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  1. dfborg

    Help me remember an albergue

    Sounds like Longrono at the Iglesia de Santiago
  2. dfborg

    Advice on walking the Portuguese Camino from Porto

    Hi Mccool The walk along the Rio Duro is very nice , find your way to the cathedral and then just make your way to the river ,you can't get lost . An alternate route would be to take the metro to Matosinhos and start up the coast from there, either way you will have a great time. Bom caminho
  3. dfborg

    Have you used a Front Pack?

    Hi Coleen, I have used the Ribbz front pack on two Caminos and just love it . The pack can be worn by itself or under a regular pack . It has an amazing amount of room , so I carried one of my two water bottles, guide book, camera, headlamp, extra food, tablet, money any many other things. I...
  4. dfborg

    Knee Health

    Hi Bob, I would suggest walking in a zig zag pattern ascending and descending. I find using this method along with poles takes a lot of strain off my knees. Buen Camino
  5. dfborg

    Plans for 2017...

    Hi Alex , welcome to the forum, October is a great month to walk and 2 weeks is lots of time to get to Santiago from Porto. I would recommend either taking the metro to Matosinhos or start at the cathedral make your way to the river Duro and follow it to the sea then head north. Are you taking...
  6. dfborg

    looking for info/experiences on the Camino Portugués March/April

    Hi Kerstin, we walked from Porto on September 11, 2015, starting at the cathedral , instead of taking the train to Matosinhos we followed the river to the sea. We, then walked along the beach overnighting in Matosinhos to Vila do Conde, from there we when cross country to Rates. The only...
  7. dfborg

    Camino is calling me back..

    Hi and welcome, I think 25 to 30 euros a day is reasonable . I got to St Jean by flying into Toulouse, then a train to Bayone and then another one to St Jean. While speaking from a male prospective, I found the Camino very safe but if you want, I'm sure you would have no problems finding...
  8. dfborg

    Starting Camino from Porto on October, 22. Join me!

    Hi, I would recommend Casa Fernanda at Lugar do Corgo ( reservations a good idea) and the Albergue at Sao Pedro de Rates those were my favorites, Tattva Design Hostel in Porto was a great place to start. Leaving, Porto we went to the cathedral and headed to the Rio Duro and followed it to the...
  9. dfborg

    What makes the Camino so magical (to you)?

    Hi Andrea, I have given this a lot of thought, as the Camino has taken over a large part of my life. 1. It's the incredible people you meet and the spirt of good will that permeates the journey. The acts of kindness both given and received. People have time to talk with no distractions. 2. It's...
  10. dfborg

    Safety on the Portugues

    Hi Mauve we did the Portuguse last year about the same time , we didn't have any 30 km days. We started in Porto from the cathedral we followed the River Duro to the sea, then north to Vila do Conde over knighting in Matosinhos. At, Vila do Conde we left the sea and caught the interior route at...
  11. dfborg

    Long sleeved pack/body poncho

    Hi Rob I am from Manitoa , last year I walked the Camino Portugues,and my Ferrino Trecker worked very well even walking through tropical storm Henri. They are available on for about $ 61.00. Buen Camino
  12. dfborg

    What albergue/hostal did you have a positive experience with in Porto? :)

    We used the Tattva Design hostel, very nice and located behind the train station Estacao Sao Bento.
  13. dfborg

    Questions about ordering Pacerpoles

    Hi Trecile, I have used the carbon Pacer poles on two Caminos and just love them. If you go on Youtube there are lots of videos on how to use them. It really doesn't take long. I would carry spare tips , but you can get these at any outdoor store and you don't need original pacer tips. As, for...
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