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  1. DurhamParish

    Aweful albergue in Tui

    All albergues are good. It's just that some are better than others.
  2. DurhamParish

    List of albergue?

    Thanks to all for the great information. Is there anywhere that shows the albergues that are open from Redondela to Santiago during March. I will be walking from Redondela to Santiago March 23 through March 27. Thank you.
  3. DurhamParish

    Could be the best place ever on the CF

    In for a penny, in for a pound.
  4. DurhamParish

    The Cathedral sheds scaffolding

    When I walked the Camino Portuguese in the fall of 2012 there were no scaffolds on the front of the Cathedral. I'll be walking the Camino Portuguese again this fall, and there will be no scaffolds on the front of the Cathedral. I should have walked the Camino Portuguese sooner.
  5. DurhamParish

    Getting Old.

    Last month, I met a lady just past Sarria who was 89. So it can be done.
  6. DurhamParish

    Your single favorite picture of your Camino

    Out behind the albergue in Tricastela.
  7. DurhamParish

    Why do it Again?

    Some people say "Why". I say "Why Not".
  8. DurhamParish

    aaargh! I have done it again HELP

    There should be a sign on the camino just after St. Jean Pied de Port that says "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here".
  9. DurhamParish

    which part of the Meseta is most scenic?

    I agree with Bradypus.
  10. DurhamParish

    Anglican Led Ecumenical Chaplaincy in Santiago

    Yes. Thank you. I'll do that.
  11. DurhamParish

    Anglican Led Ecumenical Chaplaincy in Santiago

    I've forwarded this info to two Episcopal (USA) priests that I think would like to participate. One question, is there a place or need for deacons? (Not me, just someone else I know.)
  12. DurhamParish

    Looking for a group

    On the bus from Bayonne to St. Jean Pied de Port the day before I started my last camino I already had 4 friends to walk with off and on (and party with in Santiago). Then that night in the albergue I made four more friends, one will probably be a friend for life. You really have to try hard...
  13. DurhamParish

    Has the Camino Frances changed since 2014?

    I noticed a re-routing in a couple of places. The most significant being after O'Cebreriro.
  14. DurhamParish

    Which part should I skip?

    You might consider knocking out the part between Sahagun and either Hostpital de Obrigo or Astorga. Yes, some will call me a blasphemer.
  15. DurhamParish

    Condolences for sad death of German pilgrim

    My sincere condolences.
  16. DurhamParish

    Incident after Baamonde

    Be safe, Laurie.
  17. DurhamParish

    Curious about tour operator pre-planned walks

    Thanks McFloozy. It's nice to hear that other's have enjoyed their offerings. They truly are an amazing group of people who can bring the camino experience to those who may not be able to enjoy the camino otherwise. As a matter of fact, a group of us will soon be signing up for another...
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