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    Reflections on the Le Puy

    Mia's "roses" photo brings back happy memories. That is a beautiful chambres d'hotes in Conques just opposite the site of the abbey. We stayed there at the end of our first part of the Le Puy route in 2007 and the roses were in bloom. It was a beautiful end to a wonderful walk. My own...
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    Condolence book for Denise

    Terribly sad news, but closure at last for her family. Praise to those who never gave up the search. May she rest in peace and may her family find healing and rejoice in their memory of her love.
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    Hi Ivar, Happy Birthday. I want to reply to a post and also start a new thread but cannot. No...

    Hi Ivar, Happy Birthday. I want to reply to a post and also start a new thread but cannot. No text box appears except the "Title". I'v tried both browsers that I have but no use. I've tried to refresh the page. Sorry but can you help? Irishpilgrim. Anna
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    Guidebook & tips for walking from La Sauvetat du Dropt

    Hi there I purchased the guide book "Itineraire du Pelerin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, Voie Historique de Vezelay" from the CSJ website (the English Confraternity of St. James) within the last few weeks. It took about two weeks to arrive. It is the 5th edition...
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    What was the least favorite section of the Le Puy route?

    To reply to Lazaret, Oh dear! I certainly did not mean to cause upset. I did state that I loved every bit of the Chemin Du Puy and would not willingly miss any part of it. I was just trying hard to answer the original poster's very difficult question. I am totally jealous of you living in such...
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    Where would you stay?

    HI there The only one out of these three that I have stayed in is Saugues and I can recommend the Gite a la ferme run by Mme Martins, Rue des Roches. tel 04 71 77 83 45. She has rooms for two (ours had a shower/loo en suite) and a really good dinner. Demi pension in 2011 was 33 euro per...
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    Up to date Info needed on Vezelay route

    Thank you Falcon When you walked which route did you take, by Bourges or by Nevers? The CSJ bookshop have the 2012 French guide and I'm waiting to hear from them if they expect a 2013 version. If not I will order the 2012. Anna
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    Up to date Info needed on Vezelay route

    HI We have completed the Le Puy route and are now looking at the Vezelay route. Does anyone know of a website that gives distances/ accommodation/height profiles for this route like Godaselco does for the Frances and Le Puy? I am concerned that the distances between accommodation might be too...
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    Weather - Late May/June

    Hi there I have walked the Le Puy route in late May and well into June over three years. We have had mixed weather but nothing really bad. We have on occasion had very hot weather, very wet weather but nothing really cold. The Aubrac plateau in the early part of the walk from Le Puy can be...
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    shortening the le Puy route, lengthening the Camino Frances.

    Hi, Lectoure is a lovely town with plenty of accommodation but I don't know how easy it would be to get to in order to start your camino from there. Moissac is two days walk before Lectuore and might be an easier option as a place to start as it has a train connection etc. It is also well...
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    Lightening up and all that...

    Hi Cathy If you are a Francophile you have to go for the Le Puy Route. It's beautiful, with enough people to keep you company but not so many that you feel stifled. The gites are great especially if you go for the demi pension. The route is varied and well marked and easy to follow once you...
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    Risk of Injury?? - Conques to St. Jean

    Hi all just to add my memories of the bit before Lauzerte. It was very very steep but dry when I walked it in 2008, difficult even in those conditions because of the steepness and lack of foothold but not in any way dangerous from a height point of view and its only a very short stretch. (They...
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    Guide books available in Le Puy Cathedral

    Hi, Just to agree with the two previous posters. The Miam Miam Dodo guide is very easy to follow. You just need to look at the symbols. The maps are very simple but adequate for the route which is very well marked. The distances also seem to be accurate. It gives very good information on...
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    Any Advice on How to "Cheat" to get from Le Puy to Conques 6

    Hi, I think the normal time taken to walk from Le Puy to Conques is about 9/10 days. We did it in 10 with a very short first day. I think you would have to either start further down the line or skip a bit in the middle. How far do you think you can feasibly walk in a day with your daughter...
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    Le Puy/Figeac

    Thank you for such a lovely blog. Yes it will be of great help to anyone planning to walk this route. There seem to be several new places to stay since we walked this part in 2007. The photos bring it all back. Well done. Anna
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    Are reservations really necessary?

    HI Jill, We have walked the Le Puy route over three years,usually in May, last year in June. May is regarded as the most crowded time due to French public holiday weekends. I think you could take a chance on not booking if you really feel strongly about it but you might find yourself in...
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    Hurrying slowly from Cluny

    Margaret, You must be leaving home shortly I think. Have a wonderful Camino. Your blog on the Le Puy route has been an inspiration and a wonderful resource on this forum for all of us who have walked that route since. I am waiting with baited breath for the next installment. Fine if we have...
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    anyone else have a problem with Burgos Cathedral Plaza?

    I have to say that Burgos is my favorite city on the Camino. I have been there several times and we spent about four days in a hotel just across from the cathedral at the end of our first stage on the Camino. The first time I ever saw Burgos was on a gloriously sunny evening in June and in...
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    return from Conques

    Ryanair fly from Rodez to Stansted, several times a week. We came back that way several years ago. We got an early morning "school?" bus from Conques to Rodez. Dont think this bus runs at weekends. Taxi would probably cost about €50 Anna
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