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  1. Eve Alexandra

    Bug spray

    Is there a bug spray available in farmacias that works better than me waving my stick in front of my face like a windshield wiper? 😆
  2. Eve Alexandra

    COVID Covid on the Frances

    I’ve heard of 2 cases of Covid in the last week, from pilgrims I met personally, ahead of me. Both had cold symptoms for a day or two and didn’t realize it was Covid at first. Minor sore throat seems to be one of the first signs. It’s not a bad idea to keep a self test in your pack. Not every...
  3. Eve Alexandra

    After Frances plans

    If you, sayyyy…finished your Frances walk, and then walked to the ocean, and still had close to a week to kill before flying home, but not enough money to take trains to other EU countries…and you’re an introvert who has already seen SDC. Is there some way to affordably hang out on the beach...
  4. Eve Alexandra

    Holy Week and food

    I noticed today that several grocery stores are closing at 3pm on Thursday and not opening again until Saturday morning (Holy Thursday and Good Friday). I got my rations for today and tomorrow morning but I’m more than a little concerned that nothing is going to be open when I get to my Albergue...
  5. Eve Alexandra

    SIM card is acting up

    This morning my Vodafone SIM card went goofy, kept putting up alerts about iMessage, which I’m not even using. When I shut off the phone and turned it back on, it said my SIM card is locked. I’m on WiFi now. I have the packaging from the card but I have no idea what number on the packing is the...
  6. Eve Alexandra

    LIVE from the Camino I’m on my way

    Hola friends. One airplane, one very long wait at jfk, and then another airplane, and I arrived in Madrid. For all the stress over QR codes and such that many of us have felt, it all went smoothly. I was called up to the gate desk before my first flight to prove that I had a valid passport, a QR...
  7. Eve Alexandra

    Altus on sale/pre order

    This popped up on my screen when I went looking for the SJPP gear shop. They have a page specifically set aside to reserve an Altus or anything else you need to grab last minute.
  8. Eve Alexandra

    COVID US return travel/link for covid tests

    Another resource for the at home binax test kits to return to the US
  9. Eve Alexandra

    Extra day if you're not a city person

    If the idea of extra time in Pamplona, Burgos, Leon, etc, kind of gives you nightmares because you really just aren't a city person, do you have other favorite places to spend an extra day?
  10. Eve Alexandra

    Hostel in Madrid - which area?

    I think??? this is my last travel question?? I need to spend the night in Madrid before getting my train from Puerta de Atocha to Pamplona the next day. Would you stay near the train station (hostel not hotel)? Or Plaza del Sol which is what my friend in Valencia suggested? She said the area...
  11. Eve Alexandra

    End of March getting to SJPP

    Since the bus isn’t going to be running till April, Is it better to try to get from Pamplona to Bayonne in order to get to SJPP? Or take the bus I *think is still running to Roncesvalles and then contact Express Bourricot to try to get a ride from Roncesvalles to SJPP?
  12. Eve Alexandra

    Altus poncho readily available?

    Is it safe to just assume I can pick up one of these in a shop in SJPP along with some poles? I usually make sure I have everything in hand so it’s making me nervous.
  13. Eve Alexandra

    Women's tall/petite/extended sizing clothes find

    If you are struggling to find a light weight pants option as a petite/tall/extended size woman...I brought my kitchen scale (it fits in my purse easily) with me to Old Navy last weekend when everyone else was watching the superbowl. lol The women's stretch tech pants in the cargo option are...
  14. Eve Alexandra

    Valcarlos/Napoleon and start date

    I booked my flight. I can start either March 31 or April 1. Those of you who have done this route many you think its worth the gamble to start on April 1, in hopes that the Napoleon route might be open? Or would you just plan on Valcarlos?
  15. Eve Alexandra

    Mid layer question

    I was at REI tonight and noticed several pieces similar to this link. Why yes, I did take my kitchen scale with me, :D and I can report that this item weighs less than a thin fleece quarter zip. But I have no idea how warm they are on a cold morning or post walk chill. Are they a decent mid...
  16. Eve Alexandra

    re new camino guides and other questions

    Has anyone purchased or gotten a good look at some of the new camino guides? I'm wondering if any of them have information in our post covid world...masks inside albergues, new social distancing considerations when walking, perhaps expecting reduced services or new recommendations for carrying...
  17. Eve Alexandra

    Hot weather camino questions

    Nervously venturing into planning, and hoping for the best, but no plane tickets purchased yet. My last camino was in March, and the one that got canceled in 2020 was also scheduled for March. Now I'm considering an August-September walk, SJPP-Finisterre, and I am trying to determine what to...
  18. Eve Alexandra

    Knee length macabi as a rain skirt

    I have the longer one already that I was planning to take to throw over leggings if it rains. But I hate how much it weighs (11ish oz). Then I got to thinking perhaps the shorter one would be fine for some rain protection along with a rain jacket in April/May. I am not looking for the...
  19. Eve Alexandra

    FSO so proud and Lent on Camino

    is it wrong that I'm inordinately proud that my end of winter pack weight is 10%. And my FSO is 13% (absolutely everything except water)? I'm so happy! :D And since Spain is mostly culturally Catholic, do you think that Pilgrim meals on Friday will have a fish option on my Lenten Camino?
  20. Eve Alexandra

    Speaking of tattoos (London)

    So if I wait until I have finished both my Camino Frances and my Canterbury pilgrimage, I could get my foot tattoo on my last day in London. I know some of you are in the area. Can anyone recommend a shop within easy access of the Heathrow side of London (my hotel is at that end for my last...
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