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  1. wabana

    Suddenly feeling terrified

    I had a similar feeling on my first night in Pamplona before I got up and took the bus to France for the next morning arrived late after dark had difficulty finding a room finally found a room I can assure you it’ll all be fine relax …..the Camino provides… and did for me on the very first night...
  2. wabana

    A Daily Devotional

    …. and a little meatier devotional “my utmost for His. highest” by Chambers. I walked last September- October… from October 1 O Cebreiro — “Jesus took…them up on a high mountain apart by themselves… —Mark 9:2 We have all experienced times of exaltation on the mountain, when we have seen things...
  3. wabana

    Best all purpose soap

    no brainer, Dr Bonners' - a little bottle lasted me 30 days
  4. wabana

    To shave or not to shave

    Really simple answer Why? DONT
  5. wabana

    COVID Covid Requirements for US Pilgrims

    I completed my Camino in October of last year had a wonderful time and felt safe generally my entire six weeks in Espana. Two of my friends which I met each separately did a second Camino in Portugal to Santiago finishing up last week One of my friends was a group of 12 … 10 of whom ended up...
  6. wabana

    Socks (i hate cold feet)

    Darn Tough wool
  7. wabana

    Poll Do you listen to anything while walking?

  8. wabana

    Orisson Albergue

    Book Borda…..Lauren is awesome- no brainer
  9. wabana

    Best all purpose soap

    Very small Dr. Bonners bottle lasted me one full month bathing and clothes watching -nuff said….
  10. wabana

    Help me pick my pack! :)

    Osprey anti gravity... just don't take the top attached pack with you...extremely comfortable, breathes better than most....awesome hip belt with pockets..... my point, don't obsess about the fact this is possibly 1 lb heavier than other smaller ones....
  11. wabana


    "I think a bar of soap and tube of toothpaste would probably do for me". I brought a SMALL bottle of dr. Bonners lasted me and entire month! Forgot the toothbrush...! always have a 'wad' of napkins / TP on hand from lodging night before.... I brought aspirin / ibuprofen... only...
  12. wabana

    I'll be walking (part of) Camino Frances for the 1st time this Saturday.

    Best advice from above = “Also, one last piece of advice. Listen to your body. If you are tired or hurting, stop and rest. Dont push to meet some schedule” don’t fixate on all those ‘stage’ edicts… Be prepared! Buen Camino!
  13. wabana

    Sleeping bag in or out of pack?

    INSIDE! It will be dry and force you to carry far less items !!!!
  14. wabana

    lets talk ear plugs

    Wow! a ‘respirational’ discussion indeed. Best comment- “Even with a short afternoon siesta nap I am always dog tired when I hit the rack around 10:00 pm on the Camino” Bluetooth disrupts REM sleep. Me? I brought foam plugs - never used ‘‘em once… best solution I found that worked- a extra...
  15. wabana

    Some basic questions about waking up etiquette

    Pretty simple: pack the night b4 Device vibrate only in am Room lights on by 7 am leave by 8 am dont over think it am or pm doesnt work? - private room next nite ....... why over 100 responses..... its called too much time on thine hand during the covid 'fog'
  16. wabana

    Backpack indecision help!

    I weighed in b4 on this thread (LOL). I just returned Oct 24. -Frances…..Used my Osprey 50L Anti Gravity. After 18 days my body got used to my ‘program’ and I never thought about the weight at all. Everything fit INSIDE. As stated b4 this pack is only 1lb more than the 30-40L so who’s kidding...
  17. wabana

    LIVE from the Camino My October Camino Frances

    This was a good post... I agree with most of I won't give a lengthy 2c worth. I arrived in SJPP on thursday the 9th around 2:30 on at the bus from Pamplona.... i found SJ touristy and i was alone with a reservation just past Orisson at Borda (fabulous host) I am in good shape but it...
  18. wabana

    Albergue Borda

    A Borda, one of the best Albergues on the whole Camino! Just fabulous! You make your own arr. directly with transport co. / I’m sure Lauren can help with phone call…if need be.
  19. wabana

    Backpack indecision help!

    Wow a lot of opinions here strong opinion! I took an Osprey anti gravity 50 L but did not bring the top part that adds another 5 L. The package self weighs 3.5 pounds but considering the comfort of the hip belt straps and ventilation system for my back I would do it all over again with the...
  20. wabana

    LIVE from the Camino Live from the Camino Frances

    I have one remaining day to go in my Camino and I will be in Finsterre tomorrow. All of the sights and sounds, the things that touched me and moved me, and obviously the people I’ve met. For those of you over thinking going on your Camino -draw a line in the sand and go. For those of you over...
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