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  1. PhxRiles

    Fife Coastal Path

    @Ali@59, thanks for the info! Just like the prepared for any weather. Looking forward to it and hopefully meeting a few new friends along the way!
  2. PhxRiles

    Fife Coastal Path

    I'm interested in walking the Fife Coastal Path in April 2023 from North Queensferry to St. Andrews. Not a particularly long hike (+/- 100km or 60 miles). From what I can tell, it's mostly along the beach. A few questions. 1) Weather? I've heard highs are in the 50s (F) and lows into the 30s...
  3. PhxRiles

    Casa Susi in Trabadelo is temporarily closed

    So sorry to hear! Praying for a speedy recovery. Casa Susi was my favorite albergue when I hiked from Leon to Santiago in 2019.
  4. PhxRiles

    4 camino related books

    I guess I'm a little different. I prefer stories of achievement, overcoming adversity and obstacles. That's why "I'll Push You" appealed to me, as opposed to more popular "celebrity" books my MacLaine and Coelho. There's another good one that came out recently called "My Own Pace" by Bryan...
  5. PhxRiles

    Lost & Found Lost Wallet on day 1!

    Sending positive thoughts. Camino Angels DO exist and Camino miracles occur. Get the word out along the trail. Someone will find it and it'll show up.
  6. PhxRiles

    My Own Pace: A Story of Strength and Adversity on the Camino de Santiago

    I'm just finishing the book on my Kindle. Awesome, I rate it right there with "I'll Push You." Both books just blew me away. Congratulations @Bryan Steward for completing the Frances and Portuguese, and on the relationships created!
  7. PhxRiles

    4 camino related books

    On the subject of Camino-related books, look up "I'll Push You" by Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck. Amazing story of two lifelong friends, one of whom had limited mobility, and how they "hiked" the Camino Frances. I'll Push You
  8. PhxRiles

    A favorite albergue on CF?

    I'll second what @Paul McAmino said...Casa Susi in Trabadelo. I'd heard about an Australian-run albergue in Trabadelo (I've got a soft spot for the Aussies) so had to stay there. Fortunately they had a bed...I called in advance and Susi more or less held one for me if I'd make it by the time...
  9. PhxRiles

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 8.0

    Nothing like a little encouragement at the end of a long day. I took this one entering Palais del Rei along the Camino Frances in May 2019. It felt like someone knew I was coming and they were cheering me on.
  10. PhxRiles

    Hikers' Poems

    I recently read "Whistler's Way" by William Monk chronicling his Pacific Coast Trail hike in 2019. I was especially moved by two poems that he had written. The first was titled "That is You, This is Me" and I thought very much described what a Camino felt like. We all Camino at our own pace...
  11. PhxRiles

    Favorite lodgings along the Frances

    I walked from Leon to Santiago and then to Finisterre in May 2019. Several albergues stood out in my mind. 1) Las Aguedas in Murias de Rechivaldo. Great communal dinner, got to meet many fellow pilgrims on my 2nd day. 2) Casa Susi in Trabadelo. Susi and Fermin were tremendous, very generous...
  12. PhxRiles

    Article by Nancy Frey about the rise of Korean pilgrims on the Camino

    On my third day on the Camino this May, near Riego de Ambros near Molinaseca, I met a South Korean woman. We started chatting and found some common ground. She was very outgoing and entertaining, a passionate was like sparks flew, like I'd found someone special. For the next two...
  13. PhxRiles

    LIVE from the Camino Where to stay in Cee?

    I stayed in Albergue Moreira about a month ago. Nice, near the beach, a short walk from the downtown area. Needed a good place to stay after getting caught in a rainstorm between Hospital and Cee that was like being in a washing machine...sideways rain, 35-40 mph wind, 53 degrees.
  14. PhxRiles

    Walking and GPS apps

    Thanks, Paul. ViewRanger looks pretty neat. I actually found someone who had mapped the Leon-to-Santiago portion of the CF. He showed total elevation gain of 17,307' and loss of 19,150'. A lot of up-and-down! :-)
  15. PhxRiles

    Walking and GPS apps

    A friend had asked me if there's an app that measured total elevation gain/loss for an entire Camino. I'm starting in Leon on Saturday 5/18 and walking to SdC. I've got a Droid phone...have looked into apps like Altimeter Ler, My Elevation and Polarsteps. Maybe something on Wise Pilgrim would...
  16. PhxRiles

    My all-season packing list

    alaskadiver, Thanks for the suggestions! The fleece jacket I've got is's from Columbia. Rain jacket is also thin and lightweight, almost more of a cover than a jacket. I figure the long sleeves plus sunscreen would eliminate the need for sun sleeves. I'll be walking the Camino...
  17. PhxRiles

    My all-season packing list

    As a first-timer, I've been seeking feedback from those who have "been there, done that." I've attempted to compile my own packing list from what others have suggested. What I have here needs tweaking, but when I weighed a couple days ago, it was about 13.6 lbs. I'll try to get it down to...
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