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  1. Hamilton

    New Camino Francés guide

    This colourful & informative walking guide covers the Camino de Santiago (Camino Francés) from St Jean Pied de Port on the French side of the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela. The Camino is covered over 32 stages, each one includes * a contour map of that days route * height profiles of the...
  2. Hamilton

    Free Spanish Phrasebook to help you along The Camino

    Hi folks, I have written a Spanish phrasebook and would like to offer it to you for free. You can download it here... Buen Camino! Robert
  3. Hamilton

    Free Spanish Phrasebook...

    Hi folks, I've written a Spanish phrasebook and would like to give to free. You can download it here... Buen Camino! Robert
  4. Hamilton

    Camino Passport

    have you tried ??
  5. Hamilton

    Three youths arrested in Oviedo for robbing pilgrims

    That's why I always put my valuables in one of these whilst walking in Spain... Better safe than sorry :-) Buen Camino!! Robert
  6. Hamilton

    Starting in the middle...?

    The walk from St Jean to Roncesvalles is very impressive, I agree, and if you have the time which I think you do I would recommend it. I am around the same age as you and completed the Camino from St Jean - Santiago in just over 4 weeks this was with a day in Burgos and a few short days walking...
  7. Hamilton

    Good shoe shop uk?

    Hi there, Have you tried Tiso? Usually hold a good stock. I have been wearing Salomon shoes on the Camino for the last 7 years and never had a problem with them. Highly recommend them. Buen Camino!!
  8. Hamilton

    Just Back from the Via de la Plata

    Hi folks, just back from Spain. Had a great time on the Via de la Plata. Weather was ideal and the scenery was beautiful. Some pictures uploaded onto my Camino de Santiago Facebook page ( : Used this very helpful guide whilst...
  9. Hamilton

    Camino in September

    Hi Lana, I've walked the Camino in September and found that a light fleece was enough to keep warm. Although it can get a bit chilly, and sometimes wet, in the morning in Galicia so a light water proof would be advisable, as well as a water proof rucksack cover. I hope you enjoy your walk...
  10. Hamilton

    Starting in Southern France.

    Hi folks, I've walked the route many times and never had any problems the first few years. I didn't know any Spanish or French then but have picked up a little since. As has been said already, the people will go to great lengths to help you out so never worry. There's a great little free...
  11. Hamilton

    The Cuckoo & The Pilgrim the great new book by Joe Cullinane

    Hi Folks, I hope you are all well. I would like to take the opportunity to tell you all about my good friend's, Joseph Cullinane's, new book 'The Cuckoo & The Pilgrim'. His book is a record of a walk along the Camino De Santiago in France and Spain and it could be used as a rough guide by...
  12. Hamilton

    What would you do if...

    As them to show you their feet! :D
  13. Hamilton

    Arm warmers, leg warmers & sun protectors

    Or why not wear a t shirt and shorts, depending on the time of year of course, and if it gets too cold, put on a light fleece? If you brought everything you 'needed' in your rucksack you wouldn't get too far. Probably has it's uses elsewhere though.
  14. Hamilton

    Walking in August and September.

    Hi Rúna, Don't worry, will meet lots of like minded people along the way. The Albergue in Roncevalles, your first stop on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees, sleeps over 150 people so you should have no trouble meeting a few people there. Have fun :)
  15. Hamilton

    Walking in May 2010

    I've walked the Camino Francés and the Camino Portugues in May and had a great time. The weather is perfect for walking and the country side is beautiful as are the sunrises and sunsets. Although it does rain a bit once you reach Galicia, just like home (Ireland) in many ways, lots of the green...