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  1. HolaKaren


    I might do that, but I am going to choose the app that is the easiest to use without having to go to the Help Section.
  2. HolaKaren


    A call to Verizon is never simple. I know, I tried. LOL iPhone users can check their phones to verify that their phone is unlocked.
  3. HolaKaren


    I am currently testing Polarsteps and FindPenguins. So far, I am finding FindPenguins to be more intuitive to use. Also, it allows captions with the photos, and I haven't been able to find a way to do that in Polarsteps. I am using it for my family and friends to follow me on my camino, but not...
  4. HolaKaren


    Sorry. I hit the send button too soon. I, too, have Verizon, and have been reading about the need to contact them to unlock the phone. According to their website, new phones are locked only for 60 days after purchase and are automatically unlocked after that. Buen Camino.
  5. HolaKaren

    Pee Cloth - leave no trace

    Such a curious and interesting conversation. Men don't have this concern, so why do women worry about it? Do we really NEED to wipe after we pee? I know we were taught to wipe, but why? If the jiggle is good enough for the boys, why isn't it good enough for the girls? When I have to pee on the...
  6. HolaKaren

    The Camino Isn’t A Pilgrimage Anymore

    I'll be doing my first Camino in May, and I've been asked Why? My response is this: It called. I answered. I'll learn the reason why on the way.
  7. HolaKaren

    COVID French Vaccine Passport - February 2022

    Best response yet. Thank you! I just checked the info for the pharmacies at the airport, and I don't know what 7j/7 means, do you? I am going to guess that J stands for "jour" meaning then that they are open 7 days a week. Think that's a good guess?
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