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  1. amado

    Was it one walk enough for you ? or The Camino turn up to be like a Health Drug

    I wouldn't call it an addiction - just a beautiful transcendental experience that I would like to do over and over again. It was for me a 27-day spiritual retreat on foot, an outward and inner journey which I did in 2010. I promised to myself that I would do it in 2021 for the next Xacobeo and...
  2. amado

    Barefoot Camino?

    I am the Filipino priest who ran/walked the Camino barefoot from SJPP to Santiago - MOST OF THE TIME - but not the whole time (It was around 90% barefoot). I was realistic enough to admit that it would be impossible for me to do the entire Camino barefoot - so I brought a pair of back-up sandals...
  3. amado

    A tent... your opinions please

    I brought an ultra-light tent (1 kg) when I walked/ran the Camino barefoot (mostly) in Mid-July to the first week of August 2010. I used it whenever there was a lawn in an Albergue or when the Albergues were "completo." I was glad I brought the tent since my most comfortable sleep was when I...
  4. amado

    Barefoot on the Camino Frances

    Greetings! It's been a while since I visited this forum. I would like to inform the members that I have posted my "Camino Barefoot Pilgrim's Diary" on my blogsite. It actually forms a chapter of my autobiographical manuscript entitled: Beloved: Memoirs, Letters & Diaries of a Priest which I hope...
  5. amado

    Barefoot on the Camino Frances

    Easter Greetings! I am now in Legazpi City after walking/running for 24 days covering 940 km from Davao City. I started my solo Run/Walk Pilgrimage for Peace Across the Philippines on April 1 and will hopefully reach the northernmost tip of the country by May 28 (over 2,100 km). This is a...
  6. amado

    The Journey Beyond Santiago de Compostela

    Every pilgrim who reaches Santiago de Compostela and gets the Compostelano usually asks: What next? We are usually told that the end of the Camino Pilgrimage is a beginning of another journey. I am starting this thread so that those who have made the Camino can share what happened to them after...
  7. amado

    first camino in may 2010/camping

    I did the Camino Frances during summer (July 15-August 10, 2010). I was glad I brought my ultra-light tent, air-mattress and sleeping bag liner. I used my tent for seven nights out 27 nights on the Camino. Lourdes ( wild camping by the bank of the river), i pitched my tent as soon as it got...
  8. amado

    Barefoot on the Camino Frances

    Buen Camino, Karin. If you or anyone out there have problem downloading the video file of the Camino Pilgrim Song to your ipod or mp3 player, I also have an audio MP3 file. Just send an email message to and I will send you the mp3 file and the lyrics of the song.
  9. amado

    Barefoot on the Camino Frances

    In my first blog post on the Camino (from Roncesvalles) I reported that my cellphone was either lost or stolen. It was just misplaced deep inside my backpack. I found it later. The mobile phone was useful as an alarm clock and for taking photos (I didn't bring a camera) and for making notes for...
  10. amado


    I am back in the Philippines. Just flew in from Rome a few hours ago and I am still trying to beat the jet lag. I have lots of time to reflect on what I consider a peak-experience. What was indeed impressive on that day when I arrived in Santiago was not me arriving barefoot, but the warm...
  11. amado


    Hi Ivar, I deeply regret I was not able to meet you. I dropped by your office but you were away and I didn't have the time to go back anymore. Just the same, I thank you for the support. The sprained ankle is still a bit swollen but the pain is gone. I am now in Rome and will be flying back to...
  12. amado

    Barefoot on the Camino Frances

    Greetings! As you may already know, I finally made it to Santiago de Compostela after hiking for 27 days mostly barefoot and at times wearing my sandals when the road got so hot and harsh and on days when my feet needed to recover. Walking barefoot, inspite the difficulties and pain, has been...
  13. amado

    Barefoot on the Camino Frances

    Hola, I am now in Martin del Campo after hiking 27 kilometers, mostly barefoot (until 11 am when the surface got so rough and hot). While hiking, I kept on singing the song I composed yesterday while hiking 37 km from Burgo de Ranero to Leon. Here it is: Pilgrim's Song We are pilgrims on a...
  14. amado

    Barefoot on the Camino Frances

    Greetings from the Camino! I am now in Moratinos, half-way to Santiago, and staying at the Peaceable Kingdom! Lovely place! warm welcome from Rebekah and Patrick, the best dinner I´ve had since I started the Camino. I´ve been troubled by an ankle sprain which I got when I used the sandals more...
  15. amado

    Walking the Camino Frances in 16 days?

    Greetings from Itero de Vega. I have been hiking the Camino Frances for 11 days starting in SJPdP and have covered over 338 km (that's an average of 30 km per day). I plan to arrive in Santiago de Compostela by August 10. I usually start at 6 am and by 4 pm I reach my destination for the day. I...
  16. amado

    Barefoot on the Camino Frances

    Greetings from the Camino! I have reached Itero de Vega after hiking the Camino for eleven days. I hiked barefoot for two straight days (SJPDP-Roncesvalles, Roncesvalles-Larassoana). The first day was fairly easy - I could do it the whole day. The second day was very difficult - there were many...
  17. amado

    Crowded Camino in the Holy Year?

    Yesterday, when I arrived in St. Jean pied de Port there was still some empty bunks in the Municipal Albergue, although the Esprit de Chemin was already completo when I arrived at around 4 pm. Around 60 started in SJDPP this morning.This afternoon, when I reached Roncesvalles there was still...
  18. amado

    Barefoot on the Camino Frances

    Greetings from Roncesvalles. I started my Camino this morning (a day ahead of schedule) from St. Jean Pied de Port at 7:10 am and arrived here in Roncesvalles before 4 pm. I walked the whole way barefoot - there was no need to put on my sandals. It was cloudy and cold up to 2 pm. I walked on the...
  19. amado

    Barefoot on the Camino Frances

    Tomorrow, I finally fly to Madrid for the start of my pilgrimage on the Camino Frances. I am filled with apprehension and doubts if I can really do the Camino barefoot. What was I thinking? It was probably just a crazy idea. Just to be sure, I am bringing a pair of sandals and a pair of running...
  20. amado

    Barefoot on the Camino Frances

    I have two more weeks to go before I start my barefoot pilgrimage on the Camino. I have been experimenting on a home-made protection for my forefoot, that I can use when the road/trail becomes too rough or too hot. It is made of inner tube put together with duct tape. Here it is: