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  1. Gazelle2

    New Pilgrim, looking for strategies to find private rooms.

    I have walked The Camino twice and have always managed to find sensibly priced hotels with bathroom using or Airbnb, my idea of hell is a crowed dormitory. I have never had a problem and never booked far in advance as it restricts you too much. Never had bedbugs or suffered !!
  2. Gazelle2

    Coping with change after Sarria - wisdom needed please

    Barbara, Savour the moment, it is a wonderful achievement, sit in the square and just enjoy the feeling of finishing it intact. Many aspire to complete the Camino, but many fall by the wayside . I know what it takes and I know what you have been through !!! Well done and if it is a more...
  3. Gazelle2

    LIVE from the Camino swollen painful feet

    When you recommence walking my advice from my own experience is do not have your boots too night and the most important thing is every time you stop take your boots and socks off, you will be shocked how much better your feet feel when you start walking again. If you have a pole rest it over...
  4. Gazelle2

    Rest days on the Camino Frances?

    I always stop in Pamplona Burgos and Leon and have a day off in each , mainly because they are so beautiful, you benefit from the rest and enjoy the cities
  5. Gazelle2

    French Camino finished-Advise on what camino to do next

    I have walked the Camino Frances twice , the Portuguese from Lisbon to Santiago , Stephensons Way , plus a 20 day walk to Rome and I can honestly say nothing comes near The Le Puy , it is the most beautiful walk full of culture and history , it is demanding but so rewarding , nothing comes near it
  6. Gazelle2

    Training for the Camino

    Trust me take your boots and socks off and do this every two hours , your feet will feel like new . If you use a walking, place the pole between your boots and place your socks on the pole to dry out . Never forget if you are walking and you feel a burning sensation or rubbing on your feet...
  7. Gazelle2

    Training for the Camino

    The best advice I can give you is travel light !!! I have walked 6 different Camino’s and each time I take less kit . Take it easy from the start , stop on a regular basis lots of fluid and take your boots off when you stop
  8. Gazelle2

    Anything wrong with wanting to walk alone?

    You will not be on your own for long !!!!
  9. Gazelle2

    Newbie -help create my itinarary please?

    Walk the first bit from StJean Pierre de Port it is the most beautiful
  10. Gazelle2

    Bed bugs once again

    I got savaged on The Francigena two months ago I had about 100 bites Wash kit on high temperature put everything in drier for 40 minutes. I bought a bed buck killer aerosol sprayed my entire rucksack put all non clothing items in a bag and sprayed inside the bag and sealed it, then put my...
  11. Gazelle2

    Camino prep Q's - last minute camino please help!

    Always drink water before you depart and when you arrive at your destination. Take your boots and socks off every time you stop for a break, you will really notice the difference. If you become aware of any issue with your feet, stop immediately check for hotspots and redness and treat with a...
  12. Gazelle2

    Camino not for me?

    The only advice I would give you is no one is forcing you to do it, take a couple of days off and take stock of your situation , how many days are you into your Camino? I have done 4 Camino’s and believe you me there are times when I have thought to myself , what the hell am I doing this for...
  13. Gazelle2

    Very dissilusioned. Can't wait to finish

    You will love it , I never had a problem with accommodation , admittedly I met up with three Frenchman after 3 days and walked with them for the rest of the walk to SJPP, they knew all the right places to stay. I think I am going to walk it again next year
  14. Gazelle2

    Camino Portugese from Lisbon July 21st

    You will have a great time just be aware time it right because of the heat
  15. Gazelle2

    Very dissilusioned. Can't wait to finish

    Check out the Le Puy, a truly stunning walk full of history , wonderful medieval towns and city’s with wonderful views. I have walked the Portuguese the Frances twice but the Le Puy is in a league of its own. Just got back from walking Stevenson Way from Le Puy going south, the most beautiful...
  16. Gazelle2

    Camino Portugese from Lisbon July 21st

    The walk starts next to the Cathedral , be aware a lot of the walk is on cobbled roads, which is very punishing on your knees. It can be extremely hot so make sure you have enough water. The best bit of the walk is from Porto to Santiago. Credential from Cathedral. You will not do it in 21 days...
  17. Gazelle2

    I am not a "Camino pilgrim"

    Jill, Well said indeed!!! I have not got a religious bone in my body and I have walked The Portuguese The Le Puy and the Frances twice, what makes me keep coming back for more? The people I meet and seeing humanity at it best, all sharing what they have got and caring for each other, where...
  18. Gazelle2

    Dangerous road to Santiago?

    Chris, You are probably in more danger when you drive to the airport to start your Camino, I have walked four Camino's and never heard of anyone dying , there are markers along the way where people have died but they are few and far between. One thing is for sure you will not die of loneliness...
  19. Gazelle2

    considering canceling my trip :(

    I leave on the 24th May for my 4th Camino , am I nervous and doubting myself? Yes I am !! Once you start your journey and realise that everyone is in the same boat as you, as there is never any quarantee one will finish it, but that doesn't not matter as whatever time you spend on the Camino is...
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