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  1. TravellingSonn

    Le Puy to SJPP (towns)

    Hi all, It's been awhile since my last post. Hope you're all keeping safe and well. :) I'm looking for suggestions please; what towns are a must to visit/stay between Le Puy and SJPP? Thanks again, Sonn :)
  2. TravellingSonn

    Comradery - Le Puy vs. Camino Frances

    Hi guys, I'm curious to know, what's the comradery like on the Le Puy route? When I walked the camino Frances in 2008, I experienced great comradery. Friendships I still cherish today. I'm hoping I'll be fortunate enough to develop the same kind of friendships. The people I met on my last...
  3. TravellingSonn

    Off days

    Hi everyone, I'm working through my itinerary and looking at having 5 off days. I have many more if need be. What towns between Le Puy and SJPP are worth spending time at? I'll be taking the Célé valley detour. It's great to be back and preparing for next year's camino. Thanks again. Your...
  4. TravellingSonn

    June weather

    Guys, I'm excited to announce my ticket is booked for June 2014! Well excited! :) What I'd like to know is, what's the weather like in June? Merci, Sonn :)
  5. TravellingSonn

    A new dawn

    Hi everyone, I'm back! :) The past 5 months have been interesting to say the least! As some of you know I had to postpone my camino due to injuries. Since my last post I ended up having an operation on my ankle. I had an ossicle (loose piece of bone) removed. Roughly the size of my pinky nail...
  6. TravellingSonn

    Who's on the road at the moment?

    Hi guys, I'm hoping to live vicariously through pilgrims currently walking or recently walked this route. As some of you know I had to postpone my walk (for now). I would love to hear all about your experiences. Thanks all. Love, light and smiles, Sonn :)
  7. TravellingSonn


    Hi everyone, It pains me to type this message, but, due to injuries I've decided to postpone my walk. Unfortunately my knee did not take to the cortisone injection, the ankle on the other hand has. As you can imagine I'm TOTALLY devastated. My intention moving forward is to focus on healing...
  8. TravellingSonn

    Train Stations

    Hi all, Can you please tell me which towns along the Le Puy route have train stations? Thanks, Sonn :)
  9. TravellingSonn

    Isotonic drinks

    Hi guys, Do the French sell isotonic drinks? If so, what are the brand names? I'd prefer to buy them over there rather than bringing it from home. Thanks again, Sonia :)
  10. TravellingSonn

    Must stay

    Hi guys, I've revised my itinerary and wondering if you can recommend places to stay for the following; Auvillar Castet-Arrouy La Romieu Condom Lamothe Nogaro Aire-sur-l'Adour Miramont-Sensacq Arzacq-Arraziguet Castillon-d'Arthez Arthez-de-Bearn Aroue Ostabat Thanks again...
  11. TravellingSonn

    Cortisone injections

    Hi all, I depart for my Camino adventure within 5.5 weeks. Given the tendinitis is still lurking about my last plan of action is to have a cortisone injection in my ankle/foot. I'm curious to know has anyone else treated tendinitis with cortisone injections? If so, was it a successful outcome...
  12. TravellingSonn

    Ice pack

    Hi everyone, Given my bag will be transported daily I'm contemplating bringing my own ice pack. Has anyone done this before? Will they allow me to use their freezer? Alternatively, I'm thinking of bringing a bunch of instant ice packs. Any thoughts? Thanks again, Sonia :)
  13. TravellingSonn

    Train from SJPP - Paris (CDG) airport

    Hi all, What train do I need to catch from SJPP to Paris (CGD) airport? And how long does it take? Only 6 weeks and 2 days to go! Thanks again, Sonia :)
  14. TravellingSonn


    Hi all, At this point, I'm thinking of only taking a sleeping bag liner. Will this suffice? I'm hoping blankets will be made available at every gite I stay at. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again, Sonia :)
  15. TravellingSonn

    Rest day between Le Puy and Conques

    Hi all, I'm thinking of taking a rest day between Le Puy and Conques. Any recommendations on where I should stop and visit, other than Conques? Thanks again Sonia :)
  16. TravellingSonn

    A million footsteps for a cure

    Bonjour fellow pilgrims, I'm about to embark on yet another pilgrimmage. This time it's in memory of my late father who passed away from lung cancer in 2011. I'm hoping to raise as much money and awareness for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation as possible. Please take the time if...
  17. TravellingSonn

    SJPP to Paris

    Hi everyone, What's the quickest way to get from SJPP to Paris CDG airport? Cheers, Sonn :)
  18. TravellingSonn

    Walk on by

    Hi all, I'm curious to know, which towns/gites would you recommend walking on by? Merci, Sonn :)
  19. TravellingSonn

    How many days?

    Hi everyone, I'm curious to know how many days did it take you to walk from Le Puy to SJPP? Bon chemin, Sonn :)
  20. TravellingSonn

    Where would you stay?

    Bonsoir everyone! Where would you recommend to stay at; Sausages Le Sauvage Les Estrets I decided to book the first 5 nights. Only 3 months to go! Not that I'm rubbing it in or anything ;) Merci mes amis Sonia :)
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