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  1. benny aumala

    Places to stay in or near Orisson.

    Starting from SJPdP you will pass Albergue Ferme Ithurburia (Hontto) in km 5,3. Thereafter is the gravel path ziczacing steep upwards (worst part indeed). When this gravel part joins tarmac way, there is Gite Kayola in km6,7. Kayola is part of Orisson, but 800 meters before. Beds available, all...
  2. benny aumala

    What to do if there is no bed in Orisson

    In addition to Burda (after Orisson) there are beds in Kayola, about 800 meters before Orisson. Booked via Orisson. Dinner and breakfast is possible in Orisson. One possibility is to walk to Orisson, take a taxi back to S.Jean, take a taxi in the morning to Orisson and carry on. Easy, if you are...
  3. benny aumala

    New version of full walk videos published for CF

    THANK YOU ! Has been my best, and still is to show e.g. Napoleon route from air.
  4. benny aumala

    Camino Francés July 2020

    Thank you for the insight. I enjoyed reading !
  5. benny aumala

    Short first Day? CF

    Book "ORISSON or KAYOLA". Distance is just 800 m without ascend. Kayola is part of Orisson and you can have supper and breakfast in Orisson.
  6. benny aumala

    Just past Palais de Rei

    Maison de Benito
  7. benny aumala

    Hostel Bayonne

    Cote Basque facing railway station.
  8. benny aumala

    Frances this year in November

    If you start from SJPdP, Napoleon route is already closed. So via Valcarlos to Roncesvalles or take a bus. Maybe you start from Roncesvalles or maybe Pamplona? Ultreia!
  9. benny aumala

    Liner versus sleeping bag

    You may look at this in Google: 75 x 29.5'' Mini Outdoor Ultralight Envelope Sleeping Bag Ultra-small Size I use it usually like quilt.
  10. benny aumala

    Camino Francés June 2020

    Book the Burricot teransfer from Anglet aeroport to SJPdP, too!
  11. benny aumala

    The Camino does NOT start in StJpdP - discuss

    One map defines the Spain-French Border as start of Camino. I think Camino starts from your home. On Frances you need to start at least from Sarria. Important is to arrive in Santiago de Compostela, not starting point.
  12. benny aumala

    Starting French Camino 26 Sept 2019

    E.G: RONCESVALLES: Albergue de Roncesvalles http;// ZUBIRI: Albergue Zaldico LARRASOAÑA: Albergue San Nicolas
  13. benny aumala

    Starting French Camino 26 Sept 2019

    Bravo for Orrison! Hope you have reserved Roncesvalles, Zubiri and Larrasoana aswell. They tend to be full. Benny
  14. benny aumala

    The fond memory of my Camino

    THANK YOU !! Benny
  15. benny aumala

    bed wanted in Orisson 11th Sept hostels full

    Try Koyola, 800 m before Orisson. Booking via Orisson. Dinner and breakfast available from Orisson.
  16. benny aumala

    Messed up my timings...

    Orisson itself may be overbooked, but ask for Gite Kayola 800 meters before Orisson. There are just beds, but supper and breakfast are available in Orisson. You can book it from Orisson. Leave the last day open: possible to stay in Pamplona, Madrid or maybe you need it if something happens...
  17. benny aumala

    Orisson or onwards to Roncesvalles

    You can spot Orisson and Kayola here:
  18. benny aumala

    Orisson or onwards to Roncesvalles

    Orisson is a good choice, but difficult to achieve. It tend to be full all the time. If you cannot get a bed there, call them by phone and ask for Kayola, They have beds there, 800 meters before Orisson. You may have supper and breakfast in Orisson, just after the worst zikzak. Another help...
  19. benny aumala

    is the first day as daunting as it looks?

    I made Napoleon last April. Mule service took my ruck sac to Roncesvalles and I went with light daypack to Orisson and next day to Roncesvalles. Orisson is normally full, but their Koyola might be available. It is just 800 meters from Orisson. This way the first day is very steep but only 7 km...