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  1. CaptBuddy

    Corazón Puro message

    Posted on Facebook, just now. Dear Camino friends! Maybe you remember in January we posted sad news about our pensión, because of some family-health problem we couldn't open Corazón Puro for the 2017 season. We are still in Hungary trying to arrange all of our duties. Recently we have received...
  2. CaptBuddy

    A Camino Race - Really

    I may be late to the party with this story, but I just learned of it 20 minutes ago. To me, it seems completely unnecessary. http://caminotravelcenter.com/the-camino-de-santiago-is-hosting-the-first-pilgrims-race-in-june-2017/
  3. CaptBuddy

    Small world - Don't cha love it!

    Yesterday morning, on our daily walk, Beth and I saw a woman walking in the neighborhood, with a full pack and full 'camino' gear. On a hunch, I shouted to her, "are you preparing for a hike somewhere?". "Yes," was the reply, "I'm going to walk in Spain." Well, you can imagine that we nearly...
  4. CaptBuddy

    I love this, it is so true

    I'm incredibly fortunate to have family and friends in Spain, and I think this is a perfect description. 12 DIFFERENCES BETWEEN A NORMAL FRIEND AND A SPANISH FRIEND 1. A normal friend shakes hands with you when he sees you… A Spanish friend kisses you and the people that accompany you on both...
  5. CaptBuddy

    What route

    What is the route that goes through Bielsa, Spain? In the Pyrenees. We were in that area last year and there are mile markers and pilgrims, but I'm not sure which route it is. Sure is beautiful, though. Thanks in advance. Buddy
  6. CaptBuddy


    On the way out of Logroño a couple of days ago, we were approached by a man who was walking toward Logroño. He claimed to be a long distance pilgrim, with a quick but elaborate story about his travels. He said his credit card had been destroyed in an ATM, and he was being required to walk back...
  7. CaptBuddy

    Media Comments

    This is just FYI for anyone having this issue...... I was unable to view comments on the media I had posted, or any posted media . I would get a Loading.... in the comments section and nothing would ever load. Messing around with it this morning I discovered that I was using an optional view...
  8. CaptBuddy

    Gaze and weep, Pilgrims

    Ha Ha! I hope there is some Estrella Damm in the fridge. ;)
  9. CaptBuddy

    A specific backpack question

    My wife and I are returning to walk the Camino again this year. We both have the mochilas we used in 2012, but we're thinking about something different. My wife wants a larger pack, and I want a smaller one. Has anyone used the Gregory Savant/Sage packs? Online they look like they are...
  10. CaptBuddy

    Group meeting in Tampa - 3/15/14

    ATTENTION: PEREGRINOS in the Tampa Bay Area. I am organizing an informal gathering in South Tampa on March 15th. The purpose is to find out if there is enough interest in the area to form a social group for past and future pilgrims. The eventual goal will be to become a part of the APOC, either...
  11. CaptBuddy

    Slideshow - Sarria to Santiago

    http://player.vimeo.com/video/51159024 Sept. 21 to Sept. 25, 2012
  12. CaptBuddy

    What I learned in 5 days from Sarria to Santiago

    Packing is easy. Leave what you know, take what you fear. What a great experience!
  13. CaptBuddy

    Hay Muchos Peregrinos!

    Beth and I are currently in Leon, having just arrived (by car) from Santo Domingo de la Calzada. There are many pilgrims on the Camino now, more than I or everyone I spoke with have expected. We leave by train tomorrow , 20 Sept., for Sarria to begin our Camino. And I am glad we have booked...
  14. CaptBuddy

    Getting closer and closer

    My wife and I are so excited we can hardly sleep. But we still have a month before we leave Florida for Spain. First thing, I thank everyone on the forum for sharing experiences, ideas, and suggestions. This is a great community. The photos, journals and stories are wonderful. Although we will...
  15. CaptBuddy

    Transportation and Livery Service

    New guy here. I have crossed the Camino many time during visits to Spain, and my wife and I have long talked about trying at least a section. Well, this year we are planning to visit friends and family in Santander, and we are looking at doing Sarria to Santiago in the second half of September...


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