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  1. Damien Reynolds

    Which one to walk in mid October- mid November ?

    So I have a bit of experience walking the Camino. I've stuck to the major routes mainly, mostly in April / May and September / October. This next time will be Oct 13 or so through Nov. 12, 2022. I am struggling figuring out which route to take. I love exercise and a Camino "community". My...
  2. Damien Reynolds

    Where to stay the night before Santiago....?

    So if I've met a group of friends before Santiago, the where to stay question always pops up when getting close. Some people have their heart set on Monte de Gozo, affording like a 5 km walk so you can get into Santiago early, maybe even catch the morning mass. Personally, I think the big Monte...
  3. Damien Reynolds

    The Laundromat is my friend

    So like, in the beginning (2005) after arriving at an Alburgue, after showering, my next chore would be to wash clothes by hand, wring them out, and place them on a line hopefully provided. Sometimes they dried, depending. Then came those spinners, which helped drying and negated wringing...
  4. Damien Reynolds

    So why am I addicted to the Camino?

    Ok, I've walked a bunch over the last 17 years... let's see... 7 x Frances, 2 x Primitivo, 3 x Norte, 1 x Vdlp... plus 2 x San Salvador. I don't count the Muxia/Fisterre ones. There is always someone who knows more, there is always someone who walks faster, there is always someone who has taken...
  5. Damien Reynolds

    Things I'd bring, who cares about the weight

    So I like to walk the Camino. I first walked with my mom, then my sister, solo so many times. Here is a list of things I'd bring despite the added weight: 1) playing cards. Don't worry about chips, just use skittles. And be weary about buying decks in Spain, I mean, they are different...
  6. Damien Reynolds

    Where to get charcoal briquettes in Spain?

    So my friends and I are renting a vacation house near Baamonde for a goodbye bash Saturday night on the Norte. The house has a bbq. I would love to bbq some chicken and steaks “American style” for my friends. The host says we are welcome to use the bbq but we need to bring the charcoal. Where do...
  7. Damien Reynolds

    LIVE from the Camino What would u do? Nice Spaniard says drink from fountain but sign says “Agua no es para consumir”

    So day 1 I head out of Irun beginning my trek on the Norte. I started up a hill, it was taxing. Anyways, after about 4-5k I find myself at a pleasant church with a miraculous view, and I sit down at a bench for a deserved rest. I pull out my water bottle and proceed to drink away. I also...
  8. Damien Reynolds

    How to change Spanish TVs to play programs in English

    So I feel a little guilty about this post but it is important sometimes, depending on one’s attitude. I only bring this up because I find myself in a less expensive pension in Irun, after 20+ hours of fun airplane travel (from Cali), about to bail for the Norte tomorrow. I’ll prolly switch to...
  9. Damien Reynolds

    Why doesn't my iPhone like the QR code on the sign in front of Pilgrims Office in SDC? (And a work around)

    This one may be a bit technical. I arrived at the Pilgrims Office twice last year in SDC. Now each time thankfully I had friends with me. So after enjoying the square in front of the Cathedral, we’d head down the ramp and to the right to the Pilgrims office… where the QR sign is posted. It’s...
  10. Damien Reynolds

    For coffee addicts that like to walk early

    So at home I don’t even drink coffee. I also rarely rise early… but on the Camino, well, it’s different. I look forward to the myriad of better suggestions surely/maybe to follow. So back in 2005 my mother introduced me to Cafe con Leche. It’s now a Camino staple for me. I look forward to...
  11. Damien Reynolds

    Bring mayonnaise

    So over the years the food has gotten better. I remember asking for ketchup and being served tomato soup. Nowadays ketchup is readily available for your fries, those come with every meal btw. Now if you walk into a random bar for lunch, and order a bocadillo (sandwich) it’s gonna be dry. I...
  12. Damien Reynolds

    Norte in May?

    Hi friends. Anyone have experience with the Norte in May? I’ve done it twice, both Late August/ Sept. Both were fantastic. What is the Norte like in Spring? Already purchased tickets to arrive around 4/20 and leave 6/1. Haven’t decided on a route yet… debating Norte v Norte/Primitivo v tried and...
  13. Damien Reynolds

    Spanish equivalent of mums or emergency-c

    Greetings from Gernika! Looking for the Spanish equivalent of powder or tablets that you put in your water to add electrolytes. Mine ran out already! What are they called and where can you find them? Any help would surely be appreciated!
  14. Damien Reynolds

    SpTH App - Irun - what region / autonomous city?

    Ok, so I bail for Spain in a couple of days and I went to fill out the SpTH app for my code and I can't figure out what region / autonomous city Irun is in for filling out my first address (Starting on the Norte), so I can't complete the form. I checked wikipedia, google maps, etc, and none of...
  15. Damien Reynolds

    Whatever, I’m going

    No Camino last year. Last time was a November jaunt from Leon to Santiago in 2019… just before the shit hit the fan. I fly into Madrid and then on to Irun. resos for the first couple of nights… Vaccinated. Pfizer. 2 shots. scared. A little. Norte and then the Francés. I’ve never been in...
  16. Damien Reynolds

    Cash and credit cards on the camino...

    This is just meant to give some hopeful perigrinos some hopeful advice on their spiritual journey. Its about how to pay for the stuff you'll need along the way. Mainly meant for US visitors. Might be obvious but I had to learn the hard way. Again, this is based on personal experience. Your...
  17. Damien Reynolds

    How to take trekking poles to Spain despite airline regulations...

    I've seen so many posts about the use of trekking poles. There is no doubt in my mind that they help any long distance walker enjoy their walk further by reducing wear on their joints and providing points for pivot and thrust when crossing whatever might be found. 4 legs are better than 2 when...
  18. Damien Reynolds

    Camino Frances in November?

    Hi friends. Been awhile. But I always come back. So let's just say I now have a lot of time on my hands. Thinking about an impromptu camino in November. I'll fly out to Madrid, train to Leon, walk from there. Its a path I've followed many times so not worried about how do deal with the walk /...
  19. Damien Reynolds

    Hard Core Salvador + Primitivo + Finnesterre Itinerary

    My 2018 plan... This is all based on Beatrice's experience and Laurie's previous guidance. I have 3 months to train my ass off, to be able to pull this one. I think I can and already feel inspired.
  20. Damien Reynolds

    Hola amigos. I'm back. Camino primitivo in Sept 2018.

    So last year I bailed on the camino because I did the John Muir Trail in Cali. Well this year, due to some logistics difficulties, I am headed to Spain again. Yay. I am anxious to reconnect with my friends from the past. And figure out really the best route for me this year. As of now I have a...
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