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    Hiking Sandals

    I hiked in Chacos with socks. They have a style with a thicker sole and straps which makes it ideal for hiking.
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    Prescriptions, Spain vs US

    I take a lot of medication. When it looked like my Camino time would be extended, I walked into a farmacía in León with a list. The very helpful pharmacist filled everything with the exception of sleep medication.
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    I probably won’t do this again

    Consider that some people who snore can't afford private rooms and albergues or hotels. It strikes me as very un-Camino-like to suggest that only certain people be permitted to sleep in low-cost albergues.
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    Reservation Orisson and Roncesvalles

    I have made reservations at both places for late April 2021. Did it through their websites.
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    Disappointment on Netflix

    Under "El Camino" it says "A Breaking Bad Movie".
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    Where is the steep and lengthen rocky (pebbles) descent?

    The descent into Zubiri is treacherous especially if it's raining.
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    Observations on the Meseta, September 2019

    Thank you so much for your post!
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    Ladies Osprey Packs

    Don't necessarily discount your 65L. You don't have to fill it and it's a lot easier to stuff in the early a.m. than trying to cram everything into a smaller backpack. I took a 36L and wish I had taken my 44L.
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    Water bottle adapter

    I did the same thing. Camelbak bottles, removed sippers, attached Camelbak hose. Switched bottles when empty.
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    Boston, USA to Paris or Madrid?

    I recently did the same thing, although I spent the night in Bayonne.
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    MRI for a hurting Pilgrim in Hontanas.

    Go to the hotel -- not the albergue -- in Hontanas. The young woman there speaks a bit of English. I had medical issues when I was there and she helped me greatly. She called the ER in the next town and told them I was coming, then she called a taxi for me. That ER can't do much and certainly...
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    Reading while on the Camino

    I took my Kindle and was very happy I did. I read every evening after dinner.
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    SJPP is Packed with Pilgrims.

    yes, I was aware of the September popularity after reading about it here and on the Facebook forums. I got a little nervous about it as a first-timer so I booked through Pamplona. I’m really glad I did!
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    Do you keep your passport on your person at all times?

    I’m on the Camino now. While I have a long way to go, it didn’t take me long to realize I hated wearing that black pouch around my neck. I have a waist pack that stays with me all the time. Inside I have a ziplock bag with my passport and credential.
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    SJPP is Packed with Pilgrims.

    We’re in Pamplona. We’ve had reservations until now. People were turned away from Orisson and Roncesvalles, with very little to no availability in Zubiri. If there are that many Pilgrims in SJPDP they’ll have a really hard time going forward without reservations.
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    Does anyone wear gloves for sweaty hands on hiking poles?

    With the forefinger/thumb technique I tend to get blisters on them even if I'm not gripping or holding on tightly.
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    I don't think you can go wrong with an Osprey backpack. They're well-designed and lightweight. It just depends on how large it is. A 55L is probably too big, try a 36L. You won't be lugging that much stuff and not nearly the load you carry for backpacking -- stove, utensils, etc. Make sure you...
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    I have the exact same problem: flat feet and over-pronation. I use Superfeet green and they work wonders. Also thicker socks.
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    Look what I found!
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