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  1. Kathy F.

    Walking in (Almost) Winter?

    Due to circumstances way beyond my control, my Camino keeps getting pushed back. From May of this year, to August, to September, now to maybe September/October. Here is my question: I plan to go through the Somport Pass. At that time of year, what are the chances that snow will close the way...
  2. Kathy F.

    What do You Do with your "Old" Equipment?

    I've gotten a wonderful response on the thread, "New Equipment Providers?" here on the forum. I've found lots of new places to find wonderful, modern equipment for my next Camino. But now I have another question. What do you do with your "old" equipment? If you have items that have not worn...
  3. Kathy F.

    New Equipment Providers?

    Many pilgrims are making up for lost time and heading out on their long postponed Camino journey. My question is, what are some of the new companies that sell equipment for our use? Besides REI, Decathlon, etc., there are some lesser known places that sell great equipment. If you have a...
  4. Kathy F.

    I don’t like mummy sleeping bags

    There. I said it. I toss and turn during the night and get tangled up with the bag wrapped around my feet. I’m not proud of it. I’m thinking of getting a new, lightweight bag for my next adventure. My trusty old rectangular bag has seen better days. Anyone have a good resource for a...
  5. Kathy F.

    Looking for "Guinea Pigs"

    I'm looking for about 10 pilgrims who would like to help me do some market research. I make handkerchiefs that I think are great for long walks. Light, absorbent, washable, etc. Sweat, spit, snot, these babies can handle it all!! I would like to send 10 volunteers each a handkerchief that...
  6. Kathy F.

    Ohana o Camino de Santiago

    The next Zoom meeting for the Ohana, a forming chapter of the American Pilgrims on the Camino, will be Friday, February 25, at 7 p.m. Hawaiian Standard Time. Let me know if you want the zoom link. Mahalo!
  7. Kathy F.

    Ohana o Camino de Santiago

    Anyone interested in participating in a Zoom meeting about forming a chapter of American Pilgrims on the Camino is invited to a Zoom meeting on Saturday, 12 February, 0930 AND/OR Friday, 25 February 1900. All times are Hawaii Standard Time. Let me know if you are interested in attending one or...
  8. Kathy F.

    Calling All Hawaiian Pilgrims (and those planning)

    I have just submitted the application to form a chapter of American Pilgrims on the Camino. The tentative name I submitted is "Ohana o Camino de Santiago." Does this sound right? Any questions? Anyone interested??
  9. Kathy F.

    Christmas/Holiday presents for 2022?

    Here's my question, and I definitely do not mean for it to be confined to any particular religion: What present/s did you get (or give yourself) for your upcoming Camino, whenever that may be? I gave myself a Garmin InReach Mini. And a new butt pack.
  10. Kathy F.

    Lourdes to Somport to Santiago de Compostella

    Can anyone give me a rough estimate of how long it takes to get from Lourdes to Puenta de la Reina, going through the Somport Pass? I've gone from SJPdP to SdC and from Lourdes to SJPdP to SdC, but I am trying to estimate how much time for this part of this route. I'm planning for the spring of...
  11. Kathy F.

    A Pilgrim's Prayer to St. James

    This prayer was published last July in the Catholic Charities newsletter for the feast day of St. James, 25 July. I know it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I thought it might be inspiring for anyone who may need a boost while on, or preparing for, their journey. Buen Camino. Oh, God, who...
  12. Kathy F.

    Hawaii Pilgrim

    I’m interested in starting a Hawaii chapter of the American Friends of the Camino. Any Hawaiian pilgrims out there?
  13. Kathy F.

    Where did that Town Go??

    I don't know if I'm the only person who has had this happen to them. I have done the CF twice, once from SJPdP to SdC, 2 years later from Lourdes to SJPdP to SdC. As I'm looking back on those two trips, I realize that, although I used the Brierly for both trips, I don't remember seeing the...
  14. Kathy F.

    Julia Child and Santiago???!!!

    Last week, my hubby and I were watching a few episodes of the 1963 public television series "The French Chef," hosted by the amazing Julia Child. We were on episode 4? 5? 6? and she was doing the 28 minute show on scallops. Coquille Sant Jacques, to be precise. As she was introducing the...
  15. Kathy F.

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Haikus for our Postponed Caminos

    Ok, everyone. Since we all now have alot more time on our hands, let's get creative with our texting. A haiku generally has a 5-7-5 syllable format, if I remember correctly from high school back in ancient times. Here's my first attempt (drum roll, please): Mist Bless'ed Way of life The early...
  16. Kathy F.

    Which route - CF or CP?

    For a young, healthy, in shape, first timer, which route would you suggest - the Camino Frances or the Camino Portugues?
  17. Kathy F.

    Wildfire Season?

    I have a friend who was planning to walk the CP in the fall, but is now hesitant because she has read that the fall is "wildfire season" and doesn't want to take the chance. I'd never heard of a wildfire season in Portugal that would affect one's walking the Camino. But, I never looked into it...
  18. Kathy F.

    Temperatures in the Fall

    I'm planning on walking the Camino Portugues in the fall, probably from early September, starting in Lisbon. Can anyone give me an idea of what the temperature/weather may be like? Also, is there a big temp difference between starting in Lisbon and ending in SdC? I'm thinking of what to...
  19. Kathy F.

    Is there a Place in the Modern World for "Pilgrimages"?

    This may relate to the never ending debate on what exactly makes a pilgrimage a pilgrimage, but I need to get some opinions. In our day and age, many see themselves as "spiritual" rather than "religious." Is there a place for a pilgrimage route like the Camino de Santiago? Do we just call it a...
  20. Kathy F.

    The Most Inspiring Travel Quotes

    I know which of these I've printed out and posted above my computer. Which one/s speak to you?,52611/?wpisrc=newsletter