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  1. LeAnn Blackert

    Happy birthday, movinmaggie

    I am inspired! Feliz cumpleanos, MM!
  2. LeAnn Blackert

    Movie of our time as Hospitaleros at Refugio Gaucelmo

    I stayed at this albergue and love the memories the video provides. I am saddened by the direction this thread took, and hope the misunderstanding is completely cleared up. One of my greatest joys of my Camino experience was the acknowledgement that each of us was walking our own journey and...
  3. LeAnn Blackert

    Greetings from Los Arcos!

    Buen Camino, Debrita! I am glad you are there walking. Take good care and enjoy! enjoy! enjoy! I, too, am envious after walking my first camino earlier this year.
  4. LeAnn Blackert

    38 Litre or 48 Litre backpack?

    I, too, used an Osprey 24 liter pack. I carried my clothes in a small stuff sack strapped to the outside because my water bladder took up space in the pack, but it was worth it for the lighter weight.
  5. LeAnn Blackert

    Condolence book for Denise

    I am saddened by this news, but relieved that she has at last been found. Prayers for her family and friends at this time.
  6. LeAnn Blackert

    Police arrest suspect related to Denise's case

    Every day that I walked I prayed that she would be found - one way or the other. Still it is so hard to learn that her body has likely been found. Prayers for the family and sad though the ending is, glad the mystery is solved.
  7. LeAnn Blackert

    How Do YOU Keep the Camino Spirit Alive in Your Heart?

    Where is this training? I walked this spring and have thought about going back as a volunteer!
  8. LeAnn Blackert

    How Do YOU Keep the Camino Spirit Alive in Your Heart?

    I found myself thanking my body every day - a little prayer of gratitude and thanks for feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders, heart, lungs, and entire body for doing all the hard work so I could do the journey! Was quite an amazing little moment early in each day - and I am reminded the...
  9. LeAnn Blackert

    Comment by 'LeAnn Blackert' in media 'Camino de Santiago 2015 - La Via de la Plata - - YouTube'

    Thanks for this Roberto. We were in the Albergue Annalena together on the 18th of May. I love revisiting the Via through your work! Muchas gracias!
  10. LeAnn Blackert

    Comment by 'LeAnn Blackert' in media 'Via de la Plata May 2015'

    I remember this road! Thanks for the memories. I was there in May, too!
  11. LeAnn Blackert

    First timers: Sarria - Santiago.

    Apparently moleskin might be a North American item. It can be cut to surround a blister, adding protection. Compeed works well on hot spots. Vaseline can be used to lubricate the feet. Just pay attention if your feet develop sore or hot spots. I ended up changing my socks every 2 hours or so to...
  12. LeAnn Blackert

    When did you first become 'camino conscious'?

    In March of 2009 I attended a workshop led by Arthur Paul Boers. In it he shared a bit of his Camino experience, and mentioned a book he had written about it entitled "The Way is Made by Walking." I picked up a copy of the book and knew I would be Camino bound one day. It took six years but I...
  13. LeAnn Blackert

    Leave in a month - Camino already a Blessing!

    I know the Camino sends us what we need, and it sounds like the Camino sent you to the doctor in time to catch your breast cancer. I pray now the journey will include complete healing and an opportunity to walk in the near future. Blessings on your medical camino. May you find all you need for...
  14. LeAnn Blackert

    The singing nun

    Thank you so much. I appreciate this information. I have looked everywhere for it. Should have known to start here! :D
  15. LeAnn Blackert

    The singing nun

    Thanks Johnnie Walker. Is this her name? I actually talked with her but forgot to ask her name. She is "Madre" rather than "Hermana"?
  16. LeAnn Blackert

    The singing nun

    I would like to send a note to the nun who sang the liturgy at the Cathedral. Does anyone know her name and/or how to contact her?
  17. LeAnn Blackert

    A backpack is enough

    I am sitting in my living room tonight after a nice long hike in my favorite rugged park today (pretending I was on the Camino). In our guest room, the bed is piled with clothing I am saying goodbye to after a major post-Camino purge. After the closet and dresser, the boxes in the garage (moved...
  18. LeAnn Blackert

    You might be a Pilgrim if...

    I took peppermint along with me...great for laundry but not recommended for certain delicates on the body.
  19. LeAnn Blackert

    I'm Becoming a Bore to my Family

    I vowed not to use Facebook, but on a long slow afternoon one day when I felt lonely as the only English speaker in a group of French and Spanish speakers, I decided to post my pics to FB. The response was overwhelmingly positive so I continued posting. I have had to be aware when sharing my...
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