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    Open to criticism on my pack

    Our thoughts-take the bigger pack, and you will have all the room you need for everything - all 11 lbs- on your list. That way you do not have to play tetris getting everything into a cramped space each day, nor have the items hanging on the outside of the pack banging into you with every step...
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    Camino Norte to Primitivo + General Questions

    Hello. We (in our mid 50s) did our first camino on the norte starting in Irun, and at Villaviciosa took the route to Oviedo and the primitivo. From Oviedo to Santiago took us 12 comfortable days- so do not worry about it being your first camino. There are lots of ups and downs, just like other...
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    How much does ease/cost of arrival affect your choice of camino?

    We decide on the camino we want to do (usually a not so popular one to avoid crowds), and then figure out how to get there. Flying from Vancouver is expensive compared to the cheaper within Spain travel costs.
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    Train from Charles DeGaulle to St. John Pied de Port

    According to trainline, there is a train that leaves CDG airport to Bayonne at 11:38, and 12:50, and later times that go to Bayonne. You have to make a couple of changes but this has always been my choice- catch the train right in the airport.
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    Hiking shoes in the rain

    In our opinion it depends on the weather. On EL Norte, El Primitivo, and the San Salvador, we hiked in May-June. They were cool (starts from 4C-14C when we started out each day), muddy, and rainy conditions. Even sunny days had lots of mud underfoot. We used Keen hiking shoes or trail runners...
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    Is a post-Camino vacation a mistake or a blessing?

    After each camino we took some time off- also because we gave ourselves too much time to finish our caminos. We took the train to Vigo (1 hour?) and the ferry to Cangas and got an Air BnB for 10 days- walking up and down the coast, lots of swimming, hiking the islas cies, etc. Lots of hiking...
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    New albergues on the Olvidado — Nov. 2021

    We are planning the Olvidado for May 2022, so this is useful and timely! Back to more planning!
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    Question about raintrousers

    We have walked el Norte, and San Salvador with rain and wind and cold. As indicated above- preferences are personal decisions, but our preference is a rain jacket and rain pants and waterproof shoes. Rain coat serves us well on cold mornings, and our feet remained dry throughout. This just works...
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    Spanish language question

    On our various caminos we have heard Vale a lot of times. To us, vale in Spain seems to be used as a noun, verb, adjective or adverb, depending on the mood of the speaker. And as to fluency- I was once told that if you can tell and understand jokes in Spanish- you are fluent.
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    Primitivo in late October / early November?

    That was our culture shock.. Primitivo with 12 people we saw regularly- green variant to Monje los sobrados, 30 people, joined frances at Santa Irene for 1 day- 30 people/hour.
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    Gore tex shoes or boots?

    We have worn goretex, (or other companies similar membranes) on all our caminos. Three times on el norte or El salvador sections we had significant rain. Slip on rain pants- water did not enter the hiking shoes or trail runners- and our feet stayed dry compared to other walkers, even walking...
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    Offer one Camino suggestion.....

    These two friends will remain friends for life- so understand each others limitations and communicate so as to nurture, not crash the friendship. And Plan on throwing your plans out the window- no matter how much you set out with hard and fast schedules- things come up! Expect nothing and revel...
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    Camino del Norte in 28 days. Start in Bilbao or start in Irun and skip some stages?

    Our favourite stretch is Irun to Bilbao, and would not skip this. Also gets you in shape for any later difficult stages. If you do not want to spend time in Bilbao you could take an early train from Guernika to Bilbao, the metro to Portugalete, and then walk to Onton or Castro Urdiales to save a...
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    More Thoughts on the Olvidado

    dick- love the pictures. This is our next planned camino- with a twist. The plan is el norte from Irun to Bilbao as we absolutely love that section, the olvidado tp La Robla or Buiza, switch to the Salvador to Oviedo and then the Primitivo. But- that is subject to change as we were told that the...
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    How Do You End Your Camino

    We have found walking into Santiago to be anticlimactic. We have walked into Santiago, booked one night somewhere, gone to the mass mainly for the ceremony and the botafumeiro in the cathedral. Next day- train to Vigo area or just north of Porto for a few days on the beach. (and some more...
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    Did Your Camino Plan Work?

    We walked the norte/primitivo a while ago. The plans were 1) get to San Sebastian from Canada ( a long day!) take a rest day there (we did not- we started immediately) and then went with the flow- if we liked the people we were with we walked together, or met up for lunch or the evening. Took...
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    Poll Which Camino are you planning next?

    Our plan is to start on el Norte from Irun to Bilbao, the olvidado to La Robla, up the Salvador to Oviedo, and the Primitivo to Lugo. We may stop there as after that the crowds can get pretty big!
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    How do you choose your first Camino route?

    We knew about the Camino, but had too many commitments at home, so we had time to research the various routes. Six years ago we flew to Barcelona and took the train to Pamplona, then the bus to Irun. As long as it was not going to be rainy on the first few days, we opted for the Camino del...
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    Where to spend a relaxing week post Camino

    After 2 of our caminos we took the train from Santiago to Vigo (lots to do there, beautiful beaches for children and adults alike). We took the ferry across to Cangas (15 minutes) where we rented an Air BnB. Small town, beautiful beaches, hikes (if you want more ups and downs) and later took the...
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    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, One Photo at a Time (Part 2)

    Camino primitovo hospitales route. The fog lifted and came back 3-4 times that day!, came
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