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  1. Galloglaigh

    Live - Camino Francés Sarria to Santiago in 2 days

    And there is the core. A Compostela appears not to be about your intent on the Camiño about how many coffees you can drink and how many Sellos you can get. Having done it I started as a pilgrim and finished as a cynic. But I will leave religion now to my cousins who are priests and nuns...
  2. Galloglaigh

    20 truths about walking the Camino

    Loved it.19 did it for me. You’ve not done the Camiño until you have done the Meseta.
  3. Galloglaigh

    Live - Camino Francés Sarria to Santiago in 2 days

    Check my comment carefully. Someone presumed/assumed a ‘race’. It was never mentioned by me. Just someone trying to make a point that was nevertheless raised.
  4. Galloglaigh

    Live - Camino Francés Sarria to Santiago in 2 days

    Have been en route from Logroño since 9th and now in SDC. I left Sarria yesterday and arrived SDC earlier this evening. I’m perplexed at people taking 6 days
  5. Galloglaigh

    Live - Camino Francés Pamplona!

    Have you tried Cafe Iruna in the main square? Or the tapas in the C. Chapitela. Would not recommend the tour of the Bullring if you are of a squeamish disposition.
  6. Galloglaigh

    ATM charges

    There seems to be a move to ‘transparency ‘. So us Europeans will be shown a charge but others will get it ‘free’ but pay on the XE. Hug a banker week
  7. Galloglaigh

    Starting May 18th

    Take great care in the sun. It’s still cold enough to fool you about the strength of the sun but as the left side of my face now shows, you can burn easily.
  8. Galloglaigh

    Need suggestions for London

    There’s a bit of competition going on here. If you’d like to do a bit of the Via Frangecina - in fact all of the UK VF while you are here PM me. Perhaps others forumites would like to make a day of it.
  9. Galloglaigh

    Arriving in Madrid

    Cleared Madrid airport a few days ago and it is big. As T2 and others have said you will be cleared at Madrid and your luggage at Vigo. At Madrid look for the Information Desk buried amongst the shops. Very helpful. Assume you have a SA passport
  10. Galloglaigh

    LIVE from the Camino Route Napoleon the weather

    Could I add my thanks for all that you do
  11. Galloglaigh

    There Is Evil In Our Geologic Walking Realm

    That’s a great achievement. Hope he can put it to good use like mountain rescue
  12. Galloglaigh

    No Pack

    I’m doing it today without one as Jacotrans failed to deliver. Keep clear of Sahagun for a day
  13. Galloglaigh

    On my way

    On my way
  14. Galloglaigh

    How tough is SJPdP to Roncesvalles... Need Advice

    You'll likely be able to do it in one go. Against that will be a) carrying your rucksack rather than using ExpressBouricott and b) the weather. Cold weather will hold you back. The secondary issue is if you do decide to do it in one, how much of your energy will you have expended on the...
  15. Galloglaigh

    Sleeping in the Switzerland partof Via Francigena

    You'll need to give me the address. I may need it.
  16. Galloglaigh

    travel from UK to Logrono

    I'm doing LGW-MAD-RJL (Logrono) next week for €80. Taxi for the 9 miles to Logrono is €20.
  17. Galloglaigh

    Via Francigena credenzial

    The advice I've has second-hand is that the Pilgrim office doesn't really know how to treat those that arrive by foot. So I doubt there will be any known official view. The overwhelming majority arrive in Rome by air/rail/car, so walking pilgrims are a bit of an oddity. We have to be odd to...
  18. Galloglaigh

    Via Francigena credenzial

    This may be of use - from the London Confraternity.
  19. Galloglaigh

    GPS problems two days before departure

    Enjoy your trip. This thread is a reminder to check your tech thoroughly before setting out. I'm checking mine now.
  20. Galloglaigh

    Hire Car & Road Tolls ??

    The above is good advice. Local roads are slow and busy. Toll Roads are fast and empty. The difference when it comes to journey times is worth the extra.


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