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  1. Olivares

    Very afraid to walk alone ever since Denise's tragedy (RIP)

    As you can read from my profile, I have been in the Camino Frances many times since 1997-- more repeatedly since 2011. I always, but once, walked by myself, often times many, many kms in isolated areas. Never much of a fear...until Denise Thiem's tragedy. I want to do another Camino, but...
  2. Olivares

    Worthy side trips on the Camino Frances.

    It has been posted frequently as a worthy endeavour while on the Camino to take side trips; i.e. to the Church in Eunate, or to the Monasteries Santo Domingo de Silos, or San Millan de Cogolla. These sights are not far from the Camino, but do require some awareness and planning ahead. I just...
  3. Olivares

    New movie about The Camino! Filming starts today (23 Sept) in Santiago

    According to local news, a German film company started filming today the scenes in Santiago for a movie based on the popular travelogue written by the German comedian Hape Kerkeling of his pilgrimage on the Camino Frances. The film company was encouraged by the success of the American film "The...
  4. Olivares

    Sad news: an Irish cyclist passed away on the Camino (Pedrafita de O'Cebreiro) Sad news for the pilgrims community that have to mourn the pasing of a 65 years old Irish pilgrim...
  5. Olivares

    Take a left...or take a right?

    There are several spots along the Camino Frances after Leon where you can either go left or right and still considered to be on the Camino. There are specifically four (4) places that I would like to get advice from experienced pilgrims (meaning they may have done both or know reliable...
  6. Olivares

    Go in the New Camino Calendar and stake a claim!

    The new Camino Calendar is easily accesible now at Very good idea and even more useful if people "register" their intended start date/start point. Just a thought :)
  7. Olivares

    Have you seen the beautiful Midpoint Marker placed right before Sahagun?

    This past October (2013) while walking the Camino (Frances) my jaw dropped when I saw the beautiful Midpoint Marker placed at the Ermita del Puente site, right after the medieval bridge over the Valderaduey River. The sculptures were recently unveiled and they are absolutely gorgeous. Two huge...
  8. Olivares

    Thread alerting pilgrims of HAZARDOUS sections!

    The recent sad deaths of two German pilgrims while maneuvering a hazardous section on the Camino made me think on how often have I seen a thread on this forum specifically warning of places along the Camino where special alerts are needed due to hazardous condition for walkers. I read a...
  9. Olivares

    The Camino gets confusing after Leon-- which way to go?

    I am studying the French Way (Camino Frances) route maps after Leon. It appears that heading out of Leon you can bare right towards Valverde de la Virgen or you can bear left towards Fresno del Camino. Eventually, both routes converge on Hospital de Orbigo, approximately 32 Kms from Leon. I...
  10. Olivares

    Private Lodging at El Burgo Ranero. Any recommendations?

    Looking for options on private lodging for early October. Any recommendations?
  11. Olivares

    Hotels /hostels who will NOT welcome Camino Pilgrims.

    I recently had an experience while walking the Camino which I thought was unique/isolated. However, since returning from the Camino I have read similar experiences by other pilgrims. The issue is hotels who will NOT welcome pilgrims. In my specific case, the owner took my reservation but upon...
  12. Olivares

    Sept-Oct Weather in the Meseta (Burgos to Leon) How was it?

    Did you walked between Burgos and Leon during September or October? How was it?
  13. Olivares

    Snow in Burgos tonight...REALLY?!? Post a weather report!

    :shock: Yep, checked the weather forecast and it appears Burgos will get a white cover tonite (28 April 2013)! Please (if you can) post where are you in the Camino and the actual weather conditions! BUEN CAMINO!
  14. Olivares

    What were your impressions of the Section Logroño-Burgos?

    Let me tell you why I ask: I have one of those jobs where I cannot take a month off, at most 2 weeks at a time :cry: ). I am determined to do the Camino de Santiago (Frances) sooner rather than later. Consequently, so far I have walked as far as Logroño. I am planning another couple of weeks...
  15. Olivares

    Ride Offer from BCN to Pamplona on May 17th 2012 (AM)

    My Husband and I will be arriving at the Barcelona Pratts Airport on 17 May 2012 mid-morning. We will be renting a car and driving straight to Pamplona. If you are a pilgrim on a budget I would be more than glad to offer you a ride to Pamplona. Buen Camino!
  16. Olivares

    Please advice options for travel from Burgos to Barcelona?

    I will be be walking Pamplona to Burgos before having to return to "my other life" :wink: What are the options as far transportation? i am flying out of Barcelona Prat Airport. From where in Burgos to where in Barcelona? I have looked at train, bus, rental car. Not an easy answer. what would...
  17. Olivares

    Most cost effective way to Pamplona?: Barcelona? Madrid? Bil

    I am in the planning stages for walking Pamplona-Burgos in May 2012. Wish I had more time, but I don't. Flying into Pamplona seems to be an expensive proposition. The alternatives (flying from Northeast USA) to get to Pamplona are diverse and mind-boggling :?: . Do I fly into Madrid? to...
  18. Olivares

    Please suggest private lodging single room for less than 40E

    I plan to go back to The Camino in May 2012. This time around I am older (50's!) and would prefer to stay in private lodging- single room individual use partly for privacy and medical reasons. Can you suggest clean hostals along the way that fit that criteria? Many thanks!
  19. Olivares

    Any Pilgrims in New York?

    Just came back from El Camino! It is every bit of amazing I had read about! :D Any chance there are other Pilgrims from New York lurking this forum? :lol:
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