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  1. Gerard Murdoch


    Thank you for your advice.. I felt the same with corrective socks.
  2. Gerard Murdoch


    Thank you for your advice and support.
  3. Gerard Murdoch


    Thanks for your advice. There are a lot of positive comments about Hoka shoes, which up till now, I have never considered. But it may be the time to buy a pair and take them with me along with my Merrell boots.
  4. Gerard Murdoch


    Thank you for that good advice, I have never tried Yoga, but the exercises seem a good idea.
  5. Gerard Murdoch


    Thank you for that helpful advice and well done to you for going for surgery, a long process, but obviously has helped.
  6. Gerard Murdoch


    Because of timescales, unfortunately, it wasn't an option. There is a 33km and a 28 km. They were never an issue before. With all this great advice, from everyone, I feel a lot more confident.
  7. Gerard Murdoch


    I have Capsicum cream under prescription, which helps to mask the pain, also use Superfeet insoles. Thank you for that wonderful information, and hopefully I can plan in advance. Have a great journey on the WHW., the midge season ends in September, so you may be lucky.
  8. Gerard Murdoch


    I watched the video link. Thank you. Interesting concept, will give it some thought.
  9. Gerard Murdoch


    I wear Merrell walking boots and change them whenever the tread wears away. This year is a shorter walk from Santiago to Finisterre then Muxia over 5 days.
  10. Gerard Murdoch


    Not had them injected yet, but could be an option, although very difficult to see a doctor these days.
  11. Gerard Murdoch


    Thank you for that helpful information, and I will have a browse through the internet.
  12. Gerard Murdoch


    It is something like this, but not to sure if it would work on a long distance.
  13. Gerard Murdoch


    I have osteoarthritis in both feet for some time now, mainly at the metatarsals and very painful after a 14 mile walk. It is now very sore at my big toe. We are walking another Camino soon, and I want to plan ahead. Has anyone used those realignment socks that support the big toe. It seems a...
  14. Gerard Murdoch

    What do you do in between caminos?

    We should have walked the Camino last year. In the meantime we do weekly walks and last year walked the Whithorn Way from Glasgow to Whithorn in Scotland. I made up a little slide show (admin, please delete if not allowed) So, like most folk, we do what we can under...
  15. Gerard Murdoch

    Vaseline on feet?

    I used to use vaseline, but I was told it heats up. The last two Camino's I have used lanolin, with no blister issues. It is difficult to buy lanolin these days but found this company.
  16. Gerard Murdoch

    I probably won’t do this again

  17. Gerard Murdoch

    Best Blister Prevention Method - Vote!

    Mitchell's Original Wool Fat Lanolin. This is the best prevention, I ever tried. The lanolin, impregnates into your socks and remains there even after washing. Not readily available.
  18. Gerard Murdoch

    Plantar Fasciitis and Shin Splints

    Thank you, Dave for that well written article on Plantar Fasciitis. I suffered with that near the end of my first Camino. The pain was even more, when I stopped walking. At that time, I didn't know what it was. Last year the Plantar Fasciitis surfaced again and lasted for months and eventually...
  19. Gerard Murdoch

    Ibuprofen side effects

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Ibuprofen. I know Pilgrims suffer from all kinds of physical pain. I suffer from osteoarthritis in both my feet and have walked 3 Camino's. I have taken some Ibuprofen, but not that often. My first Camino was very painful in the latter stages. The 2nd...
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