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  1. Harland2019

    How to stream the movie "The Way" in the US

    In the UK this works:-
  2. Harland2019

    Proof of income, accommodation and return travel.

    "in most cases a relatively prosperous looking Brit" - You've not seen me going to start a Camino, especially if I have decided to look like a pilgrim and have grown my hair (thankfully I still have some!) and I've not shaved for a week or so!
  3. Harland2019

    LIVE from the Camino Ethics Question -- to walk or not to walk?

    Whilst not wishing to restate a lot of what has been said above, my view is that a blister on a toe is not an issue that should stop someone walking unless there are other reasons for not enjoying the walk. Taking care of a blister, small or large, should in my opinion be treated to the point...
  4. Harland2019

    Advice on Heat

    If they don't already could the volunteers in the Pilgrims Office remind those pilgrims who check-in, and perhaps give them a handout, strongly of the importance of hydration, starting early, sunscreen, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, resting occasionally and I know that it sounds harsh but advise...
  5. Harland2019

    Overtaking étiquette.

    As a slow solo walker then I can hear anyone coming especially as I don't have any earphones (if that is what they are called) stopping me from hearing the birds/nature. I will take pleasure in stepping to the side to let someone pass normally with a Buen Camino, a Hi, or just a raise of my hand...
  6. Harland2019

    Things I'd bring, who cares about the weight

    "Swiss army" knife.
  7. Harland2019

    Do and Don'ts on the Airplane

    What a good idea of where to put unruly children! (This is meant to be funny and not to upset anyone!).
  8. Harland2019

    Pilgrims Passport Stamps.

    Almost certainly it won't be an issue, almost every cafe/bar/restaurant/accommodation has a stamp.
  9. Harland2019

    QR Code Question

    My phone/me is hopeless so I couldn't get the phone to work however the assistance at the Pilgrim's Office got me to pass through (with everyone wearing a mask) and just fill in a paper questionnaire and then proceed. No issue, no delay, everything worked and I got my credential at the same...
  10. Harland2019

    Death of Felisa’s daughter, María

    I stopped here again in May 2022, Maria's granddaughter was sitting at the stall selling the normal items and the sello "Felisa - Higos- Agua Y Amor" although I don't think that she was keeping the records that her grandmother and great-grandmother before her used to keep. Additionally, I think...
  11. Harland2019

    Hill where a stone is left

    There is a pilgrim’s prayer in one of the guidebooks that you may/may not wish to use when placing your stone wherever you decide:- “Lord, may this stone, a symbol of my efforts on the pilgrimage that I lay at the feet of the cross of the Saviour, one day weigh the balance in favour of my good...
  12. Harland2019

    Lost & Found FOUND!!Did you stay at Pension Amets last night? Saturday night? You took Matthew’s shoes!!!

    This is especially important if, like me, you have "large" feet. I tried unsuccessfully to buy new ones (UK size 13/14) when a pair of mine gave up in 2019 but I guess that Spanish men have more normal-sized feet!
  13. Harland2019

    LIVE from the Camino Starting my SJPP volunteer gig tomorrow

    I will be there on 11th May in the afternoon after Express Bourricot drops me off, looking forward to saying Hello although no doubt it will be very busy. Starting the next day on my 75th birthday. Thanks for volunteering. Any chance that you will still have the same T-shirt on or have you got a...
  14. Harland2019

    COVID Vac Requirements for Spain

    Unless it has changed in the last few days, but worth doing anyway as it is free, complete the EU Digital Passenger Locator Form as you are flying into France.
  15. Harland2019

    Walking to Pedrafita do Cebreiro from O Cebreiro

    I had the same issue. I was going to book Pedrafita do Cebreiro next month but decided to stop earlier at Las Herrerias and enjoy the walk UP to O Cebreiro in the morning when I am fresh. When I stayed at O Cebreiro in 2019 there was a thick cloud/mist in the morning so I am hoping that it will...
  16. Harland2019

    Anyone recognise this?

    Regrettably, I am sure that some accommodations will not have survived so Gronze will let you know those that are available.
  17. Harland2019

    Anyone recognise this?

    The 2017 updated version is shown here:- Clearly, things will have/may have changed since then.
  18. Harland2019

    Lisbon: where to find poles and shells

    You could get the shell from Ivar's shop if you have time to get it posted to you.
  19. Harland2019

    Santiago Airport

    I am flying out of the EU (just to the UK!) but would need to check in my rucksack as it is too big to take on board and will have a penknife, walking pole, etc. inside. Thanks, everyone, I just need to make a decision, might leave that until the last day and decide then.
  20. Harland2019

    Ride share from Biarritz today (Apr 11, 2022) - trains cancelled.

    Have you tried Express Bourricott, they may have a taxi arriving later today that could help 0033661960476 Edit: Just looked they have a taxi from the airport at:- 14h00 from 48€ 17h45 From 20€/p
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