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  1. PrayerPose25

    Is my daily average goal too ambitious?

    I walked with lots of people who cranked out 28-30+km a day consistently. I did several days of 28km and a few over 30. The thing I found is that the first week your body “gets used to” carrying your back, walking up and down mountains, over rocks for hours at a time. After the first week...
  2. PrayerPose25

    I made it!!

    Well done! It's a wonderful feeling to walk into the square, isn't it? As someone told me before I began - and I think it's true - the real Camino starts after you get home, so... "Buen Camino!"
  3. PrayerPose25

    So why am I addicted to the Camino?

    To someone who hasn’t done one, it seems so daunting and hard. But if you have, you know that it’s exactly the opposite - absolute simplicity. Yes to the people. Yes to knowing better who you are and are meant to be.
  4. PrayerPose25

    Shipping items home from Santiago

    Thank you everyone so much! All great options.
  5. PrayerPose25

    Shipping items home from Santiago

    My husband will be meeting me in Santiago next week and we’ll continue elsewhere in Europe for another few weeks. He’s bringing other clothing and items of mine with him. I plan to throw/give away several things I’ve carried with me in my backpack, but there are a few items like my trusted...
  6. PrayerPose25

    Death of a German pilgrim on the Camino Frances

    The fires are in the north of Spain. I’m in Cacabelos now and have been experiencing hazy skies for the last several days, along with the smell of smoke from time to time. And of course, the heat. The intense heat.
  7. PrayerPose25

    Death of a German pilgrim on the Camino Frances

    Thank you for replying. And thank you for your kindness to the daughter. Prayers.
  8. PrayerPose25

    Death of a German pilgrim on the Camino Frances

    Did the man have a wheelbarrow/trolley with him that he pulled by a belt on his waist by any chance? I’m trying to figure out if it was a father/daughter that I walked with off and on and stayed with at a couple albergues. Regardless, it’s tragic.
  9. PrayerPose25

    Death of a German pilgrim on the Camino Frances

    Does anyone know if it was the partially blind man with the trolley he pulled behind him? I walked and stayed with them in several albergues and if it’s him, he was soaking in every minute and happy to share the experience with his daughter. Whether it was or wasn’t, many prayers for his family.
  10. PrayerPose25

    Possible Ryan Air Strike?

    Thank you! Good to know as I’ll be headed to France during then.
  11. PrayerPose25

    People walking 35 - 40 KM per day

    I’m on the Meseta now and I think for most people, getting out at 5 is more so to beat the heat. I for one would rather walk during the cooler hours and try to be in my albergue doing laundry and resting in the afternoon. I have met people that are doing 38km/day but most of those are people who...
  12. PrayerPose25

    Left my front door for the camino

    I was just reading your blog! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to get out there!!
  13. PrayerPose25

    Left my front door for the camino

    Headed in the same direction, leaving Sunday morning! It's my first and I'm so ready for it to be here! Buen Camino
  14. PrayerPose25

    Can I use a liner only?

    Just throwing this in... a camping company called Slumberjack makes two kinds of sleeping bag liners, the blue one is a cooling liner and the other red one is a warming liner. They come with their own stuff sac. I tend to always be cold but the blue one, with a light fleece blanket has kept...
  15. PrayerPose25

    Considering Caen to Mont St Michel

    That's good to know! Although I've visited Normandy before, I've never been to MSM, and there's always more I'd love to see beyond MSM. Thank you so much for the recommendation as to where to stay - it looks like a French fairytale auberge.
  16. PrayerPose25

    Considering Caen to Mont St Michel

    A friend who's walking with me and I plan to either take a train or fly from Santiago to Rennes, and from there the train to Caen. We both want to visit Mont St Michel, but as of now, I don't know if we'll walk from Caen to MSM or just take a bus. Our husbands are meeting us in Santiago and...
  17. PrayerPose25

    Considering Caen to Mont St Michel

    This is fantastic! After The Camino Frances, my plans were to go to Mont St Michel anyway! Who knew I'd just be continuing the journey?!? ❤️
  18. PrayerPose25

    Flying from Madrid to Pamplona

    Wow! How did you get a 3.5 hour layover? Mine is 21 hours! But, at least I can see some of Madrid.
  19. PrayerPose25

    LIVE from the Camino A Sketchbook Camino

    Such lovely paintings! I’ve been waffling on whether to take a small sketchbook and watercolors but this just convinced me the extra weight is worth it. 😉 I hope your shin issues resolve quickly and easily. Saying a little prayer for just that. Also, nice to know about the Hostal Bearan - I...
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