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  1. MikeJS

    Best place to stay in Santiago De Compostela

    I’ve been here a few times and form me there is no doubt the best place to stay is the Hospedería San Martín Pinario Seminario Mayor. However, if you don’t stay there please try their restaurant. Breakfast for 6 euros is unbeatable in SdC. And their lunch or dinner menus are wonderful.
  2. MikeJS

    Compostela confusion with unrecognized Caminos

    NOTE FROM MODS: Forum member @MikeJS has finished his Olvidado/Salvador/Primitivo journey and in another thread recounted the difficulties he had getting a compostela. I have asked Mike if I could move the posts to a new thread, and he has agreed, so I will add them below. To summarize —...
  3. MikeJS

    LIVE from the Camino Walking the Primitivo from 3 Oct 19.

    I started on the Olvidado (a fantastic camino) on 19 September and got to Buiza on 30 September. That ‘live’ thread can be found the Olvidado part of the forum. I joined the San Salvador at Buiza and arrived in Oviedo on 2 October ready to start the Primitivo on the 3rd. The ‘live’ thread for...
  4. MikeJS

    Buiza to Oviedo

    Vegacervera to Poladura Via Buiza 27km The first section of this walk is in my ‘live’ thread in the Camino Olvidado section of the forum. I got into Buiza just before 1200 and thought I would see some clear marker to designate the meeting of the 2 caminos but saw nothing. However, there was a...
  5. MikeJS

    LIVE from the Camino Starting the Olvidado on Sept 18 2019

    I plan to fly into Bilbao on wed 18 Sept to take another stroll on the camino to Santiago de Compostela. Formally, heading off on 19 Sep. This time I plan to walk from Bilbao to Cinera on the Camino Olviado then switch to Camino San Salvador before heading to Santiago de Compostela on Camino...
  6. MikeJS

    My Next Camino

    I think this will be my next camino with either the Invierno at the end to SdC or maybe the Frances - depends how I feel when I get to Ponferrada. My intention this year is to start around 12 Sept (I’m currently banned from another spring time walk as everything in the garden grows too fast!)...
  7. MikeJS

    Walking the Invierno from about 17 May 17

    Just finished the Sureste at Benavente and going to walk up the Via de la Plata to the Frances and then to the Invierno. As I want to keep it as a single thread you can find my comments on the Invierno in the Sureste section!!
  8. MikeJS

    Sureste 22 April 17

    Plans are now coming together and I expect to fly to Alicante on 17 Apr. I am booked to brush up on my Spanish (hope to be able to do more than just the essentials - wine, food, bed! - after the course) from 18 to 21 and start the walk on 22. First planned stop in Montforte del Cid which should...
  9. MikeJS

    Camino Sureste Guide

    I have this link which has been shared by others, but how to you actually buy the book?
  10. MikeJS

    Loved the VdlP so what next?

    I really loved the VdlP probably my favourite to . I first walked the Frances then the Norte but for me the VdlP offered better scenery with less cities and not too many people. In the municipal albergue in Zamora there was a fantastic map showing all of the caminos which I photographed as it...
  11. MikeJS

    Another nearly live thread starting 20 Apr 16

    i left Seville on 20 apr to head for Guillena- no dramas but if you can't find the yellow arrows out of the city just follow the cycle path to Camas. Thereafter all was very clear. No problems with Municipal albergue (AdP) and although I was early the lady arrived within 10 mins. Hike to...
  12. MikeJS

    Planning To Do The VdlP Starting Apr/May 16

    So the itch has got too persistent and I now feel the need for another Camino! I walked the Frances in Sept/Oct 2011 and the Norte in Sept/Oct 2012. Rested in 2013 as I had my hip replaced after the Norte! Did a very short hike from Winchester to Canterbury in 2014 and refurbished a house in...
  13. MikeJS

    I want to do another one but which?

    Walked the Francis in 2011 and the Norte in 2012. Had my right hip replaced immediately after my Norte trip (thought my leg was a little sore!) and now looking for another camino route. I would prefer something that ended in Santiago again as I just love the feel of the place as new pilgrims...
  14. MikeJS

    Currently on the Norte - started 15 Sep

    Started the Camino Norte from Biarritz and walked to Irun for the first day. Currently, staying in a small pension in Miono near Castro Urdiales. All gone well so far with just a little drizzle to dampen the path. I walked the Francis last year and so far have found the Norte more demanding -...
  15. MikeJS

    Camino Norte from Biarritz Airport - Credential?

    I am starting my camino from Biarritz airport on 15 Sep. Can I get a credential from anywhere before Irun?
  16. MikeJS

    From Biarritz to Irun to El Camino Norte then onto Finisterr

    I fly into Biarritz on 15 Sep ready to start the Camino North the next day. Can you tell me what is the best/easiest way to get to Irun? Also instead of heading off the coast at the end to Santiago de Compestala I would like to stay on the coast and head to Finisterre via Muxia and then back...