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  1. J

    Need help deciding on train station in pamplona

    Hello all, i just recieved your replies, along with another reply directly to me that have helped enormously for me to figure out these complex details. Thank you all so much. Since i have posted this question i also tried a taxi service from pamplona to sjpdp, got all the way through their...
  2. J

    Need help deciding on train station in pamplona

    I will be flying to madrid, train to pamplona, then bus to sjpdp. I have researched train schedules at www.en.oui.sncf. Here are some questions before i can make a reservation...hoping those with much more experience can help me. 1/ is pampeluna the same as pamplona? 2/ the madrid trains go to...
  3. J

    Thomas, i just loved this post!

    Thomas, i just loved this post!
  4. J

    The 'What Was I Thinking Day"

    Funny you should say this, and thank you for confirming my feelings are most normal...i had this experience just yesterday! And i dont even depart for a month!
  5. J

    What if I don't have a cell phone?

    Wow, i am so relieved to hear this. I must be one of the other 3! I have been having difficulty trying to decide if i should buy one just for this trip, and recently decided not to bother. I do have an ipad. Thanks for helping me decide...besides, we have herd immunity...in a pinch i will bet...
  6. J

    Free house-sitting

    I’m all in. Who needs a house sitter in 2019? I will be retired and free as a bird. Wheee!
  7. J

    Calm Down

    This is exactly how i planned to do my first camino, and i too am an inveterate planner. So for this trip i decided not to plan beyond an hour two and already i feel better. Thank you for weighing in and making me(us?) feel better about letting go. Thanks, i needed that....and now that you have...
  8. J

    September 2018 who’s going?

    I start from sjpdp on sept 6
  9. J

    The next generation hands free umbrella

    Foolish pilgrims...you dont use a drone to order you a beer, you use a drone to bring you a beer!
  10. J

    Live - Camino Francés Pamplona!

    is there a bus that travels directly from pamplona to sjpp now? I thought i had to take a train then a bus then a taxi, or some combination. Is my info outdated?
  11. J

    September 2018 who’s going?

    i plan to land in madrid and begin walking on sept 6, and plan to stay at orisson that night.
  12. J

    Camino de Santiago Frances on Google Maps

    Ah,now i get it. This is sooouseful.thank you!
  13. J

    Camino de Santiago Frances on Google Maps

    Yes. To what purpose do i put them? When i touch the link, nothing happens.
  14. J

    Live - Camino Francés Just a quicky to check in

    Sending you spring from northampton massachusetts. Enjoy!
  15. J

    Camino de Santiago Frances on Google Maps

    This is bery interesting, thank you. What are the numbered references in the square boxes? They do not link with anything, or is it just the limitations of my ipad?
  16. J

    Somebody help?!

    Believe it or not, i “cured” my plantar fasciatis by taking large doses of vitamin b12...cannot recall where i got that tip, but it worked and i dont think it will hurt you to try it.
  17. J

    Albergue de roncesvalles reservation

    I did correct that in one of my attempts but still got declined. I am thankful for all of your replies. I will try paypal, and if that doesnt work i will email them. So good to know i will have you all along with me on my journey...what could go wrong with such a cadre of good friends in my...
  18. J

    Albergue de roncesvalles reservation

    No suggestions, but want this answer also, as my perfectly good us visa card was also declined and i cannot make reservations either!
  19. J

    Shoe and Foot Strategies When Walking While It Is Raining and Wet

    This is such excellent advice. Thank you! What type of balm, salves did you find most effective and easy to carry?


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