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  1. Barbara

    Use of fora

    I was wondering how much help any forum is for a relatively simple task. I'm not trying to belittle anyone's worries, but it seems to me that there is a lot of excess thinking going on. I cycled my first Camino, and the hardest part of the preparation was finding a pair of panniers for the bike...
  2. Barbara

    Managing a Camino budget

    Good morning This isn't about How much or how to calculate how much. It's a method I use so as not to end up in a hole with no way of paying for the next day's needs, and I was just wondering what other people do. I have a method that involves two pockets and a hiding place for a usually frozen...
  3. Barbara


    I've just got a newsletter Les Zoreilles du Chemin - revue juin 2020 Which is pretty optimistic about the Vezelay route. For those who read French a quick Google should find it, but here is a partial quote saying that most accommodation on this route is open. Numéro 103 Juin 2020 -...
  4. Barbara

    LIVE from the Camino Cycling on the Tours route

    Well guess what? I'm actually on a Camino. On the way to Poitiers, then to Chatellerault checking route options before heading south on the Tours route variant. It's raining. Life is almost normal. I'm camping, tonight I'm in Chauvigny, 1000 years a fortified town which apparently has not got...
  5. Barbara

    Camino gifts

    Just wondering what you were given on the camino that saved your day and that you still carry with you? I was given an adapter to pump up my bike tyres at a garage airline. That saved my sanity on the day I had five punctures. It's still in my bike toolkit. I've given away essential oils...
  6. Barbara

    New members and old posts

    Are people getting a bit bored at home? I ask out of curiosity, as many old threads seem to be getting resurrected by new members, some of them very old threads indeed. I am possibly not the only one to feel that this is getting a little tedious, especially when they seem to have read only the...
  7. Barbara

    Lightweight camping gear

    Can anyone recommend a suitable tent, nominally for two people, but which I will be using solo? Properly waterproof, with a floor, sealed seams, and quick to put up. Preferably with the inner liner tent already attached and the pole or poles on the outside. Hooks not a channel for the poles...
  8. Barbara

    Secondary route via Angoulême

    I'm planning a cycle Camino from my home near St. Savin in the Vienne. There is a secondary route runs along the river Gartempe via Lussac le Château, le Vigeant, and Charroux and on to Angoulême. Where it seems to peter out around St. Aulnaye. I was thinking to join up with the main Tours...
  9. Barbara

    Credential in Tours

    Anyone know if I can get one? Starting in Tours to route via the secondary route along the Vienne via Châtellerault and Charroux, belle I join the main Tours route.
  10. Barbara

    Hospitaleros and Hospitaleras

    And those in hotels and pensions and hostals who go above and beyond their contract or duty. I've got one shining example of a really helpful Hospitalero who I met yesterday, at the albergue at Betanzos. I'll bet they're are plenty more of you who have been helped in an unexpected way, and if so...
  11. Barbara

    Refugios with some comfort Roncesvalles to Burgos

    I am planning on walking from St Palais in late february and don't want to carry a heavy pack. Read this as WON'T carry a HEAVY PACK....So I will need a minimum comfort, with blankets and at least some heating, as A) I don't do long days and B) the days are short anyway. Cheap hotels are fine...
  12. Barbara

    Thoughts on pilgrim hospitality

    Not sure if this should be here, or in the "Dalie" section. We got back a couple of weeks ago from a three week walk from St Leonard de Noblat to La Réole, in wonderful weather, and I had some thoughts I would like to share with you, on the way a pilgrim is accepted, encouraged, and often...
  13. Barbara

    Dalie sets out again

    Dalie has had enough munging about in a field for this year, so we are setting out from home to join the Vezelay route next week. I reckon to walk along the Gartempe to Bellac, then cross country to La Souterraine, using local footpaths up to La Souterraine. Then we will get as far as we can...
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