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  1. Larry OHeron

    How common are hiking shorts on men

    Common, but I usually don't because I'm from a sun-deprived area, and truly, I could get sunburned unless I use a lot of sunblock. I would not wear shorts to Mass.
  2. Larry OHeron

    LIVE from the Camino Dublin to Santiago.

    I like Dublin. I flew from there (after completing Kerry Camino/Dingle Way) to Santiago and then bus to Ferrol for Camino Ingles
  3. Larry OHeron

    Walking the Madrid camino in August 2022

    Is that the Real Iglesia de Santiago at Plaza del Biombo that you are talking about? Where can I find info on when stamps are available? Starting the Camino Madrid to Sahagun on June 10th. Larry OHeron
  4. Larry OHeron

    Travel Health Insurance?

    For Americans who are on Medicare it is important to know that Medicare does not not cover overseas medical expenses. You want repatriation coverage in case you die, hospital coverage in case you're admitted and then beyond that you can decide whether you want to pay an individual doctor, but...
  5. Larry OHeron

    Is this a bad summer to go on the Camino

    For a different experience, consider one of the less traveled caminos. Perhaps the northern portion of the via de la Plata, or the Norte. There are many others of course.
  6. Larry OHeron

    The first official camino in Ukraine welcomes!

    I speak Russian as a second language. What are the implications of doing this camino, using Russian? I prefer not to use English when I camino. I do understand that Ukrainian and Russian, while having simularities, are not the same language.
  7. Larry OHeron

    From Porto: Central or coastal way?

    Agree, agree, agree. The Riverwalk to ponte vedra is gorgeous.
  8. Larry OHeron

    COVID December on the Via de la Plata

    Can't answer your specific questions, but I can tell you that merida is a beautiful city when you get there.
  9. Larry OHeron

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    Aidan, I also left Merida just before sunrise. The aqueducts were stunning in the rising sun. Larry O
  10. Larry OHeron

    Via Jacobi Switzerland

    This will be my first time on Camino in Switzerland. In Spain and Portugal, I went to the bars, restaurants, lodgings etc. Is it different in Switzerland? Thanks, Larry
  11. Larry OHeron

    Via Jacobi Switzerland

    What kinds of places did you go to? I tried the bars, restaurants, hotels, hostels etc, and gave up by day three. No one that I asked knew what I was talking about. Thanks, Larry
  12. Larry OHeron

    Via Jacobi Switzerland

    Thinking about doing this in 2020. Already did the Via Francigena in Switzerland. Can one get pilgrim stamps along the Via Jacobi? It wasn't possible on the VF. Larry O
  13. Larry OHeron

    What was your meltdown point?

    Just finished VF thru Switzerland. It definitely had its days, but at the end, I was very happy.
  14. Larry OHeron

    LIVE from the Camino Uh huh! Camino Sanabres

    I really enjoyed the Camino Sanabres. Had one of my great revelations on the way out of Pueble de Sanabria. Buen Camino!
  15. Larry OHeron

    LIVE from the Camino Live from Camino de Madrid

    Portuguese coastal starting Tuesday or maybe Wednesday. Might spend extra day in Porto.
  16. Larry OHeron

    Santiago to Ferrol

    Albertinho, thanks for the advice. Used it today to get from Santiago to start the Camino english. Larry
  17. Larry OHeron

    How to get to Camino Ingles

    Just did it today. Flew into Santiago. Took taxi to bus station. There are about five or six buses a day that go direct to Ferrol. Less than 8 euros.
  18. Larry OHeron

    return to Madrid from Santiago De Compostela after completing Pilgrimage

    I've taken both the bus and train. Both are equally good alternatives. If you spending time in Madrid, go to Puerta del Sol and rub the bear's butt. It will bring you good luck in the future.
  19. Larry OHeron

    Winter walking

    Check out Sarah dhoomer videos on YouTube tube. She just finished that Camino.