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  1. Ahhhs

    Is carrying your own backpack a thing of the past?

    I was talking to a very able bodied young woman who was planning to walk the Camino Frances and she commented that she was arranging to have her pack transported every day. She said that she had backpacked before but had heard that "everyone" on the Camino sends their pack ahead so that they...
  2. Ahhhs

    Going backwards?

    I just finished the walk from Muxia to Finisterre and back to Santiago. It was a lovely walk. I thought it would be nice to finish (again) in Santiago but walking "backwards" from Finisterre on this route with very few waymarks was a real challenge. Not reading the backwards arrows or...
  3. Ahhhs

    How much weight did you actually carry?

    I know we are all trying to keep our pack weight down to a reasonable level. And lots of people are shooting for that magic 10% number. The big weight vs. comfort question. I'm curious to know for those who have walked, what was your final pack weight? How much did you actually carry on...
  4. Ahhhs

    Silk liners...why?

    I tried to do a search on how people use their silk sleeping bag liners. Couldn't find much about how and why they are used...just that people bring them. I have one that I've had for years but rarely if ever used it. Seems to be a nuisance to stuff inside a bag. Maybe if it was really hot...
  5. Ahhhs

    Osprey backpack rain cover?

    My Osprey pack came with the rain fly which seemed like a nice addition. I haven't really used it much as it rarely rains in my area. It seems like I've read somewhere on this forum that the pack cover doesn't work that well. I will be taking a decent poncho and am wondering if I should leave...
  6. Ahhhs

    How many pairs of shoes??

    Okay. This is not another boots vs. hikers vs. running shoes debate. ;) I'm assuming everyone has one main pair of shoes that work best for them to hike in every day, and then something to wear in the evening to give their feet a break from the day's boots/shoes. And then shower shoes as...
  7. Ahhhs

    What do you wish you left at home?

    In preparing for my first Camino in a few months (late spring 2015), I've been reviewing all the equipment packing lists. After weighing everything and packing and repacking a few times, I think I'm getting close to my final list. Understanding that everyone has different wants and needs...
  8. Ahhhs

    The truth about bed bugs?

    I'm planning my first Camino for May 2015 from SJ to Santiago. Like all newbies, I'm reading everything I can about preparing and planning for my trip. I think I've got my equipment figured out and I'm packing pretty light. (I've already packed and repacked a few times) ☺️ But I'm wondering...


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