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    ‘How’ do you organize your backpack?

    I organize the stuff I carry in Eagle Creek mesh/cloth bags. I find that it helps to colour code them. First aid in a red bag, wash/toiletries in a blue bag and a black bag for any cords or chargers. The bag with my clothes is larger than the others and so any colour will do.
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    How do you secure your backpack from theft as checked luggage.

    I guess that Jeff should chill if one person uses "a little cling wrap on their pack". How chill worthy is many people using cling wrap in an ongoing basis.
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    How do you secure your backpack from theft as checked luggage.

    Two points in reply to Jeff Crawley and Dougfitz. I would never use all of that plastic and throw it away. As well, I don't believe that the small TSA locks stop much in the way of determined theft. I have always checked my backpack and carried on a smaller bag with the things I cannot live...
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    Altra Mont Blanc Shoes

    Best wishes my friend and thanks for the sentiment.
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    Altra Mont Blanc Shoes

    Acknowledged. Thanks
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    Altra Mont Blanc Shoes

    All excellent points. I have been using the Bondi 7's for the past number of years and including my last three visits to the Camino. I am quite happy with them but had never heard of the Mont Blancs and so asked the question. Doesn't sound like they would work for me either. Thanks for the reply
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    Altra Mont Blanc Shoes

    I wonder if anyone has any information on the comparisions between the Mont Blanc and the various Hoka lines. Especially the Hoka Bondi 7. I am asking in terms of cushioning and support. The price for both seems to be the same here in Canada...
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    If you are staying in a private room are you tipping the help?

    C clearly, as a fellow Canadian, you will no doubt tip wait staff for good service. I have long felt that if I am tipping someone who brings me a plate of food, I should likely leave sometning for the person who cleans the room, sink and toilet in my hotel room.
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    Donkeys can be a nightmare - but what about goats??

    I met a couple on the Appalachian Trail with a goat with its own set of panniers. It carried the woman's trail needs as she had an affliction which precluded her carrying her own pack. She said it made the difference between her walking the trail or staying home. Kind of her own "Jacotrans" service
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    Anything wrong with wanting to walk alone?

    You know that I hung on your every word Steve :)
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    Anything wrong with wanting to walk alone?

    Breaking away from a "Jane from California" who has latched onto you may be as simple as Not showering or washing your clothes for a few days. :rolleyes: ;)
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    I have lost myself

    Matt. we all know, at least a portion, of what you are feeling on return from a Camino. It appears as though nothing has changed in the world which you return to. You must remember that it (they) have not experienced what you have. I feel that the Camino does not create happiness but allows us...
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    I have lost myself

    Wise man!!
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    Best way to deal with plantar fascitis and best shoes to wear

    For chronic foot pain, please consult a professional. However, I have found it helpful to freeze a bottle of water that you can buy in any store. Then place my bare foot on it and roll. You get the benefit of icing and the same action as you would get rolling a ball under your foot.
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    Another Video - Using the Toilet on the Camino

    I think that we do have to worry about it. Sometimes it is hard to find a place to sit adjacent to the path as it looks as if it has recently snowed. It is clearly a problem. I believe that many people here will take offence as they "know" what they are supposed to do. As well many people...
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    Clothes dryer etiquette

    Amen to that
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    Clothes dryer etiquette

    You might want to avoid posting that lyric here :);)
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    Clothes dryer etiquette

    If they can be folded with you in them, then you have bigger problems than just etiquette. ;)
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    Lost interest in PLANNING next Camino…

    I was born in 1943. Don't do the math :rolleyes: Foot neuropathy and heart issues just make the process all the more interesting and rewarding when we do accomplish our quest, whatever it may be. Best of luck in future questing.
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    Towel - Help!

    You got it.
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