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  1. HalfDomeOrBust

    How do you repair Atlus rain poncho?

    Good Advise Jeff. That is how I do it.
  2. HalfDomeOrBust

    Favorite Shoes/Boots??

    My first Camino I wore hiking boots but after that first year every subsequent Camino I have worn Sandals and trail runners. What a difference!!
  3. HalfDomeOrBust

    Smart Packing and Unexpected Backpack Items

    We had only three electric receptacles in the Albergue we volunteered in this past October and with 20 something Pilgrims every night charging cell phones became an issue for most of the Pilgrims. So we purchased a few of these 3-way plugs at the local Chino store in Ponferrada. It worked...
  4. HalfDomeOrBust

    Ladies Osprey Packs

    My wife carries the Osprey kestrel 49 liter on her caminos as well as overnight hikes in the USA. Some of our hikes last a week and she is fine. I also have the kestrel 48 L and I carry the two person tent in my pack. We find this pack is versatile for using on the camino and in the USA on...
  5. HalfDomeOrBust

    All About Osprey

    I have three Kestral's from Osprey. I love them and all three have been on the Camino many times. Great pack for the Camino and I certainly highly recommend it for Pilgrims. These packs seem to have the right pockets in all the right places for a good Pilgrimage... I twice had a broken buckle...
  6. HalfDomeOrBust

    What's the craziest thing you have done to save weight?

    Shorten my tooth brush by cutting the end of it off to make it about 4 inches long......
  7. HalfDomeOrBust

    Clever way to hide cash

    Yes Sir!! Cash is still the King of the Camino!!!
  8. HalfDomeOrBust

    Shoe fit issues?

    I agree with Rick that we need to experiment, experiment, experiment!!!! Before my first Camino I hiked and hiked and hiked till I had myself in great shape. Then I went on my first Camino and blisters!!!! So, okay. Before my second Camino I now knew that I needed to --What was that...
  9. HalfDomeOrBust

    4 gear questions: Keen sandals, dry sack, Euroschirm umbrella, Macabi skirt

    Tom, I had not heard of this method as well....Sounds really good and a great idea. I'm going to test this out in my home and see how it works but it should go well!!
  10. HalfDomeOrBust

    The electric coil changed my life on the Camino!

    I took my coil on my first two Francis Caminos but left it at home the next two as I found plenty of coffee to fill my needs. I'm headed for the Portuguese however this Sept 2018 and wonder if I need to take it along because of fewer services for coffee?>
  11. HalfDomeOrBust

    Osprey Pack and their Almighty Guarantee (its real)

    Oh yeah!!! And to the top of Half Dome!!!
  12. HalfDomeOrBust

    Osprey Pack and their Almighty Guarantee (its real)

    Likewise, I have had wonderful experience with Osprey. I cant believe that this is not a 100 percent for everyone. But, I guess 99 % will do. Anyhow, I have three different Osprey packs that I use for hiking, I hike alot and not just the 4 caminos I've done. AT, PCT, LT FLT and others. I must...
  13. HalfDomeOrBust

    A good idea . . . or not

    I kind of like the first one! I use a silk liner right now both on the Camino (usually only it) and inside a sleeping bag in colder North American climates. I love the extra warmth and options it gives me. Only the liner vs liner and bag or just the bag..... I'm thinking about getting this and...
  14. HalfDomeOrBust

    I’ve just had my poles “pimped"

    I know that you are worried about someone "accidentally" taking your poles but with those nice Camino shells on your poles they may make someone take your poles on purpose..... :)
  15. HalfDomeOrBust

    Smart Packing and Unexpected Backpack Items

    Hey Mike!! I wish that I had a nickle for every time I showed the Osprey back pack whistle to a Florida Trail hiker on their own backpack! I guess I would have about $1.50 maybe? No one knows....
  16. HalfDomeOrBust

    To buy a new pack or to make do?

    I'm thinking that 48 Liter pack may be just perfect for your Camino. But, I would suggest that you first (before you buy a new pack) get everything that you plan to take with you and pack it up in your existing back pack. Then you will know if it is an overkill or not. Buen Camino!!
  17. HalfDomeOrBust

    Pants Falling Down?

    Hi Chuck. John Brierley is the author of a guide book for the Camino Francis. It is a weighty book so we rip out the pages as we move down the Camino to save weight. Buen camino my friend. Ed
  18. HalfDomeOrBust

    Pants Falling Down?

    Ha! I did exactly the same thing!!
  19. HalfDomeOrBust

    Pants Falling Down?

    Home made suspenders!!! You can also use them to hang your wet clothes on to dry? Great idea Chuck...........
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