g

    LIVE from the Camino Day 1, Camino Portugués Central

    My experience was the exact opposite. Walking the coastal I saw no one so switched to the central at Caminha. The Portuguese is definitely NOT the Frances when it comes to numbers of pilgrims to meet, but it’s still a good Camino. Try to be open to good things that may happen simply because...
  2. david g

    Top tips from Frances veterans?

    After 7 Camino’s the walk to Samos still rates as my number one favorite section. There is some kind of magic held in that stretch.
  3. david g

    Top tips from Frances veterans?

    Open yourself to conversations with everyone you meet, whether older, younger, or even in a language you don’t speak well. You gain so many insights into how others view the world through this. Laugh, let go of preconceived ideas, be open to everything.
  4. david g

    LIVE from the Camino @Kalimera on the Francés

    Nice to see David has his oasis open already. It’s a great spot to stop in before beginning what feels like an endless walk into Astorga. 😊
  5. david g

    Life is Good!

    I’m grateful for food in the fridge, a roof over my head, medical knowledge that is treating my cancer (only one more chemo session! Woohoo!) and the fact that I’ve been able to walk several Camino’s and meet such amazing people
  6. david g

    LIVE from the Camino Walking on the Camino Frances

    I wonder if this shortage of beds early on will lead some pilgrims to try new paths. It would certainly help spread the tourist income to more places. The route from Somport is beautiful, less crowded and ties In to the Frances at Puenta La Reina I believe. There's also the route from Bayonne...
  7. david g

    Camino Frances in September

    So much depends on your preference and comfort level. I walked again in September-November 2021 with a light sleeping bag that has a detachable upper blanket. I was way too warm at night yet my friend I walked with was way too cold so she used my blanket. I never did use it again, even on our...
  8. david g

    What are some Common Camino Misconceptions?

    I’ve kind of come to dislike that saying simply because it infers that pilgrims can do whatever they want without regard to others around them. To me it sort of promotes an ‘all about me’ mentality which I find to be the antithesis of the Camino
  9. david g

    Having spouse join for final 100km, or meet in Santiago - I’m thinking it’s not a great idea…

    I’d skip the meeting up, especially at Sarria. By then you’re going to be in your own little world with your own new friends and it will be really awkward for your wife to assimilate. This past September I walked the French route again and in Santiago met up with a Camino friend who had just...
  10. david g

    Euro/US exchange rate 1.09

    That’s fantastic! Last September I paid $1.24 US per Euro. For anyone thinking of going in the future this may present a great time to buy euros.
  11. david g

    Pee Cloth - leave no trace

    I think all pilgrims, both men and women, appreciate your discussion and attempts to find ways to lessen the impact of bits of toilet paper found along the trail. There’s nothing that ruins a beautiful setting more than finding bits of TP left behind after someone did their business
  12. david g

    Second time still a charm - or looking to repeat past experiences?

    I’ve walked several Camino's now and this past September was back on the Frances for the third time. It’s still by far my favorite and I know now it’s because of its length and the people I meet. It had been six years since I last walked it and some beautiful memories came back but I was busy...
  13. david g

    Low moments on the Camino that became good memories?

    Excellent stories! Mine lets me share the hospitality also found among the Portuguese. After two Caminos on the Frances I decided to strike out on my own along the Portuguese beginning in Porto, April 29 2016. I was a couple days in when I came to Esposende. I slowly walked through town...
  14. david g

    From Porto: Central or coastal way?

    I’ve walked both and hands down prefer the central route. The coast, while pretty (if you like the ocean) can become a bit routine after a few days- waves, water, sand. On the central you don’t know what little village might appear around the next bend. On the coastal? You know what village is...
  15. david g

    LIVE from the Camino Live from the Camino Francés

    Theres nothing better than straight forward unbiased information from the camino. Thanks so much for the update and please keep them coming
  16. david g

    He's home.

    I was lucky to work with his World Central Kitchen in Bahamas a year ago. An amazing organization and an amazing man with no goal but to alleviate hunger and care for those in a disaster situation. The fact that he’s walking a Camino is no surprise
  17. david g

    Xunta albergues no longer accept reservations

    I’ve always liked the idea of trusting that you’ll find a bed rather than relying on a reservation. It’s what makes the Camino different from daily life at home. Sadly, as more people rely on reservations, it seems we’re bringing our home life to the Camino rather than the other way around.
  18. david g

    Somport Pass

    Nice to know there’s now an albergue in Canfranc. (It’d be wonderful if it was inside the beautiful old train station! 😁) I’m hoping to walk this again this October once I’m finished with the Frances.
  19. david g

    Doing It “Our Way”

    Really nicely done. I’ve felt the same as you, that after learning about and walking a camino I can look back over my shoulder and see how life brought me to that point and how things continue to fall into place. My life has been divided in two sections, pre Camino and post Camino.
  20. david g

    What to do and not to do in a Refugio/Albergue

    I don’t think this was mentioned but PLEASE don’t take a roll of toilet paper from the albergue you stay at. I’ve seen women do this because ‘I may need it and they have plenty there’. Stop at a tienda and buy some