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    Astorga-Molinaseca in the rain?

    Then I may have seen you! We had a coffee break in Rabanal and a fire break (very welcome!) in Foncebadon. The mist was heavy and wet but the road conditions were fine. Happily resting in Molinaseca
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    Astorga-Molinaseca in the rain?

    So it wasn’t too dangerous with the road being slippery?
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    Fun to run into another forum member

    Day 4 today, since we’re bicigrinos who started in Burgos. Currently in Astorga. After leaving Castrojeriz the other morning I got my heart racing by that ride to the top at alto Mostelares. Just upon arriving I realized I recognized the family nearby, first noticed their Queen Elizabeth flags...
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    Astorga-Molinaseca in the rain?

    Hi I’m spending the night now in Astorga and have a room booked for Molinaseca tomorrow. Getting concerned since the weather for both Poncerrada and Molinaseca show rain forecast then. Has anyone ridden down that section in rain? I am already a little apprehensive about the steepness and now...
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    LIVE from the Camino Californians on the Camino!

    When i walked 10 years ago that foot soak was a highlight of the day
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    LIVE from the Camino Californians on the Camino!

    Buen Camino from Paso Robles. Actually I’m in a hotel at LAX tonight waiting for my flight to JFK MAD tomorrow!
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    Pre-Camino jitters?

    That’s a perfect way to look at it! Thanks
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    Pre-Camino jitters?

    Oh thanks for the link, enjoyed seeing you and your family beginning the Camino
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    Pre-Camino jitters?

    Thanks for that!
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    Pre-Camino jitters?

    Oh I don’t think I am a nervous flier, LOL. Just recently retired after 35 year flight attendant, the airplane is my home 😍 I think it’s the rest of what lies ahead that I have butterflies in my stomach about. But probably after the first day I will calm down!
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    Pre-Camino jitters?

    Oh I like this advice ❤️
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    Pre-Camino jitters?

    Bless you for the encouragement!
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    LIVE from the Camino Lindsey’s Belorado to Sarria Adventures (Camino Frances Part II)

    Have been following your Camino for the last several days, really enjoyed reading your views and also seeing your pictures. 3 years ago my husband and I left off in Burgos, we’ll start again from there on Ebikes this Saturday, so eventually may be on the Camino at the same time. If you see a...
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    Pre-Camino jitters?

    We left off in Burgos 3 years ago, after cycling from Roncesvalles, I thought I was done, but it turns out I’m not! Even though my husband and I completed our original Camino 10 years ago as peregrinos, we’re returning this Saturday to Burgos to go to Santiago as bicigrinos. I’ve been...
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    The bad knee club

    Unfortunately I joined this club more than 10 years ago. Went to a knee specialist before starting in SJPP and her advice was to not walk. I ignored that and 33 days later arrived in Santiago. I was very slow on the downhills and used poles. 2 years ago I had knee replacement and it failed...
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from the Camino Frances

    I think the 11 year old breakfast is cheaper cause it’s old LOL Love auto correct!
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    First (ish) time biking, 4th Camino

    I’m planning on renting bikes next month, the package includes panniers. I plan to board my plane just using disposable shopping bags. I am also out of shape a bit, and older than middle age, but I think we’ll be ok. If I have to push it up some hills, so be it. When are you on your Camino. My...
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