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  1. natcire

    Movie "The Camino Voyage" on Amazon Prime

    Am in Seattle and just started it and it says "Watch now: Free with Ads".
  2. natcire

    Darn those downhill stretches suck - some ideas to strengthen your body for downhills

    @Keith H thanks for starting this discussion. To keep your knees strong try doing partial "chair" while brushing your teeth, twice daily x 2 mins. Break the monotony by leaning on one leg for xx seconds and then adjust weight to the other leg. Try different variations like slowly going down...
  3. natcire

    Men's pants recommendation

    Like many here, I found the light weight zip-off hiking pants (from Costco) excellent for the Camino. I took two pairs but really only wore one pair as I wore my running shorts after the walk each day as the pants/shorts were washed and drying. At the end of the CF, I noticed the lets of the leg...
  4. natcire

    Way too overwhelming to book beds/rooms (mid july - mid August, frances)

    I agree with @Maple Leaf Walker. Those sites charge about 20% from the albergues for our convenience. We just call and booked our next evening during dinner.
  5. natcire

    Death of a American pilgrim on the Camino

    Thoughts and prayers for him and his family. Buen Camino Aaron.
  6. natcire

    Impressions from my April 2022 Camino Portugués Coastal Route

    Thank you for sharing your trip. It is my goal for this year to be on the Camino Portuguese.
  7. natcire

    Life is Good!

    Amazing coincidence. I woke up this morning and felt grateful that I am still able to work, enjoy being with family and friends. Got dressed and went for a walk with my faithful companion, Noah at 545AM, making believe I am walking out of Ages. Thank you @Anniesantiago for reminding us to share...
  8. natcire

    Poll Do you listen to anything while walking?

    LOL...i tried serenading to my wife and she smiled with a wince and said "where are going honey?" It took half a secind to realize my warbling was like a runaway freight train with full brakes on. I am tone deaf and musically uninclined. I tried singing once on the Camino and was embarrased that...
  9. natcire

    Poll Do you listen to anything while walking?

    Before my Camino Frances, I worked for a streaming music company and had 100s of hours of music in my phone. Then, I listened to music at least 10 hours a day. But on the first day out of SJPP, I did not listen to anything and it was odd that I did not miss any music during the 35 days and...
  10. natcire

    LIVE from the Camino Triacastela to Santiago, January 2022

    Thank you again for sharing your awesome story. Ultreia!
  11. natcire

    LIVE from the Camino Triacastela to Santiago, January 2022

    Congratulations @teeranaic for completing the Camino (and your top bucket list)! Hopefully you'll have more Caminos so we can vicariously live through your beautiful writing. Thank you for sharing your walk with us. Very well done. Buen Camino
  12. natcire

    LIVE from the Camino Triacastela to Santiago, January 2022

    Thanks for the recommendation: I will bring a notebook next Camino
  13. natcire

    LIVE from the Camino Triacastela to Santiago, January 2022

    Thank you @teeranaic for very enjoyable descriptive and humorous reporting on your first Camino. I have been reading since your first post and each day I return for more smiles and inspiration. Keep on writing, you have talent in writing. And the photos tells me that I should take a chance on...
  14. natcire

    Comment by 'natcire' in media 'Camino de Santiago - Beyond the Way 'Lost and found.' - S02 E02'

    Andrew, the dialogue was very thoughtful and it helps that the video (and editing was very professional) and cinematography is fantastic. I hope you don't mind I share your videos. Thanks for sharing this Camino, I was hoping to start my 2022 May-June Camino in Porto but now am thinking I...
  15. natcire

    Travel to SJPP by train

    On April 30, 2018, the train was not running, for whatever reason, and they sent 2 buses for us. But there were like 10 who could not get on the buses so they sent 2 taxis for us. We got to SJPP before the buses. It was wonderful to hear the Basque driver provide Basque history in English as we...
  16. natcire

    Sleeping bag

    I had a FF Flicker down sleeping bag/quilt in May 2018 CF. It was perfect for the cold nights when I zipped up and pull on draw string at the foot to sleep inside a mummy bag. Probably close to 30 nights, I slept with it as a quilt/comforter. It only weighed~19 ounces.
  17. natcire

    Prayer Please

    Prayers and thoughts for your daughter, her husband and family.
  18. natcire

    My first packing list for a decade and not pleased ....

    Check out this 3-season ultralight sleeping bag, 546 g, from Feathered Friends. I took it on my 2018 Camino Frances and it served me well for the freezing nights between SJPP and Pamplona, the very hot evenings in the Meseta and damp chilly nights going to Finisterre.
  19. natcire

    Second Camino Route Opinions

    For my second Camino, I was vacillating between walking Porto to Santiago or re-walking the Camino Frances. @JamesGeier, based on your experience and comment I will re-walk the Camino Frances. Thank you for the "confirmation." I unwittingly followed the days and stages in the guidebook to stay...
  20. natcire

    The "Parcho" - rain gear for DIYers

    Thanks @trecile for the link to Backpacking Light. I have Tim Evans' site bookmarked to follow (I did read though his clothes, gear and FAQ as I need to reduce my next trip's load to 7 or 8kg. Am interested is all his trips.)
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