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  1. HalfDomeOrBust

    Spain, now the healthiest country in the world.

    Maybe it’s something in the gazpacho or paella, as Spain just surpassed Italy to become the world’s healthiest country...
  2. HalfDomeOrBust

    Norte Elevation maps

    I've been searching but I cannot find anything on the Norte elevation gains and changes. Has anyone been able to find anything? Thank you!!!
  3. HalfDomeOrBust

    Looking for a way to get from Santiago to Viana Sept 2018

    Wife and I will be volunteering at the Pilgrims office in Santiago this September for a fortnight and once this is completed we need to get to Viana (near Logrono) for a Hospitalero position. I am not finding anything that gets us there short of two days. I know that some of you are very good at...
  4. HalfDomeOrBust

    El Acebo

    Good morning. My wife and I may have an opportunity to serve as Hospitaleros in El Acebo at the Albergue parroquial Apóstol Santiago. Also known as "HOSTEL APOSTOLO SANTIAGO. This is a parochial Albergue and recently changed ownership. We have heard only great things about this facility...
  5. HalfDomeOrBust

    Camino Portuguese Distance Planner

    Does anybody know if there is a Camino Portuguese distance calculator out there anywhere? I've searched and could not find one. Thank you all in advance!!! Ed
  6. HalfDomeOrBust

    Snakes in Spain

    While walking down into Molinaseca June of 2016, (about 3 KM's before) saw this snake on the Camino just kind of minding it's own business. Took a picture and moved on my way. I have been trying to figure out what type of snake this is since I've been back and have whittled it down to maybe...
  7. HalfDomeOrBust

    Best ALSA bus seating Madrid to Burgos May 25th

    Next week Pat and re start our latest Camino from where we left off last fall (Burgos). I am on the ALSA site to buy our tickets Madrid to Burgos and they have us pre selected in seats 29 and 30. These are on the right side and right in front of an open space which is behind us. The open space...
  8. HalfDomeOrBust

    Wine Festival-Logrono and Najera Sept 15th

    I read that there is a wine festival this Sept in Logrono and Najera starting the 15th of September. My travels shall take me thru both about that time and wondered if anyone has ever visited this festival in Logrono or Najera and could share some insights as to what I might expect to see and or...
  9. HalfDomeOrBust

    I don't ask for help often but need it now regarding train Madrid T4 to Pamplona

    I have reviewed and re-reviewed all the threads on getting train tickets and still have trouble. I want to buy two tickets Mad T4 to Pamplona on 3 September and cannot get the renfe site to work for me. It keeps coming up that there are no trains available. I have even changed my date and still...
  10. HalfDomeOrBust

    HalfDomeOrBust Starts September 5th from SJPDP to Burgos

    Wife and I start our Camino September 5th staying at Orisson that first night then on to Roncevalles etc. Lots of excitement as we prepare. Ed
  11. HalfDomeOrBust

    My Religious Camino......

    I walked the Camino Francis this past May and June 2014 SJPDP to Santiago and found that I received a message from God everyday in the form of "Thoughts" as I was walking. These were things that have molded me since my return back home and provided guidance for me as I move on in my life. I also...
  12. HalfDomeOrBust

    Buy a SIM card and charger in Pamplona

    Once I get to Pamplona, I plan to go to the Orange store and buy a Spainsh SIM card and have them put it in for me as well as buy some minutes etc from them. Will I also be able to buy a IPhone 4S Charger that has the required plug so I do not have to bring my charger and adapter from the US...
  13. HalfDomeOrBust

    I would like to start a Blog for my Camino.

    I would like to start a Blog for my Camino. Hints on how and where to do this? I have never done a blog so it is all new to me. Appreciate suggestions like where to go to get one and all the other questions I am too new to know to ask. I would like to post pics on it as well....... Not starting...
  14. HalfDomeOrBust

    Lake Okeechobee--Good practice for my CF Camino Nov 23-Dec 1, 2013

    For those of you in the States, there is a 9 day hike around Lake Okeechobee, Florida later this month which I plan to do to keep myself in shape as far as doing consecutive days of hiking. The Big O Hike – nine days of day hiking around Lake Okeechobee. Here is a link if you would like to join...
  15. HalfDomeOrBust

    Jacksonville REI — Walking The Camino de Santiago

    On November 7th, 2013 the Jacksonville REI is hosting a discussion— Walking The Camino de Santiago. The presentation runs for two hours 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Free Registration is required and can be made at this link I plan to attend..... If you have...
  16. HalfDomeOrBust

    New Sleeping Bags Reviewed here

    There are some new "interesting" bags out there and this one was reviewed by Backpacker Magazine. Makes getting up in the middle of the night for that walk to the Banos easy!!! Check it out here...
  17. HalfDomeOrBust

    Money belts and decoy wallets

    I found this neat video about how to wear and use a money belt as well as a discussion on a decoy wallet. Well worth the five minutes to watch this. Buen Camino. Ed
  18. HalfDomeOrBust

    Singing/Songs sung along the Camino Francis

    I plan to start on SJPDP end May 2014 and wondered if there are any special or common songs being sung by artists alone the CF. I play Guitar and though will be not carrying mine with me, thought I may come across a few while in Bars ect. I would like to take a little time now to learn a few of...
  19. HalfDomeOrBust

    Seeking help Madrid to SJPDP please

    I plan to start my Camino end May 2014 after flying from JFK to Madrid to Pamplona and then bus to SJPDP (I guess that bus is the best way to get to SJPDP) then return via train from Santiago to Madrid and fly Madrid to JFK. Does this sound like a good way to get there and back? I will be flying...
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