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  1. long trails

    Is there currently a long stretch without refreshment or water?

    I posted earlier in the year about giving a little back to the camino in the shape of some trail magic. Well I am heading towards the Burgos area in the next couple of days and looking for a spot to park my campervan up and give out some water, tea/coffee, cookies and shade! I don't want to...
  2. long trails

    Observations two years on

    Hello from Pamplona. It's freezing cold out and most of my clothes are wet from today's walk. I will have to go out for dinner in shorts and flip flops! I started from St Jean but went the Valcarlos route as I'd done the Napolean before. It was not as tough but the climbs towards the end were...
  3. long trails

    French trains strike

    Finding information is not easy as to whether trains are running today to SJPdP from Bayonne. According to Google maps info they are not running due to strike action but the BBC suggests otherwise (see below). Guess I will find out soon enough.
  4. long trails

    Trail magic on the Camino

    I am going to be touring around Spain in a campervan later in the summer and been thinking of spending some time near the Camino Frances, maybe somewhere along the Meseta. I have experienced the wonder that is trail magic on other hikes and would love to give some magic back. I know it's not...
  5. long trails

    Walking from your home town or village and thoughts on a route?

    I am sure this has been discussed a million times on this forum but couldn't find any recent threads. I would love to hear any stories of pilgrims walking from their home or where they were originally from? I am particularly interested in the routes you have taken or would possibly plan to? I...
  6. long trails

    Smelly hipsters ruining the Camino

    Couldn't see this posted elsewhere on the forum? I was rather surprised to see this article from El Pais regarding the Camino. Such claims as "Many pilgrims are non-believers and engage in sexual relations along the way...
  7. long trails

    Caminos are no 'walks in the park' for introverts

    Excuse the British English slang in the title. 'No walk in the park' is when something is not easy. If you are slightly introverted then I'd strongly recommend not doing a Camino solo. Many will start caminos with friends, in pre-arranged groups etc, that's fine of course, but many start alone...
  8. long trails

    Bed rush on the Portugues

    Hello from Ponte de Lima where a number of pilgrims are still homeless, wandering around in the half light of sunset. I started from Porto a few days ago and its been busy in the Albergues without the bed rush, but I fear this is changing now. I just bumped into a couple of female peregrinos...
  9. long trails

    Porto To Santiago, April 2017

    Hello from Lisbon! I am due to start walking from Porto in a couple of days and thought I'd try and add some helpful information for future pilgrims as I travel towards Santiago. I am planning for about 10 days. I was on the Via de la Plata before, but stopped after one week. To cut a long...
  10. long trails

    Seville to Santiago, Spring 2017

    Well it's the eve of my VDLP walk up to Santiago. I have been in Seville a couple of days now and could really stay here longer, but the Camino is calling (and the weekend tourist crowds are arriving!). Feels totally different to the eve of my Camino Frances. Of course SJPdP is a pilgrims town...
  11. long trails

    Apps, maps and guides for the VDLP

    Just a couple of weeks before I arrive in the frying pan of Europe to start my nobo hike to Santiago. I orginally thought waiting until April would be best for the warm weather, but as I sit here sweating in Valencia with temps pushing 30C, I am starting to wonder if it will be too warm...
  12. long trails

    Getting your protein on the Camino

    I read somewhere today that there is more protein in potato than previously thought. If this is true then the humble Spanish Tortilla is some kind of camino protein superfood! For those who are not big fans of the dominant carne, where have you found protein on the Camino?
  13. long trails

    Post Camino depression

    I was looking for a recent topic on post-trail depression so I could add a link to an excellent article that was shared on a hiking forum, but I could n't find one, so here you go! I find that even after a four or five day hike I could feel quite down, for no apparent external reason. Since...
  14. long trails

    Food on the Camino.

    For me personally the local food was not diverse enough and judging by the number of peregrinos in Leon Burger King, many others feel the same too. It's fine to eat entirely local food for a weekend or even a week trip, but six weeks is another story. Not everyone likes food that has been...
  15. long trails

    Camping on the Frances - My experience

    I finished up in Santiago two days ago and took a train to Vigo (nice place) and now in Porto, enjoying the lovely food! Sorry, one of my main gripes about the Camino Frances is the lack of variety in food. Portugal seems much more accepting of foreign food places! I camped only four times in...
  16. long trails

    Staying in smaller albergues

    I am only a few days into my Camino and already seeing some familar faces and also large groups forming. Understand this is the way, but sometimes the larger albergues can feel a little impersonal, particularly when these large groups are there. I have found the smaller private albergues to be...
  17. long trails

    LIVE from the Camino Long Trails Reports (with some camping info)

    Bonjour from St Jean! Arrived today on a rail replacement bus from Bayonne. Now sitting in a cafe, it's 13.00 and surprisingly chilly, much more than England! Bus was full and mainly pilgrims, and we all charged into town from the Gare towards the Camino Office. Had to wait about 30 mins to...
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